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A Plus Transmission Specialists are full service transmission specialist and preventive maintenance centers. Our leadership and staff have provided excellent transmission service to the Houston area since 1983. Over the last 30 years, we have grown to 15 transmission repair locations in the Houston area, and added locations in both San Antonio and Austin. A-Plus Transmission LLC offers transmission repair and maintenance services.

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The Most Complex Component On Vehicle’s Today

The transmission is the most complex component on a vehicle today, containing over 200 parts on average. To make things even more complicated, all of these moving parts are controlled by the vehicles computer system (TCM-transmission control module). If the electronic system of a vehicle is not communicating with the transmission properly, which could be due to a variety of reasons, the vehicle can exhibit many symptoms of transmission failure.

Many of these symptoms can be a result of an electronic issue which may only require a relatively minor repair, while others may require a complete overhaul of the automatic transmission. Unfortunately, most transmission problems are misdiagnosed by general repair shops who do not specialize in transmission systems. This makes it absolutely vital to find a shop with expertise that you can trust when it comes to transmission diagnostics and repair. We specialize in transmission repair and have been repairing and rebuilding automatic and manual transmissions right here in house since 1971.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Our certified transmission technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation with specialized equipment to establish whether an adjustment or minor repair will fix the problem, or if internal repairs will be necessary. We diagnosis & repair transmissions on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and even RVs. Our extensive experience in transmission services & maintenance for both domestic and foreign vehicles has earned us a reputation of quality and trust among our local community. We service everything under the sun, including Allison transmissions, high performance racing transmissions, high-end European transmissions, and much, much more! Whether your vehicle is front wheel, rear wheel, all wheel, or four wheel drive, we have the skills and expertise to properly diagnose and repair any issue you may have.We have many options available to help you make the best decision and save you the most on your repairs.

The automatic transmission by far, is the most complicated mechanical component in today’s automobile. Automatic transmissions contain mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and computer controls, all working together in perfect harmony. Something as simple as an electrical component failure such as a pressure control solenoid or broken wire can cause this system to function improperly, which will soon lead to major mechanical failures. This makes it vital to have an expert diagnose any signs of component failure immediately, before potential internal damage has occurred. Although many transmission problems can be resolved with a minor repair, often the issue is misdiagnosed by general repair shops who do not specialize in transmission diagnosis and repair. That’s why it is extremely important to find a speclialist you can trust when it comes to automatic transmission diagnostics and repair. To learn more about how an automatic transmission works click here!

Trusted Since 1971

Since 1971, we have specialized in automatic transmission repair and have earned a name as a trusted source for all repairs and services. Our certified technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation with specialized equipment to establish whether an adjustment or minor repair will fix the problem, or whether internal repairs will be necessary. In the event that a major repair is necessary, we have many options available to help you make the best decision when choosing to have your vehicle repaired. We understand that internal transmission failures can be one of the more expensive component failures on a vehicle so we have teamed up with Care Care One to offer financing for our customers. We also offer free towing with any major repair to help with the total cost of repairs.

Transmission Rebuilds

Rebuilding transmissions in house offers our customers a number of advantages over replacing the transmission with a remanufactured or used transmission assembly. The main advantage is that 9 times out of 10 we can rebuild transmissions for a much lower cost than to replace them with a remanufactured unit. Another advantage is that we have more control over what is replaced and can generally offer our customers options for replacing components with higher quality parts than installed from the factory. This can increase the life of the transmission significantly and prevent the issue from happening again in the future. Another advantage of rebuilds vs. remans is that we can generally offer better warranties due to using higher quality parts that increase the life expectancy of the transmission. Finally, we have an extraordinarily gifted transmission builder who has been with us for many years. By building transmissions in house we can be certain that the proper parts have been replaced and a full inspection of the internal components has taken place.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance to your transmission system is the only way to be certain you’ve done your part in maintaining the life and longevity of your transmission system. Transmission fluid, like the oil in your engine, is subjected to extreme conditions of heat, pressure, and contaminants, which breakdown your fluid, resulting in poor lubrication and cooling of your transmissions components. Over 90% of transmission failure is due to excessive heat that has built up in the transmission system, which generally can be easily avoided with proper maintenance. Filters that have been clogged with dirt and debris due to old and varnished fluid that has broken down can cause poor fluid flow, which can significantly increase the heat inside your transmission and cause poor lubrication. By changing your transmission fluid & filter regularly you will greatly increase the life expectancy of your transmission and prevent unnecessary and costly repairs.

