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Citrix technology is used to provide remote users with access to key business applications. If Citrix access is not available or slow, users will be less productive and the business will suffer. To ensure Citrix success, administrators need to be sure that the Citrix user experience is always optimal. Ensure application uptime and flawless performance with Citrix ADC (formerly Netscaler ADC) An award-winning ADC built with a software-first approach to delivering applications across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with deep visibility for an exceptional application experience.

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NetScaler Uptime Test In most production environments, it is essential to monitor the uptime of critical servers/devices in the infrastructure. By tracking the uptime of each of the servers/device, administrators can determine what percentage of time a server/device has been up. A new entry will show up for Citrix and will start generating 6-digit Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) codes. Verify proper configuration, enter the 6-digit code from the app and click Verify. If you still have access to your old Authenticator app entry, delete the old entry for Citrix Cloud as it. Grab a handy cheat sheet to help you with configurations NetScaler CLI Troubleshooting “How Do I” Series With this blog post, we are opening a series of “How Do I” posts about all sorts of technical tips and tricks that will help you co configure, support, troubleshoot and monitor various systems.

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Citrix’ service commitment is to maintain at least 99.9% monthly up-time. This article is intended to assist Customers requesting a review of SLA compliancy for possible violations of the Citrix Cloud SLA policy.
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  • Must be an active Citrix Cloud customer
  • Minimum one year term of service
  • Minimum 100 users (1000 users for CSP)
  • An SLA violation must have occurred 3 times within a 5 consecutive month period - (see SLA policy)

Monthly Uptime percentage measurements exclude downtime resulting from:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance windows.
  • Customer’s failure to follow configuration requirements for the Service as documented on, or abusive behavior, or faulty input.
  • Customer’s use of a Service after Citrix advised Customer to modify Customer’s use of the Service, if Customer did not modify use. Caused by any component not managed by Citrix including, but not limited to, Customer controlled physical and virtual machines, Customer installed and maintained operating systems, Customer installed and controlled software, networking equipment or other hardware; Customer defined and controlled security settings, group policies and other configuration policies; public cloud provider failures, Internet Service Provider failures; or other Customer support factors external to Citrix’ control.
  • Customer’s employees, agents, contractors, or vendors, or anyone gaining access by means of Customer’s passwords or equipment, or otherwise resulting from Customer’s failure to follow appropriate security practices.
  • Customer’s attempts to perform operations that exceed Service entitlements.
  • Service disruption due to Force Majeure, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, war or acts of terrorism, or government actions.
  • No Service Commitment is offered for any Citrix trial, tech preview, Labs or Beta service.
  • Note: Citrix Service Providers must contact the Channel team via [email protected] with SLA Claim in the subject line to submit a possible violation of the SLA. CSPs can expect an initial response within one business day confirming receipt of claim. Customers of Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) should contact their CSP directly. The CSP Program Guide may contain additional terms that supersede those as set forth on this SLA link.

Citrix Cloud Uptime

  1. Customers will create a case requesting a review of potential Citrix Cloud Service Level Agreement policy violations by utilizing the Customer Service online web form.
  2. To submit a case for review, complete all required (*) fields on the web form:
    • For All GEOs - click here
  3. Ensure that the Subject reflect the following: Citrix Cloud SLA Violation
  4. Fill in the information below for your organization and copy/paste into the Description field.
    • Account Org Id:
    • Cloud Service Impacted:
    • Dates of occurrences:
    • Period of Breach (5 month period in question):
  5. Click Submit to receive a case number for tracking the request.
  6. Please allow 15 business days for the review.
  7. A Citrix Representative will contact you with an update, once the review has been completed.