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Automatic Transmission and Torque Converter Packages for Dodge & Chrysler including vans, motor homes, are available. 4WD and automotive pickups applications, both domestic and import. We rebuild a well-known line of Heavy Duty Dodge Road Runner Series hydraulic and electronic controlled Automatic units a listing for your application is found below. You will find there’s large inventory of automatic transmission and trans-axles prepared to ship. Transmissions are available for Dodge Chrysler gas vehicle as well as Dodge Diesel pickup trucks.

Why Automatic Transmissions Fail

  • A 518 transmission has a throttle valve cable (pressure cable), it must be hooked up and adjusted correctly. You can get the cable and brackets from a junk yard. If you have a 727 transmission now this linkage may work. The correct adjustment on the T V cable or linkage is minimum throttle pressure at minimum throttle.
  • The A500 and A518 transmissions are found in the Dakota, Pick-up Trucks, Ramchargers, Vans and Ram-50 vehicles. In the Ram-50's, the transmission is reffered to as the R4AC1 for 2WD versions and the V4AC1 for 4WD applications. A larger version of the A518 (46RH), known as the A618 (47RH), which basically has more clutch plates for.
  • We offer the following Automatic Transmission Models for Dodge Chrysler A500, A518, A604, 45RFE, 47RE or 48RE. Prices below may vary depending upon your torque converter selection, please check at time of your order.
  • 46re/rh 47re/rh a500/a518 rebuild and tips.

A518 46rh 46re a618 47rh 47re transmission parts & rebuild kits. Sort by: 42rle a500 42re 42rh 44re a727 tf8 a518 46re 46rh a618 47rh 47re 48re a904 30rh transmission transfer case adapter seal fits chrysler dodge jeep plymouth international '60+ (4269956ab).

Automatic transmission failure may be cause by low fluid level, or contaminated fluid brought on by heat buildup and non metal part degradation, and clogging veins in the valve body, pump and torque converter. When exchanging your automatic transmission make sure to flush the actual fluid through the cooling system including lines from your transmission to the radiator and the reservoir underneath the radiator at the least a few times while using correct chemicals. When adding automatic transmission fluid or changing your transmission fluid verify and make certain the manufactures recommend fluid must be used. A person can be shocked the number of times the incorrect fluid is utilized leading to an on-slot of issues.

Factory Built Ensures Consistency, Quality and Long Life


A518 Transmission Description

Our automatic transmission rebuild services are performed by experienced transmission technicians. A transmission rebuild, also known as a complete transmission overhaul, involves the complete removal and disassembly of your transmission. Each part of the transmission being rebuilt is inspected for wear and damage. Low service expectancy components will always be swapped out no matter their condition. All the other parts that don’t have brand new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available. Conformity updates are installed to enhance maker’s designs to repair issues found after the vehicle leaves the factory.

Throughout the rebuilding of your transmission all gaskets and seals are replaced with brand new ones. All new clutch fractions are part of a complete rebuild and are always replaced during a proper overhaul, including bands, electronic solenoids seals, bushings and gaskets. Valve bodies are taken apart, cleaned out and inspected all balls and springs are replaced. Specific attention is paid to the planetary gear set, including sun gear, annulus ring gear, planet gears and planet carrier parts showing wear are replaced.

automatic transmission rebuilt

A518 Transmission For Sale

To ensure the greatest level of quality we utilize the best parts and torque converters obtainable along with highly trained technicians to rebuild re-manufacture your Dodge automatic transmission. We can build your automatic transmission to your specification including heavy duty towing transmissions with robust bands and clutch frictions, shift kits and external cooling systems if desired. We provide a wide variety of torque converter options, all rebuilt units are supplied with stock/OE torque converters. Optional torque converters are available, converters to satisfy your particular stall, lockup, horsepower and torque requirements. Matching your vehicles desired performance using the correct torque converter specification is critical. Be sure to consult our Drivetrain expert at time of the order, provide you vehicle performance requirements to enable you to get the converter required.

You can extend the life span of your Dodge Chrysler automatic transmission by installing an auxiliary transmission cooler either under the car or truck next to the transmission or behind the grill. One other good idea if you’re towing heavy loads is to monitor the transmission by installing a temperature gauge. We advise you install the sensing unit in the output side cooling line as it leave the transmission headed to the radiator cooling reservoir.

TransmissionA518 Transmission

We offer the following Automatic Transmission Models for Dodge Chrysler A500, A518, A604, 45RFE, 47RE or 48RE. Prices below may vary depending upon your torque converter selection, please check at time of your order. Don’t see what you need just give us a call 888-824-2012.

