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The Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing, powered by IGEL OS(RPI4), is a disruptive endpoint solution that slashes VDI client hardware prices and support costs by up to 80%. More than just an endpoint, the workspace hub delivers the high. Dell Wyse says its thin clients used in secure VDI environments by such industries as government, health care and finance can now offer the Citrix Workspace app a much-needed, more reliable user experience and performance boost with the release of ThinOS 9.0.

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Thin Clients:

Citrix Workspace Thin Client Free

wdt_IDBrief Description of IssueBrief Description of FixApplicable Product Versions Affected (if known)Link to supplemental Support Article(s)
1USB device redirection does not work on some Thin Client devices.Update the thin client's OS/USB hub/bus driver to the latest.
2After clicking 'Switch to Generic' on a USB device that is attached to a Windows 7 Embedded thin client, the device disappears.Upgrade Windows 7 Embedded to the latest version.
3On a Windows 7 embedded OS HP T620 thin client, you receive he 'Your account cannot be added using this mail address' when connecting to StoreFront.The SSL handshake was not completing. Newer Receiver for Windows versions have TLS 1.1 and 1.2 enabled by default, so the client should be configured with the same. Install the Microsoft hotfix mentioned in the CTX article.Windows Embedded Standard 7.
4When using StoreFront 1811, some thin clients that run Internet Explorer 11 cannot load the Receiver for Web page. A spinning wheel appears but the logon page never shows.HP thin clients running Windows Embedded 7.
5Redirecting a webcam from a Dell Wyse 3020 using generic USB redirection works but results in very low FPS. When using optimized/HDX USB redirection support, the webcam was not viewable from the virtual desktop's web browser.Chrome was updated to a later version which allowed HDX redirection to work.
October 31, 2019

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Dell Citrix Thin Clients

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