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    . Internet Explorer 8 or higher / Firefox 15.0 or higher / Google Chrome 10.0 orhigher. Citrix Workspace(download from Citrix website). It is connecting through a Citrix Receiver but that should be irreverent as the certs are installed through Firefox and are handled, and Firefox is the application displaying that the CA is not trusted. Inside Firefox you click on the hamburger icon, on the preferences icon next. From the preferences list you select the 'applications'. (Click screenshot to enlarge. Press to return here) There should be a filetype named 'Citrix ICA configuration file'.

    • Receiver for Linux
    • Receiver for Mac
    • Receiver for Windows
    • StoreFront

    Symptoms or Error

    Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users cannot access desktops and applications from Receiver for websites using Mozilla Firefox 26 or later. When a Firefox user clicks an icon, the Receiver for website displays a spinner for a few seconds, but the desktop or application does not start and no error message is shown.


    Solution 1

    After clicking on a desktop or application on a Receiver for website, users must click the Plug-in icon in the Firefox address bar to allow the Citrix Plug-in to run.

    Alternatively, the Receiver for websites can be modified to display the message in the screen shot during the logon process to prompt Windows and Mac users who have not activated the Citrix plug-in within Firefox.

    Complete the following steps to modify a Receiver for website to prompt Firefox users to activate the Citrix plug-in:

    1. Download the .zip file attached to this article.

    2. On the StoreFront server, locate the contrib directory for the Receiver for website, which is located at C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixstorenameWebcontrib.
      Storename is the name specified for the store when it was created. If there are no customized files in the contrib directory, extract the contents of the .zip file to the directory to overwrite the existing files. If there are customizations, extract the files to another location and manually merge their contents into existing files to preserve the customizations.

    1. Repeat Steps 2 for any other Receiver for websites on your StoreFront server.

    2. For multiple server deployments, use the Propagate Changes task in the StoreFront administration console to update all the servers in the server group with the customizations.

    Solution 2

    Repair the Online Plug-in installation through Add/Remove Programs. If this does not resolve the issue, copy the following files to the <System Drive>Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins directory, from the same directory on a working computer:

    • CCMSDK.dll
    • cgpcfg.dll
    • CgpCore.dll
    • confmgr.dll
    • ctxlogging.dll
    • ctxmui.dll
    • ICAClObj.class
    • icafile.dll
    • icalogon.dll
    • sslsdk_b.dll
    • TcpPServ.dll

    Problem Cause

    Cause 1

    New restrictions on browser plug-ins, including the Citrix Plug-in used to access desktops and applications, were introduced in Firefox 26.

    Cause 2

    DLL files that are part of the Citrix Online Plug-in for Windows 12.x, or earlier versions, might have been altered or removed.

    Additional Resources

    Citrix Workspace Firefox Not Working

    Refer to the Mozilla blog for more information about this Firefox feature.

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    downloadWhy can't I download this file?


    In recent releases of IE, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and latest Citrix Workspace App clients many of the issues mentioned below have been resolved.
    By default, the OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) should automatically set how to open '.ica' files when trying to launch any resource via Citrix Workspace or Citrix Storefront via the Web Store if the Citrix Workspace App is installed properly.
    Confirm Citrix Workspace App is installed or use Citrix Workspace App for HTML5 ('Web Browser' option) instead.
    If you continue to encounter this behavior please review the steps outlined below.


    There can be a number of resolutions to the issue including but not limited to the following:

    Install the Latest Version of Citrix Workspace App

    Install the latest Citrix Workspace App version which can be downloaded here: Download Citrix Workspace App

    Automatically Open ICA Files

    When clicking on an application or desktop to launch via Citrix Workspace or Citrix Storefront on an Internet Browser (not within Citrix Workspace App) and an '.ica' file shows in the download bar on the bottom left please follow these steps to automatically open said file:
    ICA file is downloaded during the process. After the ICA file is downloaded, enable the browser to open similar files automatically.
    Note: Instructions below are similar for other OS's when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Browsers.

