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Paid to Click Sites

Paid to click sites are sites that allow you to make money by clicking ads or doing various offers and tasks. By reaching a certain amount of money you are able to buy referrals which in turn will click for you and make you passive income! You can clearly see how this can easily snowball into huge profit margins. Below are some of the sites we use and vouch for!

Faucet Sites

Faucet Sites are Crypto Currency sites that give small amounts of Crypto in a set amount of time. These times can range from 5 minutes to an hour. They also tend to have contests running for even extra income! Use the sites below and start earning some decent Crypto Currency!


CryptoTab allows you to use your browsers power to mine Bitcoin! Referring others will DRAMATICALLY increase your passive income!

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Advertising & Other

Below will be miscellaneous ways to make cryptocurrency, curated by our team. It will be organised into categories soon!.

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