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Bitwarden Safari extension no longer works with the Bitwarden direct download application

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1 day ago The Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded directly from the Bitwarden website or via the Windows and Mac app stores. There's also a 'portable' Windows version you can install on a USB flash. Bitwarden Desktop Application. The Bitwarden desktop app is written using Electron and Angular. The application installs on Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions. Node.js; Windows users: To compile the native node modules used in the app you will need the Visual C toolset, available through the standard Visual. Bitwarden keeps asking for confidential information even if I deny. Steps To Reproduce. Open Bitwarden app on mac. Bitwarden will ask for access to confidential information; Deny permission. The same popup will show again. Expected Result. Bitwarden should ask for access only once. Bitwarden keeps asking for permission. Download the latest version of Bitwarden for Mac. Mac / Utilities / Security / Bitwarden. One of the best antivirus softwares for Mac. Keylogger that registers everything you write on a database. UnlockGo for Mac. Does Bitwarden work with Safari? Yes, it does, and there’s a Safari extension in the Mac App Store. Unlike some of Bitwarden’s competitors, the extension is a fully functioning tool, rather than a companion requiring the desktop app to be open too. Is Bitwarden better than LastPass?

Today I needed to login into a website so I opened Safari and went to open the Bitwarden extension and to my surprise, it wasn’t there. WTF!

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Here is whats up: “Due to changes by Apple, Safari limits Web Extension use to only those obtained through Mac App Store downloads. As of the 2021-03-11 Release, users will not be able to use a Bitwarden Safari Extension obtained through a .dmg installation from or any other non-App Store source. ”Safari Web Extension Bitwarden Help & Support

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According to Bitwarden Support Release Notes the Safari App Extension has officially been ported to a Web Extension for use with Safari 14 . Due to changes to Safari, Web Extension use is now limited to only those obtained through Mac App Store download. Release Notes Bitwarden Help & Support Sophos apx 740.

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I unistalled the download version of Bitwarden and installed the Mac App Store version and all is good. A little advance notice on this issue would have been nice.