    Internet Explorer:
    1. Navigate to the Citrix Workspace Store or Citrix Storefront Store
    2. Select the resource you are trying to access - Application or Desktop
    3. You will receive a notification on the bottom of the browser to 'Open, Save, Cancel'
    4. Select the Save.
    5. The download bar will now show to 'Open, Open Folder, View Downloads',
    6. Select the drop-down list next to 'Open' and select 'Open With'
    7. Find and select 'Connection Manager'
    LinuxGoogle Chrome:
    1. Navigate to the Citrix Workspace Store or Citrix Storefront Store
    2. Select the resource you are trying to access - Application or Desktop
    3. Chrome will prompt a dialog box to save the '.ica' file
    4. Hit save to save it in the 'Downloads folder'
    5. On the bottom left you will see the file, click the '^' which is the drop-down list for the file in the download bar and select 'Always Open Files of This Type'
    1. Navigate to the Citrix Workspace Store or Citrix Storefront Store
    2. Select the resource you are trying to access - Application or Desktop
    3. Firefox will prompt you with a dialog box to save the '.ica' file
    4. Select 'Do this automatically for files like this from now on'
    5. Select 'Open With' and click 'Browse'
    6. Select 'Connection Manager'
    Edge Browser:
    1. Navigate to the Citrix Workspace Store or Citrix Storefront Store
    2. Select the resource you are trying to access - Application or Desktop
    3. Edge automatically saves the file to the downloads folder by default
    4. On the bottom left you will see the file, click the '..' which is the drop-down list for the file in the download bar and select 'Always Open Files of This Type'

    Associate .ica File Type With Citrix Connection Manager

    1. On Windows computers, go to Control Panel > Settings > Apps > Default apps > Choose default apps by file type

    2. Under Name, find .ica file type.

    3. Ensure that the current default is set to Citrix Connection Manager. If not, click Change program and choose Citrix Connection Manager.

    Note: Connection Manager is the wfcrun32 file located as C:Program Files (x86)CitrixICA Clientwfcrun32.exe

    Remove or Disable Third Party Browser Adware

    Remove or disable any third party browser based Adware software that could be interfering with the successful launch of the ICA file. Restart the browser after removing these software and try again.

    Clear the 'Do not save encrypted data to disk' Option

    If you are using Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and clear the option “Do not save encrypted data to disk.”. This option should be cleared because the dynamic files are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder. When applications are clicked, a file is downloaded to the folder, then launched using MIME type. If access to the folder is disabled or not available, the process cannot occur successfully.

    Below are for older Browser/Citrix Receiver Deployments:

    No longer recommended to perform these steps in newer releases of Internet Browsers. Steps remain for any users not fully updated to the latest and greatest.

    Add Website to Trusted Sites

    Add the site to the Trusted sites list if using Internet Explorer browser using the following steps:

    1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Sites

    2. In the Add this website to the zone field, enter your organization's website and click Add.

    3. Repeat this for the .com, .net, .org, or .gov Web site addresses of your organization to allow the use of the ActiveX ICA client object for the launched connection to be automatically accepted.
      Note: It might be required to also add any additional URLs to the Trusted sites list in the Security tab setting if still experiencing unwanted prompts.

    Disable ActiveX Filtering (Enable ActiveX)


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    ! Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.

    Configure Internet Explorer as follows to allow successful application launching:

    1. Disable ActiveX filtering feature for the Web Interface site, either by:
    • Disabling ActiveX filtering globally:
      Click Gear icon, select Safety, de-select ActiveX Filtering. Alternatively, press Alt key and click Tools menu (ActiveX filtering is enabled if a “tick” appears next to it and is disabled if the “tick” disappears).

      Argon atom


    • Disabling ActiveX filtering for an individual site when ActiveX filtering is enabled globally:
      1. Log on to the Web Interface site and attempt to launch an application. At the end of the address bar a blue warning sign appears, indicating filtered content.

      2. Click the blue warning sign and select Turn off ActiveX Filtering.

    1. Enable ICA launch using one of the following options:
    • Add the site to the Trusted sites list: In the Security tab of Internet Options, add the Web Interface site to Trusted Sites list to allow the use of the ActiveX ICA client object for the launch.


    • Disable the MIME filter: Rename the following registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTPROTOCOLSFilterapplication/x-ica

    1. Log off and close window then restart the browser after making this change.

    Enable Citrix ICA Client plugin

    Configure Internet Explorer as follows to allow successful application launching:

    1. Enable Citrix ICA Client IE plugin by following the steps below:
      • Launch Internet Explorer
      • Go to Tools > Manage add-ons
      • Select Citrix ICA Client plugin and click Enable

    Problem Cause

    There can be a number of reasons for the issue including but not limited to:

    • The *.ica file on the client needs to be associated with Citrix Workspace App
    • Outdated Internet Browsers in use

    Additional Resources

    • CTX139939 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Citrix Known Issues

    • CTX200889 - Receiver for Web Workaround with NPAPI Support Removal in Google Chrome

    • CTX126653 – Citrix Online Plug-in for Windows with Internet Explorer 9 Support

    • Citrix Discussions - IE 11 (Website cannot find required software)


    Citrix Workspace Firefox

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