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How to clear more storage on android iphone. Login with Citrix receiver Install Citrix Workspace from google by using bellow link in your browser. POO Thin Desktop Desktop Viewer View. Citrix Receiver 11.9.15 (OSX 10.7) Citrix Online Plugin 12.3 (Windows 7 for PNA User) Citrix Receiver Utilities. Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility.

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Citrix Receiver Ssl Error 4

Some of our Windows 10 users cannot access client drives for client-to-server content redirection. Error message: clientc$ cannot be found, check spelling. Client drive mapping is allowed, also auto-connect. User has set full access in Receiver. Access within explorer to a local drive isn‘t working. Some days it's working, some days not. It's absolutely random. Trace and log files for receiver and selfservice didn't help.

Citrix Receiver 1110 Error

We use Citrix Receiver 4.11. Windows 10 1703.