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  1. L

    Transmission, Crazy Speedo, Whirring, and Limp Mode

    Some background - I've had my 2004 Explorer v6 4wd for probably 3 years now, and feels like I've replaced pretty much everything. The transmission went out about a year ago, so I pulled a junkyard tranny and swapped it in, at which point I also put in a reman torque converter and applied the..
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    • 5r55s limp mode torque converter transmission whirring
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  2. C

    “Bulletproofing” a 5R55S?

    Hey!I got a V8 explorer recently with a 5R55S. The vehicle has about 100k miles on the dash. What maintenance should be recommended for this? I’m going to do the regular filter and fluid change but what preventative maintenance should I do to this to avoid the transmission blowing?The vehicle..
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    • 5r55s maintenance preventative maintenance transmission
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  3. W

    2006 Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0ltr transmission problem unlike anything I've seen.

    2006 Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0ltr 5R55S automatic transmission just over 171k miles. Ran excellently until last December. When it finally fell victim to the a/c condensation tube that drains onto the solenoid block pigtail connector debacle. Causing the solenoid block to suddenly fail. After..
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    • 5r55s changed pigtail changed solenoid no codes present
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  4. J

    Transmission clunk(metal on metal) when when first shifting from 1st into 2nd gear

    Hello,I have a 2005 ford explorer 4.0. it has 195k miles on it and i assume the second transmission in it (but I don't really know, i just read that those 5r55s transmissions blow up at about 135k miles). I did 3 pan drops and fills and had to replace the solenoid pack.My transmission makes a..
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    • 5r55s clunk cold first gear noise problem scrape second gear starts start transmision
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  5. F

    Transmission help!! 5r55s shift solenoid?

    Hi I've got a 2006 explorer 4.0l that I cannot figure out what to do next. So it wont shift without giving it gas or waiting like 10 seconds. It has a hard time shifting up, it will just slip and slam into gear. I ran my code scanner on it and got a p0750 and p0760 shift solenoid codes. I went..
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    • 5r55s lost shift transmission
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  6. M

    5r55w solenoid pack compatibility

    Hey y'all can someone tell me if the 1L2Z and 1L2P solenoid packs are the same or if the 1L2P is compatible with my transmission? I have an 03 mountaineer awd 4.0 sohc with the 5r55w. I read that 02 and 03 require the non updated pack part number 1L2Z. But the only ones I can find online for..
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    • 03explorer 03mountaineer 5r55s 5r55w
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  7. K

    5R55S to rebuild or not

    Hello all,I have a 04 Ford Explorer XLT which I have gathered has a 5R55S trans. The other day I lost 2nd gear. About 4 years ago I replaced the solenoid pack due to harsh rev. shift. Anyway that fixed that problem then, now I'm faced with this new one. I have pulled the trans. and tore..
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    • 5r55s
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  8. A

    5R55S drives forward just fine / Reverse only works if I do not press the gas

    New user here. I am having an issue with what I believe to be the transmission on my 05 ford explorer 4X2 XLS. I believe it has a 5R55S transmission and I came up with that by doing a VIN check online. It seems like when I drive forward everything seems normal. When I put it in reverse it..
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    • 5r55s5r55s transmission transmission
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  9. W

    swapping a 2004 explorer transmission in a 2003

    I posted this on an explorer FB page already, but I figured I'd get some more recommendations here. I have a 03 4.0 4x4 that the OD band broke and shot metal through the transmission. I was originally planning on rebuilding it myself, but would rather swap in a good trans and save a lot of time..
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    • 2003 2004 5r55s explorer swap trans transmission
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  10. D

    5r55s P0755 - Not the first and sure won't be the last

    Let's start off by saying I'm a chef not a mechanic but determined to learn to fix what I can. I got the check engine light on with with abnormal shifting. Pulled the code and got P0755 after some research decided to try the servo bore repair kit. (Little note that is a real struggle to do with..
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    • 5r55s servo bore transmission
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  11. B

    Wrench light

    I have a 2007 Eddie Bauer, 4X4 w/ 5R55S transmission. About two weeks ago I changed the fluid and filter following the occasional illumination of the wrench light on the instrument cluster. No obvious problems but at 119,000 I figured it was due and thought changing the fluid could be..
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    • 5r55s transmission wrench
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  12. S

    5R55S slow engagement after fluid and filter service

    The transmission had no problems before servicing. After servicing, it is slow to engage after coming to a stop or coasting down to a lower gear, there is a delay engaging. After stopping it needs to hit 1800 rpm to engage and does so harder than normal. You can bring the rpms up slowly to about..
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    • 2004 5r55s explorer transmission
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  13. C

    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does..
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    • 5r55s 5r55w explorer limited pin reverse rod servo strut
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  14. M

    Solenoid Pack replacement 4L2P with 1L2P

    Hello guys,I need to replace the solenoid pack for my 2005 with 5R55S transmission. The part number I removed from the car is the 4L2P-7G391-AA, i ordered on ebay a replacement and i got the 1L2P 7G391 AF.Do you know what is the difference between these solenoid packs??? Can i install the..
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    • 1l2p 2005 4l2p 5r55s replacement solenoid solenoid pack tranmission
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  15. D

    2010 explorer transmission swap

    I have a 2010 explorer 4x4 needing a transmission imagine that right?was wondering if I need any special tools to swap I read that it may need programming to shift right? don't know if its truethanks
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    • 5r55s
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  16. O

    Solving shift flare before it ever occurres?