A518 Transmission
Part NumberTrans. ModelMin YearMax YearApplicationEngine SizeCore DepositYour Cost
4002411A4LD1992Dakota 4X43.9$$1,219.88
4003008A50019961997Dakota 4X43.9$$1,219.88
4002483AA50019921993Dakota 4X4$$1,310.24
4003240A50019981999Dakota Durango 4X4$$1,219.88
4002501A5001989Dodge 4X4 Pickup$$1,310.24
4002845A5001996Dodge Van 4X2$$1,219.88
40024BA51819921993Dodge 250 350 Pickup W/model Diesel5.9$$1,350.90
4003020A5181997Dodge 1500 4X4$$1,310.24
4003254A51819981999Dodge 4X2 3500$$1,310.24
4003578A51820005.9L Gas 4X4 Pickup5.9$$1,310.24
4002850A518199619974X4 Pickup5.2$$1,310.24
T97AA51820012003Dodge Pickup5.9$$1,618.40
4002832A541E1996Dodge Stratus2.5$$1,170.18
4003235A6041998Caravan Fwd3.8$$1,484.38
4002838A67019961998Caravan 3Spd2.4$$1,484.38
4003001A6041997Caravan2.0 2.4$$1,484.38
4002999A6041997Caravan Fwd3.3$$1,484.38
4003234A6041998Caravan Fwd3.3$$1,484.38
4003343A6041999Caravan Fwd$$1,484.38
40034A6042000Caravan Dodge3.8$$1,484.38
4003492A6042000Caravan Fwd3.0$$1,484.38
4003493A6042000Caravan Fwd3.3$$1,484.38
4003799A6042001Pt Cruiser2.4$$1,484.38
T2270AA6041999Sebring Fwd,Neon Fwd,Pt Cruiser Fwd,Stratus Fwd,Cirrus Fwd,Breeze Fwd,Eclipse Fwd,Eclipse Awd2.4, 2.0$$1,817.93
T2218BA60420052006Grand Caravan Fwd,Town & Country Fwd3.8$$1,817.93
T2274AA6042007Grand Caravan Fwd,Town & Country Fwd3.8$$1,817.93
4002238A750F19871988Dakota 3 Spd$$813.25
4004467B42LE19992002Dodge3.2 3.5$$1,260.54
400427642LE20032004Intrepid Concorde2.7$$1,260.54
400300742RE19961997Dakota 4X23.9$$1,260.54
400448242RLE20052006Dakota 4X43.7$$1,260.54
400324344RE1998Dodge 4X4 Pickup$$1,260.54
400415945RFE2003Dodge 1500 4X4 Pickup5.7$$1,484.38
400357945RFE2002Dakota 4X24.7$$1,484.38
400435945RFE20042005Dakota 4X44.7$$1,484.38
400358045RFE20002002Durango 4X44.7$$1,484.38
400410545RFE20002003Durango 4X44.7$$1,484.38
400415145RFE2003Ram 1500 Pickup$$1,484.38
400284746RE19961997Dodge 360 4X4 Pickup360$$1,310.24
400301746RE19961997Dodge 4X2 Pickup5.2$$1,310.24
400301846RE19961997Dodge 4X4 Pickup5.2$$1,310.24
400325646RE19981999Dodge 4X4 Pickup5.9$500$1,855.90
400359846RE200020022Wd Dodge Pickup$$1,310.24
4003258A47RE19981999Dodge 2500 3500 Pickup8.0$$1,983.43
4002848A47RE1996Dodge 2500 3500 Diesel Pickup5.9$$1,802.71
4003022B47RE1997Dodge 2500 3500 4X4 Pickup5.9$$1,802.71
4003258B47RE199819992500/3500 Diesel Pickup5.9$$1,983.43
4002849A47RE1996Dodge 4 X2 Diesel Pickup5.9$$1,802.71
400364947RE20002002Dodge Diesel Pickup 4X45.9$$1,983.43
4003648A47RE20002002Dodge Diesel 4X2 Billet Pickup5.9$$1,983.43
400266647RH1994UpDodge Diesel Pickup5.9$$1,802.71
400266947RH1994UpDodge 4X2 Pickup8.0$$1,802.71
T2413AA48RE20052008Dodge Pickup5.9$$3,335.80
T98AA48RE20032004Dodge Pickup5.9$$3,014.28
T6207CA545RFE200520111500 4Wd, Ram Dakota 4Wd,Durango 4Wd,Aspen 4Wd,Raider 4Wd4.7$$2,885.00
T8306AA62TE20112015Grand Caravan Fwd,Town & Country Fwd,C/V Fwd,Routan Fwd,200 Fwd,Journey Fwd,Avenger Fwd3.6$$2,907.33
T8301AA62TE2007Avenger Fwd,Routan Fwd,Town & Country Fwd,Sebring Fwd,Grand Caravan Fwd,Journey Fwd,Pacifica Fwd4.0$$2,907.33
400496268RFE20112015Dodge 2500 3500 4X4 Pickup6.7$$3,107.02
T6411AA68RFE20072008Ram 2500/3500 4Wd Pickup6.7$$3,805.20
T6413AA68RFERam 2500/3500 4Wd Pickup6.7$$3,805.20

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A518 Transmission Controller

If you’d like assistance with your automatic transmission or having issues diagnosing the problem give the Drivetrain expert at Midwest Transmission a call 888-824-2012 we have the answers you’ll need. Don’t see what you need or want us to build your core just give us a call, you supply the core and save the core charge.