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When ever I post I’ll usually have a picture from the day serve as the key image. Today’s image is the Side of the Social Work build on the University of Arkansas Campus, it was taken with my Nikon D3200. Any comments you’d like to make about the photo please feel free! Ben shapiro knives out.

In the world of technology there are all types of useful things out there for the everyday consumer. Social networks that let us share our thoughts, ideas and opinions, apps that help us live better, more productive lives and we have a world of information at our finger tips. Before I share the five apps that I recommend every iPhone user have, I want to point out that, in my eyes, technology is the future. No matter where you turn there is probably some form of technology making your life easier, more entertaining, just less stressful in general. If you’re using an iPhone, here are 5 apps that you should check out.

1. Flipboard – Free

Flipboard is an app that works as your own personal newspaper. Whatever you find important, that’s what Flipboard has for you. Users are able to develop their own Flipboard that covers the things that want to cover. For instance, my Flipboard consists of categories such as “The Craft of Photography,” “Design,” “Technology” and I even have an engadget hub which allows me to eliminate having the engadget app, not saying you shouldn’t check out the engadget app because it has it’s own collection of features beyond articles. An interesting note about Flipboard is that they recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to create your own magazines, adding whatever articles you’d like to them and then sharing them with people. Flipboard also has share options that allow you to share with Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks. Flipboard is a must have app to keep you up-to-date on the things that interest you the most.

2. Day One – $4.99

@DayOneApp is a Journal app that has many different uses, it’s also one of my favorite apps! Day One takes journaling to the next level, aside from the regular ability to compose documents like any other journal, the features and how in depth the composition and the individual journal entry is make this the must have journal app. Day One allows you to add photos, embed videos, link twitter names, add hashtags, check into locations [powered by foursquare but not necessarily integrated with foursquare, meaning check-ins won’t show up on Foursquare, there is an option to post the photo though,] add the weather information to any post from the last 30 days, format the post with italics and bold as well as plain text formatting that shows up correctly in the Read More view through DayOne Markdown, create bulleted list and it all syncs in the cloud and is password protected, not saying you have anything to hide, but it’s your own personal journal! Given all the features I’ve named I’m sure you’ve already thought of a way to use them for yourself, share them with me in a comment below, I’ll also be posting some of the ways I use it!

3. Pandora – Free

Pandora is on the list because I love music, as I’m sure you probably do to, if you don’t love music check out one of the honorable mentions and use it as a replacement. But for the music lover, I recommend Pandora for a few reasons. Pandora has a wide selection of music, you can search for a station based on an artist, title, genre, time period, or even a theme; this gives you a large number of stations to choose from. After you’ve chose your station, then comes the important part, the reason why pandora is even on the list. You ability to thumbs up or thumbs down a song is what makes the pandora station so great, if you’re listening to a heavy metal station and a lullaby comes on, then of course you’re going to thumbs down it right? When you’re using pandora, always remember to thumbs up songs that you like, and thumbs down songs that you don’t like, or that you’d rather not hear on that particular station. This teaches your pandora what to play and what not to play, and also knocks out songs that may be similar to songs you dislike. If you are sure to follow that practice, pretty soon, your pandora stations will mostly play songs that you like, lowering the number of skips you use, and extending the number of minutes you spend listening to only slightly interrupted, good music. And if you decide to pay for Pandora One (3.99/month or $36/year) you’ll get rid of ads completely, enjoy high quality audio, have access to a desktop app (Mac & PC), and even have custom skins; hello windows media player right?!?