    Has anyone ever tried the Servo bore o-ring fix before experiencing any delayed/hard shifts from 2-3 and 4-5? I have an ‘03 Explorer and it shifts fine but I anticipate it will start “flaring” between shifts. I’m familiar with the simplicity of the fix —temporary or not — and I’m considering..
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    • 5r55e 5r55s 5r55w delayed shift shift flare
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  17. D

    Midwest shops that can bore and sleeve the servos on 5R55S?

    Hi all!I'm living in Forgotonia Illinois, next to Middleofnowhere, and no one even close to me is even aware of the servo bore issue. Can anyone recommend a shop that can bore and sleeve my case? I have it torn down, and I'm nearly ready to reassemble, but I would like to get it sleeved before..
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    • 5r55s bore repair shop sleeve
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  18. D

    advice needed re. 5R55S parts swap . . .

    I have two 2002 Ford Explorers built in June 2002--a 4wd XLT (doner vehicle, 116k miles) and rwd (restored XLS, 177k miles). I pulled the (good) engine from the doner truck, replaced all timing chains/cassettes/guides/tensioners; and am about to install in the 2wd XLS. Both vehicles have the..
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    • 5r55s5r55s transmission swapping parts
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  19. J

    2005 Explorer 5R55S Loss of 2nd Gear

    Hi,I have 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 4WD with a 5R55S transmission that just lost 2nd gear and presumably 5th but haven't tested at that high speed. I am hoping you guys might be able to help me diagnose the issue. It has around 150k miles on it.Background and Symptoms:My wife was driving one..
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    • 2nd gear 5r55 5r55s p0775 transmission
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  20. 9

    Do I need to change transmission fluid/filter?

    I've got a 2006 Mountaineer, 4.0 AWD with the 5R55S tranny in it. It has 146k on it, and have owned the vehicle for almost two years, since 117k. The transmission shifts good and has no slips. I have no idea the previous maintenance done on the vehicle before I bought it, only what I've done..
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    • 5r55s drain transmission filter transmission fluid
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  21. A

    Will a 5R55E fit in a 2004 Explorer 4.0 4x4 currently with a 5R55S?

    My 5R55S is destroyed with multiple issues and the 5R55E is a few hundred dollars less for a remanufactured unit with sleeved servo bores and all the important valve body upgrades and such. Does anyone know if it will bolt up the same to the 4.0 engine and transfer case as the 5R55S does? I've..
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    • 5r55e 5r55s help transmision and transfer case
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  22. A

    Overdrive stopped working

    Hi all,My explorer previously had some problems with engaging any gear and I fixed that with a new valve body. Now, a couple months later, I am having completely different/new problems. I've done tons of research and I've narrowed the problem down to two possible parts. I would really like some..
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    • 5r55s explorer thud transmision help
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  23. Looking to buy a new trans - what is a 'tag ID/numbers?'

    Hello,I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on a new trans. I can see, for example on rockauto, it will list the transmission for 4WD 5R55S. Then the description will add a TAG number or ID. What is this? I'm stumped.I have a 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer, 4.0, A4WD, Build date in late..
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    • 5r55s fried transmission new torque converter new transmission no reverse
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  24. D

    2004 Explorer P0734 P0735 P0775 P0795 + parasitic battery drain

    The above transpired after a boatload of mostly unnecessary mechanical repairs perpetrated by an independent shop under the guise of being 'required' repairs in order to pass PA State Inspection.None of these repairs involved the transmission. [EDIT] Ran fine for 1 week, then began..
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    • 2004 5r55s p0734 p0735 p0775 p0795
    • Replies: 9
    • Forum: Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers
  25. M

    Procedure for Periodic Maintenance Transmission 5-Automatic(5R55S)

    Hi guys,My Mercury Mountainer V6, AWD, 4.0 L., SOHC, Transmission 5-Automatic(5R55S) has been performing some strange in the automatic transmision.The efects are next:1.- High RPMs for transitioning from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd speed. I push the accelerator in normal way (I dont..
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    • 5r55s automatic transmission awd
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Dec 12, 2014 Ford 5R55S, 5R55W Valve Body Layout. Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. Each layout: Displays an exploded view location guide for individual valve trains. Another NHRA record. Although the 11.19 ET was enough to get the record, it was NOT what had the stockers talking. That was the 10.96 I ran during the Test and Tune prior to the event!

