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This effort would not have been possible without the welcomed and ongoing assistance of Beta testers selected from among the members of the 'Home Brew Talk' forum. A number of their excellent suggestions have been incorporated into 'Mash Made Easy'.

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Homebrew’s package index. Brew cask install libreoffice If you do not have Homebrew installed, you can follow the installation instructions on Homebrew website to install it before running the above command.

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Note: Mash Made Easy is a free spreadsheet that is complete and fully functional. It operates within Excel 2007 and later, LibreOffice, and Google Sheets. Visit our 'Downloads' page to acquire your free copy. After use, if you find that you appreciate its usefulness and simplicity, and you wish to contribute to the maintenance and upgrading of this software, please visit our 'Contributions'page.

Changes or additions since the last release:



Version 10.0 : Release Date 2/28/2021

Added features to the 'Water' tab/sheet

Brew Libreoffice

Version 10.1 : Release Date 4/14/2021

A) Version 10.1 greatly simplified grist component selection via eliminating all of the various Malted and Unmalted Barley Grain categories and simply lumping all of these together under a single drop-down called 'Non Categorized'. Caramel/Crystal malts and Carapills malts are now combined and categorized as 'Crystal/Carapills' under a single drop-down. Drop-down categories still exist for grist components such as Wheat and Rye, the various of Flaked grains, Acid Malt, Melanoidin/Honey, and MaltoDextrin/Sugar.

The justification for this radical change and simplification (in keeping with the name 'Malt Made Easy' is twofold. First, I have honed and refined a set of algorithms worthy of handling the pHDI and BC (buffering capacity, malt acidity) of all non Crystal barley based grains (malted and unmalted) into a single category, and likewise a set of algorithms worthy of handling Caramel/Crystal and Carapils pHDI's and BC's. Second, the scant real pHDI and BC data extant today from sources that you can count on with the fingers of one hand is simply terrible and incomplete, as well as not fully unified between testers, so those touting hundreds of various malt and/or unmalted grain valuations for critical pHDI and BC values are for the most part either pulling these values straight out of thin air, and or cherry picking and cross applying the scant data to malts/grains never tested while applying loads of confirmation bias and yet more cherry picking and averaging and guessing, etc.. anyway, so why not revamp and refine math model means to accomplish all of this?

B) MME now defaults the Kolbach denominators for mash water Ca and Mg ions to 7 and 14 respectively whereby to attain better agreement with the findings of AJ deLange, and also somewhat better compliance with the quite variable findings of chemists Barth and Zaman as regards downward shift within the mash due to calcium and magnesium ions in the mash water.


Version 10.15 : Release Date 4/15/2021

Notable cosmetic improvement to the individual grist component addition drop-down section as can be seen within the snapshot above. No other changes from version 10.1

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Version 10.20 : Release Date 4/15/2021

Fixed 'Acidulated Malt' related errors as relate to Acid Malt entry via the grist component drop-down section.

Version 10.20 : Release Date 4/15/2021

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Fixed a major bug with respect to mineralization quantities. All users must transition to this release.

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