4. Facebook – Free

Now here is one that I had to think about for a while, although I love Twitter, Instagram, and Vine; Facebook is still the obvious app to have as far as social networking goes. Why? Because, like the old saying goes, everyone has a Facebook; everyone except my parents of course. Facebook’s app does it well, you have everything you need in order to make your Facebook experience exactly what it has been all those years before apps ruled the world. The basics of course: News Feed, Friend Request, Notifications, Photos, Status Updates and Messages. One of the recent updates was to the Messaging system within the Facebook App, although there is a separate Messenger app that you can get, the messaging inside the Facebook app is really proficient, an alert pops up on screen as you are browsing the app that allows for a quick reply, it gives you a rundown of the conversation and you’re allowed to reply right way, just like it is on the website. Because of that new innovation, it almost eliminates the need for the Messenger app as far as basic messaging needs go.

5. Pocket Planes – Free

Pocket Planes is probably the most addicting iPhone game I’ve ever played, and it’s kind of my mission to try out all types of apps on the iPhone, from games, to cameras, social networks, and even some apps that I don’t even particularly have a use for. But as far as games go, Pocket Planes in my recommendation. It’s a simple game as far as game play goes, but you can get complex with how you run your Airports. You own an airline (Join my Flight Crew : ‘Achievement Air’ if you don’t have a crew already) and over time you build your fleet of planes, Nimblebit offers an wide number of planes to acquire, several ‘events’ take place for you to fly passengers and cargo to across the world, a nice amount of awards and goals to work towards, plus a virtual timeline that updates with tweets from the in-game passengers, which adds a level of comic relief. Some of the things those pixel people say are just funny, they comment on all different parts of the game, from the flights to the opening of a new airport and even just random things that come to their “mind.” In addition to having great game play, pocket planes is a very low maintenance game, you can send a plane off really quick and get back to doing something else or hang around and see what else the game has to offer. Either way it’s a nice, fun game for anyone to enjoy!

With there being so many apps available out there, it’s hard to narrow down on the 5 that you would definitely recommend. What are some apps that you would recommend to me, I’m always looking to try new apps because there might be something better out there; with the world plugged into technology like it is, I think it’s pretty damn important to stay updated, within technology, that way we can stay updated on everything else.

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May 7, 2014 by Tulio Jarocki

While the bread and butter of Day One will always be helping you commit your thoughts to words, it doesn't mean we haven't packed some extra features for those who want to go beyond that. Day One has a built-in MultiMarkdown syntax parser, so there is the possibility of adding tables to your journal entries. Why would you want tables in your journal, you ask? Well, what if you want to record that great recipe you found in your grandmother's old journal or note the coffee you have every morning in a nice, organized fashion? With some simple Markdown, you can use Day One to keep your tabular data looking pretty and organized at the same time. Below are three sample tables you might want to start using right away in your journals.

Day one markdown movie


Going through old family recipe books is one of the reasons many of us started writing recipes in journals in the first place. Markdown tables make it easy to record your recipes, then read them later when you're cooking. Here is a sample recipe table:

This is how it translates in Day One on the iPhone:

Health Tracker

Using Markdown tables in Day One is a great way to keep track of your weight loss, height, and other body measurements. Besides adding the table with the raw numbers, you might as well write something about them and add some context to the table. Here is a sample entry:

This is how it looks on the Mac:

Day One Markdown Chords

Pro Tip: Did you know that Day One tracks your steps and daily activity? Adding this data to an entry with all your measurements will give you even more information in the future about how active you were at the time. Read more about it here.

Daily Coffee

For many people, having some freshly brewed coffee is half the reason to wake up in the morning. Recording where the coffee is from and how you like it is a great way to start a little coffee journal. Below is a sample entry for recording your daily cup. Note: This table can be adapted to record other beverages or favorite foods, too.

This is how you type it out on the iPhone:

Day One Markdown Pdf

Pro Tip: If you are an avid coffee drinker, Launch Center Pro app user, and would like to automate the entry of your daily caffeine dosage, check out Ben Tsai's blog. Ben has some great tips on how to use Launch Center Pro to automate the entire process.

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Tulio Jarocki is a student, design aficionado, and journaling enthusiast. When he is not writing about the rewards of journaling for Day One, he can be seen drinking coffee, running, or just out and about in Boston.

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