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Bitwarden behind reverse proxy apache ubuntu 18.04: Bitwarden 17.9k members in the Bitwarden community. Bitwarden is an open source password management platform for individuals, teams, and business organizations. Press J to jump to the feed. Bitwarden works by having a 'master key' that is computed from your email and password. This needs to be kept 'safe', but this is a CLI program.

Hey Everyone,

we installed a Proxy (Apache) for our Bitwarden_rs installation, so we could redirect http to https. Which is working just fine.
The Proxy is listening on Port 80 and 443 and redirects the traffic to port 5443 (which is disabled in the firwall of the Host). I start the Bitwarden-Server using Docker-Compose setting ROCKET_PORT to 443 and the following Port Configuration:


Bitwarden is working totally fine when opening it via “” and “”, with the http Version redirecting to https. If i however try to reach “http://IP:5443” it will connect me with an unsecure http connection, even though, that all Incoming Traffic to Port 5443 is set to be dropped on the Host.

Dave chappelle knives out


Also the Proxy and Docker/Bitwarden are running on the same Server.

Bitwarden Apache2

I am pretty sure, that i missed something very obvious, but i simply can´t find out what i missed. Any helped will be highly appreciated!