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Apr 13, 2021 Current Release 1909 1906 1903 3.12. Cumulative Update 2 (CU2). And Citrix Receiver for Mac or Citrix Workspace app for Mac installation files. Citrix Workspace app - Version: (2101). CitrixWorkspaceApp 1906 - Mac OS version 10.10. Windows 10 x64 fix for WebCam disconnecting citrix session. The good news is that Citrix can help with this and bring any app to work on these devices and secure the workspace with the Citrix Receiver where the user connect to a central and secure solution. The challenge comes when the user have local printers to their mac device and now tell IT they want to print from their Citrix session.

  • UdtMSS=1480 (add this line if using Receiver for Windows 4.9 - 4.9 CU3, Workspace app for Linux 1808 - 1903, Workspace app 1808+ for Mac or iOS) edtMSS=1480 (add this line if using Receiver for Windows 4.9 CU4+, Workspace app for Windows 1808+, Workspace app for Linux 1906+) Notes.
  • Citrix Workspace App (CWKSPMac App 1808 and CWKSPMac App 1906) Note: MAC OS CATALINA IS NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME. For detailed Installation instructions, see DC3 Remote Access - MAC User Guide.

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Receiver for Mac / Workspace app for Mac:

Citrix Workspace For Mac M1

wdt_IDBrief Description of IssueBrief Description of FixApplicable Product Versions Affected (if known)Link to supplemental Support Article(s)
1Bloomberg keyboard and finger print scanner not redirecting to Citrix session.Redirection of this device is not fully supported but there is a method to follow that can be tried to get it working, as explained in the CTX article.
2Windows Mac users connect to NetScale full VPN, they cannot reach external websites. Split DNS is not working.This is by design. The Mac VPN client does not support split DNS so all DNS requests are sent to NetScaler for resolution. If NetScaler cannot resolve the domain name then users will get an invalid response. This issue will be fixed under an existing enhancement request.
3When using HDX 3D Pro, a black box may appear around some custom cursors.This is a known issue and 32-bit cursors are being investigated as part of the product road maps for Citrix Receiver for Mac. Cursors that employ shadow effects for example are classed as 32-bit cursors and not currently supported by Receiver for Mac.
4If using a proxy connection, communication over EDT fails.This is a known issue.Receiver for Mac 12.5.
5You receive an 'Initialization failed' error.This is caused by an upgrade to macOS Sierra. Upgrade to Receiver for Mac 12.3 which is compatible with this OS.
6Delivering a proxy.pac file to clients via NetScaler Session Policies works for Windows devices but now Mac.At the moment, only Windows devices are supported. Proxy PAC support for MacOS is currently being worked on.
7When launching an application or desktop you may receive error 'System Extension Blocked'.A new feature introduced to MacOS High Sierra requires user approval to load any newly-installed third-party kernel extensions. Navigate to 'System Preferences -> Security & Privacy' and click 'Allow' against 'Citrix Systems Inc'.Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.7 and above, and MacOS High Sierra.
8French Canadian special accent characters do not display correctly when accessing a Windows 7 VDA.Upgrade to Receiver for Mac 12.7.Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.4.
9Alt+Tab does not switch properly all the time and Alt+Enter does not work in Excel.Upgrade to Receiver for Mac 12.7.Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.6.
10When using a DisplayLink docking station with v3.1 drivers and Receiver for Mac there is a high ICA RTT spike over 1000ms.Upgrading to DisplayLink v4.0 drivers and MacOS 10.13 High Sierra resolves the issue. The issue is still being investigated for earlier MacOS versions.Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.6 and 12.7.

Citrix Workspace For Pc

downloadWhy can't I download this file?

Symptoms or Error

With the Citrix Workspace App for Linux 1906 and above, if you are using a SAML store with AuthV3, a blank window with “Unacceptable TLS Certificate” error might appear before the logon prompt. This issue also appears if you run Fiddler with the Citrix Workspace App. This is an expected behavior because of Webkit migration from version 1 to 2.


Since Webkit2 reads the certificates from the system cacerts path, adding your store certificate as a system cacert and updating your CA certificates, will solve this error.

Citrix Workspace App 1906 For Mac

Perform the following steps:
  1. Add the root certificate of Storefront as a system cacert. Following are the steps on a Debian/Ubuntu machines to add a certificate as a system cert. (Note : The system CA cert path may differ across distributions)
    • Go to /usr/local/share/ca-certificates
      • cd /usr/local/share/ca-certificates
    • Create a new folder there
      • (eg – mkdir samlstore)
    • Now copy the .crt version of the root certificate of Storefront (eg samlservercert.crt) to this folder.
      • cd samlstore
      • sudo cp ~/downloads/samlservercert.crt
  2. Now update your CA certificates
    • sudo update-ca-certificates
  3. Running the above command should show you that it added the certificate, and show you something like this on your console
  4. Now just terminate your daemon processes
    • killall AuthManagerDaemon ServiceRecord
  5. Launch your selfservice again and add the store. You shouldn't see the “Unacceptable TLS certificate” window anymore.

Problem Cause

Citrix Workspace App 1906 For Mac Download

Webkit2 provides enhanced security, wherein TLS certificate validation failure is treated as a transport error by default, blocking any further operations.
This is because Webkit2 doesn't allow self-signed certificates. Also, ciphersuites based on RC4 are not allowed when performing TLS negotiation, because it is no longer considered secure. This causes it to give “Unacceptable TLS certificate” error whenever it accesses a site that uses a self-signed certificate with a weak cipher.
Also, Webkit2 reads the certificates from the system cacerts path and there seems to be no option to make it look at a custom path or custom ca-bundle.

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