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Leading the R community forwards in widening the participation of women and other under-represented groups.

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Personal website and blog of Tyler Clavelle. Statistical tools for data analysis and visualization. Blogdown: The 'blogdown' package builddir: Build all Rmd files under a directory buildsite: Build a website bundlesite: Convert post files to leaf bundles checksite: Provide diagnostics for a website project cleanduplicates: Clean duplicated output files confignetlify: Create the configuration (file) for Netlify configRprofile: Create or modify the '.Rprofile' file for a website project. Post-Doctoral Researcher.

I took the opportunity to try out the newly released blogdown R package and migrate my blog over from Jekyll to Hugo.

A short while ago, a sequel to 2019's hit film Knives Out was confirmed to be in development with both director Rian Johnson and star Daniel Craig returning. Knives Out's Twitter asked fans for possible sequel titles, with the responses being so hilarious that Johnson stated they were distracting him from actually writing the movie. Related: 10 Murder Mystery Shows To Watch If You Love Knives. Mark hamill biography.

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2019/05/25First ever R conference in East Africa: SatRdays Kampala 2019Lend your support to this pathbreaking conference by contributing to SatRdays Kampala’s Indiegogo campaign


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2019-04-06, Dublin Isabella Gollini, with Bruna Wundervald, Chiara Cotroneo, and Jo Niec, teach “Develop Packages in R”

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2019-03-30, Brisbane Di Cook and a team of brilliant women teach “R Coding Workshop for Year 11 Girls”


2019-02-23, Chicago Stephanie Kirmer and Angela Li teach “Women’s Package Development Workshop”, jointed hosted with R-Ladies Chicago

2018-10-27, New York City Emily Dodwell and Joyce Robbins lead “Data Science in R: Coding Workshop for 11th and 12th Grade Girls”

2018-07-30, Vancouver Di Cook serves as panelist on late breaking session at JSM2018, Addressing Sexual Misconduct in the Statistics Community Organizer blog post


2018-06-23, Cardiff, Wales Heather Turner teaches “Upgrade Your Workflow with a Custom Package” at Cardiff satRday

2018-05-24, MelbourneEaro Wang leads “Package Development Workshop for Women: Everything you need to know to create your own R package” at R Ladies Melbourneslides, code

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2018-05-14, Budapest Package Development Workshop for Women at eRum 2018

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