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Citrix Workspace app for Chrome fails to do SAML Single-Sign-On when running on Chrome OS 72 or above. This issue may be seen on any Citrix Workspace app for Chrome below version 1905. This issue has already been identified and is expected to be fixed in the next release of Citrix Workspace. Windows - Citrix Receiver 4.9 LTSR Mac OS - Citrix Workspace app Password Issues? Password assistance can be found here. Password Assistance - Self.


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I’ve already opened a case with NVIDIA and also with Citrix for this. But they don’t have an idea what causes the problems yet. So I thought maybe someone here has an idea or recommendation.

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Since we updated to Citrix 1903 and NVIDIA GRID drivers 9.0, we randomly get graphic errors inside XenDesktop Sessions (Please see the screenshot).


This issue can be reproduced when moving windows around inside a XenDesktop session. The graphical errors mostly persist until I resize the Citrix Session Windows or switch from fulscreen to window mode and back.


Citrix Workspace 1905 Emeia

Hypervisor: VMware ESXi 6.5 latest patch
Virtualization: Citrix XenDesktop 1903
Guest OS: Windows 10 1803
NVIDIA Host driver: 430.27
NVIDIA Guest Driver: 431.02
Citrix Workspace App: 1905

Please see the screenshot in the link for configuration settings which are applied.

I’ve also tested with Citrix VDA 1811 and 1906, same problem. With VDA 7.15 the issue does not occur, but we recognized a way better performance, quality and also latency with VDA 1903. That’s why we want to upgrade to 1903, it’s a big improvement for our virtual AutoCAD workspaces.

NVIDIA Support mentioned the following thing:

Citrix Workspace 1905

'As I mentioned, starting with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1903 version, Citrix remoting implementation has changed from using NVFBC to using DDAPI.'

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If anybody has an idea I would be happy to hear some of them.


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Regards, Cedy