Apache Localhost Not Found


This is done by editing the httpd-vhosts.conf file of the Apache server, which can be found here: C: Bitnami wampstack-7.1.14-0 apache2 conf extra httpd-vhosts.conf For example, localhost should point to the htdocs folder and I want lsapp.local to point to a specific folder inside htdocs called lsapp/public.

This localhost page can’t be found:Phpmyadmin January 12, 2021 apache, mysql, phpmyadmin after resolving the issue of Apache and Mysql, suddenly I am facing the issue as Localhost not found. I guess not, so I enter Xampp, press “start” on both “apache” and “SQL” and press Admin, but get an unable to connect message. Tried to type “localhost:8080” and reached the “ApacheFriends” page but have no idea where to go next. Tried to type different “commands” but didn’t work. The Apache service named reported the following error: (OS 10013) An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.:makesock: could not bind to address 0.0.

Xampp apache localhost not working

After clicking on the sample page the page does not load, instead an error 404 shows: Not Found


The requested URL /wordpress/blog/2015/07/27/hello-world/ was not found on this server.

Apache Localhost Not Found

Apache/2.4.9 (Win32) PHP/5.5.12 Server at localhost Port 80

How can I get it to work?

Without knowing for sure what you're accessing, I'm going to assume that you're trying to load WP locally without having a server installed, configured, or loaded. Check out the video series on Local WordPress Development. You'll want to install WAMP or XAMPP on your computer to run a local version of WordPress.


A couple things that come to mind are your Permalinks and the directory where you saved the WordPress installation. Usually, local servers have a directory that is configured for localhost. For Xampp, this is htdocs. Also, you will need to append the Url in your browse. I.e. localhost/wordpress/..

@Jeremy Castanza Hi, I am running this on a local wamp server. The server is running, but still this error shows. I have tried to run some php files to chech if the local server was working fine. And all php files are running but not the pages in wordpress.

Hi Shantanu,

The only other thing that I can think of may be your local server configuration. Depending upon how your server's root directory is setup will depend upon whether you get 404 errors or not. I use XAMPP, so the configuration may be different for WAMP.

Generally speaking though, once your configuration is correct, you should be able to access your site through the following URL (based upon what you provided): http://localhost/wordpress/blog/2015/07/27/hello-world/. This assumes that WordPress was installed in a folder call 'wordpress' within your root directory.

No Name Matching Localhost Found

I would also check your Settings page in the back end of WordPress. Resetting permalinks can help as well and making sure that the Home and Posts pages are properly setup.

Apache localhost not found download


Apache Localhost 404 Not Found

Apache running localhost not found

Xampp Apache Localhost Not Working

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