A Plus Transmission Puyallup

A plus transmission specialists

Transmission Tune Up (Fluid Change)

  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Replace filter and gasket
  • Replace fluid (generally 4-6 quarts depending on system)

A Plus Transmission Near Me

Transfusion (Transmission Flush)

  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Flush transmission system until fluid comes out bright red
  • Replace filter and gasket
  • Replace fluid (generally 10-14 quarts depending on system)

Manufacturer’s Recommended Services

  • Transmission fluid and filter change
    • Every 2 years / 30,000 miles
    • Every 15,000 miles if vehicle is under heavy use, such as towing
  • Annual inspections

Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission requires using the clutch pedal and gear shifter to manually shift through the gears, based on the speed of the vehicle. As a pose to automatic transmission which shift through gears on their own electronically, manual transmissions require the driver to shift through the gears. Manual transmissions rarely fail, however, clutches and hydraulic system components do wear out. Often, our customers bring in their vehicle suspecting the worst with their manual transmission once they being exhibiting unusual symptoms with the way the vehicle shifts. However, a new clutch, adjustment, or a repair to the hydraulic system often fixes the problem, which ends up costing much less in comparison. To learn more about how manual transmissions work, click here!

Over 30 Years of Experience

A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair has been diagnosing and repairing manual transmission systems for 30+ years and know the difference between an internal manual transmission failure and a clutch problem. We have a team of experts who will thoroughly diagnose any issue you may be having and will lead you in the right direction as to what repairs are necessary to get you back on the road.

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to manual transmission repair, we provide preventative services which will help maintain the life and longevity of your manual transmission. Manual transmission services include exchanging the old and potentially contaminated fluid inside the transmission system with new fluid. Servicing the manual transmission systems fluid regularly is the only way to be certain you have done everything in your power to prevent internal failures.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

  • Manual transmission fluid change
    • Every 2 years / 30,000 miles
  • Annual inspections

A clutch is a sub component of a vehicle’s manual transmission system that engages and disengages the engine to the gearbox and transfers torque to the vehicle’s transmission in split-seconds. As the clutch plate wears on your vehicle, you may notice a change in your clutch pedal height and a need to press further down on your clutch pedal to engage the transmission. This is a relatively common issue with clutch systems due to the amount of abuse they see during normal operation. A common misconception when a person experiences the above issues is that internal failure to the transmission system has occurred. Generally this is not the case, but rather an issue with the clutch or hydraulic system.

Our Team At Your Service

Our certified technicians will perform an inspection of your clutch, linkage, hydraulic system, and all other components to determine what repairs, if any, are necessary to get your issue resolved. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be diagnosed by the leaders in the industry. Don’t waste time and money paying for multiple diagnosis’s that are incorrect. Trust the experts at A Plus to diagnose your clutch issue right the first time. And always remember, we meet or beat anyones price in writing, so you can be confident you are getting the best price out there.

  • Leaking Fluid
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • Not shifting properly
  • Hesitating
  • Noise when shifting
  • Won’t go Into gear
  • Won’t move
  • Transmission
  • temperature light on or
  • gauge registering hot
  • Dirty or burnt fluid
  • Loss of some gears
  • Overdrive light is
  • flashing or stays on
  • Overdrive button not working
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Noise When shifting
  • Won’t go into gear
  • Won’t move
  • Noise when you let the
  • clutch out
  • Noise when you depress
  • the pedal
  • Clutch slips, chatters or grabs
  • Transmission won’t shift in or out of gear
  • Transmission makes grinding noises
  • Clutch makes noise
  • Clutch pedal feels hard
  • Change in your clutch pedal height
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Noise When shifting
  • Won’t go into gear
  • Won’t move
  • Noise when you let the clutch out
  • Noise when you depress the pedal
  • Clutch slips, chatters or grabs
  • Transmission won’t shift in or out of gear
  • Transmission makes grinding noises
  • Clutch makes noise
  • Clutch pedal feels hard
  • Change in your clutch pedal height

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We remanufacture automatic transmissions with a 24 months warranty, they are tested and are remanufactured with many upgrades, and includes a remanufactured torque converter. There are no external sensors/solenoids on these remanufactured transmissions. Shipping cost is included in the price of the transmission purchase.

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