Clear Cache Memory



Why clear cache memory

In our company, we have a cloud server running CentOS 7 as our demo server. However, the server’s MariaDB is always shutdown whenever our cronjob tries to restart the MariaDB server. The reason is because the server is running out of memory when the MariaDB server is restarting.

If Design Space for Desktop isn't loading or has a blank screen this can easily be resolved by clearing the application cache. Windows Mac Confirm Design Space for Desktop is closed. While keeping the cache memory full helps improve the workflow, it can cause numerous bugs, stability issues, and an overall performance decrease. Using this a user can claim more memory by clearing more dirty objects on the system. How to Schedule Clear Memory Cache. If you have to clear buffer cache regularly, use the cronjob do it. Schedule the following in system crontab to automatically flush cache memory on a regular interval. Clear Memory Cache by Processing Idle Tasks If you don’t want to restart the system to flush memory cache, you can do one more thing. I.e, force Windows to process any and all idle tasks. Generally, when the idle tasks are not completed, they sit in the memory waiting for Windows instructions to complete the process task.

Clear cache memory linux

After monitoring the server’s resources usage using top or htop command, we noticed that the memory usage is always high because of the buffer/cache memory is holding the memory.

Linux always tries to use RAM to speed up disk operations by using available memory for buffers (file system metadata) and cache (pages with actual contents of files or block devices). This helps the system to run faster because disk information is already in memory which saves I/O operations.

Clear Cache Memory Linux

Clear Cache Memory

The buffer/cache memory is actually useful for the server’s disk operations. However, it’s causing our website to fail. Therefore, we need to find a fix for it. After doing research online, we found a command which we can use to clear the buffer/cache memory.

/bin/sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

Clear Cache Memory

Clear Cache Memory Ipad

We then add the command above in our cronjob and run it before our cronjob to restart the MariaDB. After that, our server’s MariaDB never shutdowns by itself because of the insufficient memory anymore.

Clear Cache Memory

Clear Cache Memory

Clear Cache Memory Mac

Hope the sharing would help others.