Atomic number 28

5r55s Band

  1. 5R55W, 5R55S, 5R55N. SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit All 5R55W, 5R55S, 5R55N 1999-on 5R55W-HD2. Reprogramming Kit™.
  2. The 5R55S without the Select Shift is used in the 2005 and later models of the ford Mustang.In 2003 the Thunderbird and Lincolns switched to the 5R55S that had the Select Shift (allows drivers to shift like a standard without the clutch). Although the 5R55N is very similar to the W or S models, only a few parts are interchangeable.
  3. Performance Built 5R55S Automatic Transmission and Torque Converter. This transmission has been built at our state of the art facility using the latest advancements in remanufacturing technology. We have carefully engineered a process that allows us to maximize performance and stay within a wholesale price range.

5r55s Transmission


5r55s Torque Converter

This transmission has been built at our state of the art facility using the latest advancements in remanufacturing technology. We have carefully engineered a process that allows us to maximize performance and stay within a wholesale price range.

This transmission is a direct replacement for Ford Mustang GT, Explorer, Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer, and Lincon Aviator.

Transmission Name
  • 5R55S
Vehicle Compatibility
  • Mustang
  • Ranger
  • Mountaineer
  • Aviator
  • Explorer
Years Covered
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
New, Used, or Rebuilt
  • Complete Performance Rebuild
  • Remanufactured

  • Ordering Info
  • Vehicle Info
  • Warranty
  • Our Process
List Price: $2,795.00Toll Free:1-888-995-PART or 1-888-995-7278
Sale Price:$1,995.00
Core Deposit:$600.00Office Hours:Monday-Friday 8:00am to 9:00pm CST.
Weekend and holiday hours vary
Delivery Shipping: Call for Quote
Core Return Shipping: Call for Quote
5 Star Product Rating
5R55S Transmission Specs and Applications
FordExplorerEddie Bauer Sport Utility
Limited Sport
XLS Sport
4.0L / 245C / V6
2002 - 2010
GT Convertible / Coupe
4.0 / V6
4.6L / 281Cu / V8 GAS
SOHC Naturally Aspirated
2005 - 2010
2002 - 2010
LinconAviatorAll4.6L2003 - 2005
5R55S Info
Gears / Type:5 Speed Automatic Transmission
Manufacturer:Ford Motor Company
Series:E series
4X2 or 4X4:We have 2 and 4WD models available.
Recommended Fluid:ATF (use Ford recommended fluids only)
Torque Converter:Included With Trans.
Upgraded Internal Components:Yes:
Performance shift kit, valve body improver kit, and more.
Dyno Tested:Yes:
up to 35,000 RPM at an extended period of time.
Inspection, Checked for:Leaks
Shifting Difficulties
Excessive Noise
Temperature and Performance
Gear Ratios:

First - 3.25
Second - 2.44
Third - 1.55
Fourth - 1.00
Fifth - .75


None for this model.

Hollander Interchange Numbers:

Manufacturer part number:
7R3PBC '07
8R3PBA '08

FREE shipping on all covered warranties
This transmission comes with a 3 year nationwide warranty.
We cover you against any manufactured defects on this part.
We do not charge restocking or shipping fees when a transmission qualifies for a warranty. Restocking and shipping fees are applied if a customer wants to return a non defective transmission or is outside the continental United States.
Buyers warranty begins at original date of purchase and expires 3 years or 36 thousand miles thereafter.
This warranty does not cover any of the following:
Use of engine, clutches, transfer case, drive line, and/or differential for purposes for which it was not originally designed (such as off-road, race car, etc.)
Abuse, neglect, accident, or improper towing
Towing charges, vehicle rental
Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, commercial loss or consequential damages
Failure because of defects or inefficiencies or parts or assemblies not furnished with the transmission (flywheel, clutch, drive shaft, etc)
Broken Gears or Shafts
Cracked or broken cases
No claims for labor or consequential damages will be accepted
We are not liable for misuse or negligence causing damage, defect, injury, or loss.
Unit must be returned for our inspection to determine fault.
Warranty Process:
In the rare case of a transmission failure please call our warranty department where a representative will assist you in the warranty process. Call Mon-Fri 9-5 Central 1-888-995-7278

Every transmission has been run on a state of the art Dyno. A Dyno simulates the conditions encountered by a transmission during every day and extreme use. This ensures that when your part arrives, it will have been rigorously tested for noises, leaks, vibrations and performance. Any part that does not meet our strict guidelines will be completely disassembled and gone through until our quality requirements have been restored.
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our parts meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.
Some transmissions have inherent factory flaws causing them to chronically break down. Through years of experience we have developed several procedures to help fix these problems.
Every remanufactured transmission has been built and inspected by a certified technician. Our technicians have an average experience of 10 years or more.
New Parts
All wearable parts are replaced, this includes: seals, bearings, synchronizers, rings, bushings, bands, gaskets, keys, and much more.
The final process before shipment is a complete inspection of the entire unit. During our inspection process, even the smallest of inconsistencies are addressed.

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