Best Mac App For Drawing


This old Mac favorite is a serious recording tool for beginners and enthusiasts, and it's free for all Mac. SketchBook is the best free drawing app for.

1. Appcleaner


You’ll agree that the biggest thing that can clog up our computers and make them lose their initial snappiness is an overload of apps, cache, and trash. It can also be incredibly challenging to look into every file and folder to find unwanted material. If you’re looking to unclog your device and have it working super smoothly, Appcleaner is the best free app for Mac you need. Completely free, Appcleaner runs on donations and removes files and software that you don’t need anymore. With Appcleaner, you can keep your MacBook running smoothly no matter how old it is.

  1. If you're looking for drawing apps for Mac, there are options that are great and some are even free. Check out 19 Best Macbook Drawing Software Here.
  2. Draw, sketch, or paint with the best iPad drawing apps including simple apps, custom apps, and powerful general-purpose apps to draw almost anything.

Appcleaner is one of the best free apps for Mac due to its simplicity and ability to clean your MacBook discreetly.

2. Amphetamine

While watching a movie or waiting for lengthy downloads to finish, it’s tiring to keep wiggling our finger over the touchpad. Without doing so, the screen can go to sleep. This is where Amphetamine steps in. With a simple on/off switch, you can choose to keep your Mac or the display whenever needed.

You can keep your screen on for a designated amount of time, or while downloads are completing or specific apps are running. However, Amphetamine isn’t as simple as just that – after all, it’s one of the best apps for mac for a reason. You can use several advanced triggers to customize precisely when you need your screen to be on. Additionally, you can also keep the system on sleep mode while the display is on. These are just a few of the features available on this stellar app. We rank this app as one of the best free apps for Mac due to the full range of features that it has.

It gets better: Amphetamine is 100% free, with no ‘pro’ version and no advertisements or pop-ups asking for reviews. All you get is a seamless experience.

3. LibreOffice

When you make the shift to an Apple OS, one of the biggest apps, you’ll feel the loss of is Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is here to help with just that. While Mac users can choose to pay for Microsoft office, it can be annoying to pay so much for such a basic app. LibreOffice comes with a full-featured suite, which has all the options offered by Microsoft. From making spreadsheets or using various word processors, you can do it all. You might be wondering what this app costs. Well, much like the other best apps for mac on this list, LibreOffice is totally free!

LibreOffice can easily be one of the apps you will use most frequently. It can help you in making presentations, notes, creating documents, and much more. The versatility of this app, coupled with the fact that it’s free, make it one of the best free apps for Mac.

4. VLC

You’ll agree that video playing or converting is one of the essential features required in our computers. This is precisely what makes VLC an essential part of your basic arsenal of the best apps for mac. Completely free, VLC in a tried and tested video playback app which can support various codecs and file formats. Additionally, VLC also supports audio and video compression methods.

There’s the best part: you can use VLC to play or convert almost any audio or video file you have, no matter how obscure it may be. Calibre pour mac 10.13. When picking free apps for Mac, do consider adding VLC to your arsenal.

5. Apollo One

One of the best free apps for Mac and intended for serious photographers, Apollo One is an image viewer. This app is ranked one of the essential mac apps and lets you process RAW images in batches, view and edit any metadata, and sort through all your pictures. This is an app designed for efficiency, letting you fluidly view all your photos and videos with a single swipe. Additionally, Apollo One comes with some pretty smart features, such as locating addresses based on the pictures' GPS coordinates. This app makes it super easy to sort through and organize your photos and let you view them without losing out on image quality.

The best part? Apollo One can be used to capture video frames in a JPEG format from all videos, including 4k videos.

6. Highland 2

Best Mac App For Drawing

Built for the writers out there, Highland 2 is an app for plain text editing. Intended initially for screenwriting and stage plays, the app is a wonderful way to organize your scripts in industry-standard formatting. In addition to this, it can also format any exported scripts. Furthermore, this essential mac app can be used for novel writers as well!

It gets better: Highland 2 sets itself apart with a unique feature not found in many other plain text editors. This feature is the gender analysis feature. It helps you assess how many lines are spoken by each of your characters, and categorizes it by gender. Highland 2 is one of the best free apps for Mac on the App Store.

7. WaveBox

If you want all your workflow organized into one–free – app, you should download WaveBox on your Mac right away. WaveBox allows you to create tabs for over 1200 apps, letting you keep your browser windows minimum. You can easily organize different apps such as Gmail, Office 365, and Slack and build dedicated spaces to deal with them. This alone can be a great help if you get overwhelmed by dozens of different tabs. An exceptional web wrapper, WaveBox, can increase productivity and efficiency at no cost. If an organization is what you’re after, no app can do it better than WaveBox, as it is truly the best free app for mac for organization.

8. Slack

This is one of the best free apps for MacBook pro-2020 for business communication and collaboration. If you want to keep your team seamlessly integrated and communicating effectively, Slack is the perfect free app for mac that you need. It can help you keep all messages, services, and other data related to work. Additionally, Slack also allows calls, which can lead to more personalized communication. With all your work divided into channels, it can be much easier to get a clearer picture of areas you need to work on.

The bottom line: Slack can help send your team’s productivity skyrocket. If you pick Slack and any of the other best free apps for mac for organization on this list, your business can be revolutionized.

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Free Drawing Games for Computer, Laptop or Mobile

FreeGamePick team picked the best drawing games for kids in this section. Drawing games is a very good choice for creativity people and for develop imagination skill. Take amazing colorings and start to create your own masterpiece. You can find here free drawing games of all kinds.

Drawing is a very good hobby for everyone. We want you to see some drawing games for kids more closer. Let's start from mobile app Doodoo Pad for little children. There're more than 14 interesting brushes to entertain kids, such as glow/neon brush, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc. Each brush and color are intentionally randomly selected. Kids will be very amused and eager to know what next will happen during their drawing. It also make the drawing full of unexpected fun, just like a magic.

The next one amazing drawing title for online gamers - Animal Artist. This game is very good for develop imagination and creativity skills. This game with a difference. You will make creative artwork with animal footprints! Panda bears, baby chicks, kittens and other cute baby animals will help you paint. Choose a color, and draw a path for the animal to follow. Each creature draws differently.

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And the last one very nice mobile drawing app Kids Face Paint. If you like face painting then let's have some fun. Help all of the kids look great. You got endless face painting possibilities in this game. There are 7 different characters and many other interesting things. You can use glasses, amazing hats, funny wigs and much more. Enjoy free drawing entertainments on our site! Drawing titles are often funny and interesting to play!