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Receiver for HTML5 and Receiver for Chrome provides secure file transfer between a user device and virtual XenDesktop sessions. This feature uses a file transfer virtual channel instead of client drive mapping.
By default, users can:

  • Imessage and facetime not activating. Upload files from a local folder or attached peripheral to their XenDesktop session and seamlessly access the data from their XenDesktop sessions.

  • Download files from their XenDesktop sessions to a folder or peripheral on their user device.


  • XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6 LTSR1 or above


Using File Redirection policy

File transfer could be disabled using the Citrix Studio policy as mentioned below:

Using Registry

Alternatively file transfer can also be disabled by creating the following registry key on VDA(Virtual Desktop Agent):

downloadWhy can't I download this file?1. For an already installed Chrome, Chrome > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > clearing Browsing data: the beginning of time, then exit Chrome and re-run it.
2. Access Netscaler Access Gateway URL in Chrome and login with user credential, You should get below “Detect Receiver” page.
3. Click “Detect Receiver” button and wait, you should see Chrome “External Protocol Request” dialog window pop up.
Note: Verify urlreceiver://<AG FQDN>/Citrix/…, Verify the client machine can resolve the AG FQDN to correct IP address.
4. Click “Launch Application” button, the expected output is, “Just a moment, we’re detecting if…” and then automatically redirects to Storefront resource enumeration page with resources listed, or Storefront login page (you might need to re-enter user credential and click “Logon” button).
Important Note:
  • If “Just a moment, we’re detecting if…” webpage doesn’t auto redirects to enumeration/login page of storefront, please click “Detect again” button to try again.
  • If “Just a moment, we’re detecting if…” webpage doesn't redirect to storefront web page, it means the configuration for Citrix WebHelper invoked mode failed. In this situation, user can click “Already installed” to continue, Chrome will work in Citrix WebHelper NOT invoked mode.

Citrix5. In Storefront resource enumeration page, click an application icon. If “External Protocol Request” dialog window pops up. ChromeIt indicates Chrome is working at WebHelper.exe invoked mode.
Otherwise, It will work in non-invoked mode. Where it will download ICA file for the resource.
6. Check 'Remember my choice' to avoid repeated

Citrix Receiver For Chrome Free Download

External protocol request popup and Click “Launch Application” button, the application should be launched by Receiver successfully even with CST enabled.

Citrix Receiver For Chrome Browser

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Citrix Receiver Chrome Download

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