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Dit heeft niets te maken met het feit of CCC al dan niet een reservekopie van uw gegevens maakt of met de wijze waarop het dit doet. Dit heeft wel alles te maken met de vereisten voor het gebruik van serienummers die door de leveranciers van de software zijn opgelegd (d.w.z. Hun beleid om piraterij tegen te gaan). www. At its core, Carbon Copy Cloner is a product that is designed to make bootable backups of your Mac's operating system. In order for CCC to be able to make copies of system files, CCC needs to have the privilege of copying files that can't be read nor written by just any user – CCC requires elevated privileges to copy macOS system files.Likewise, CCC is often tasked with copying the data. I’d like to take this opportunity to say I’ve been extremely happy with Carbon Copy Cloner and Bombich Software over the four years I’ve been a customer. CCC is a truly outstanding piece of crafted software with top-notch support (I love the integrated help and support features) offered by a reliable and professionally-run company.


Bombich Software Sales

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Carbon Copy Cloner For Windows

How much is carbon copy cloner. Bombich Software today unveiled a new version of the venerable Carbon Copy Cloner, a Mac OS X utility designed to make Mac to Mac cloning and backup extremely simple. The new version features a new interface designed to make the cloning and backup procedure more intuitive and more responsive. Users have better control over what gets backed up, and are provided with detailed information about the progress of their backup. The new version also provides support for block-level clones, a cloning method that is unsurpassed in providing data fidelity.