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Go directly to the Dropbox folder’s default location

By default, the Dropbox folder is located in your user folder on your computer’s hard drive. To go straight to the Dropbox folder’s default location, follow the instructions for your operating system below:


  1. Open a terminal and type cd ~/Dropbox.


  1. Open Finder and select Go to folder.. from the Go menu.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, type ~/Dropbox/ and then press the return key.
  • File Loss from Dropbox: Files might get deleted from Dropbox due to various reasons. In some instances, you may accidentally delete files from Dropbox wherein other cases files go missing due to virus infection. File Recovery from Dropbox: Case #1: If File Gets Deleted from Dropbox. Using Dropbox Inbuilt Feature.
  • Here's the situation. I'm a freelance video editor/motion graphics artist. One project with a client involves a shared dropbox folder (owned by the client) where we keep hundreds of graphic overlays as well as project files and raw footage from talking heads. I synced this all to a local folder for easier transfer.


  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Type %HOMEPATH%/Dropbox into the address bar.

Unlinking Dropbox, completely removing Dropbox (from /Library & /Library preferences, caches, etc) and reinstalling Dropbox had no effect. So far Dropbox support hasn't responded to our help ticket. If they do I'll pass along the info, otherwise I'll be watching this question and would like to add a bounty to it once it's eligible. Have the same issue on two different Macs: files sync OK from iPhones and appear on dropbox if logging in with browser. But on Finder they are often not updated. When opening files that have been updated on another device via finder an old version is opened and the changes from the other device are lost.

Note: If you’ve connected a personal and work Dropbox account, you'll need to specify which Dropbox folder you're trying to reach. For example:

  • ~/Dropbox (Personal)
  • ~/Dropbox (Acme Inc)

Create a shortcut to the Dropbox folder on your computer

For easier access to the Dropbox folder on your computer, you can create a shortcut. To do so:

  1. Go directly to the Dropbox folder’s location.
  2. Right-click the Dropbox folder.
  3. Click Make Alias (or Make Link on Linux).

Your shortcut will appear with alias appended to the name of the file. You can move the shortcut to the location you’d like to store it in.


The status icons in the taskbar or menu bar of your computer

There are a several Dropbox icons that appear in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). Depending on your operating system, these icons may be different colors.


If the Dropbox app is fully synced, the icon is solid, either black or white depending on your operating system.

Sync in progress

If Dropbox is in the process of syncing, the icon appears with a syncing symbol in the lower right corner.


If the Dropbox app is paused, the icon is faded with a paused symbol in the lower right corner.

Not connected

If the Dropbox app on your computer can't connect to Dropbox servers, the icon is faded.


If you have unread notifications, the icon has a red dot in the lower left corner with a number indicating the number of notifications. If you have more than 99 notifications, the icon has a red dot with 99+ in the lower left corner.

Camera import

If you are uploading from a camera, the icon has a camera in the lower right corner while the upload is in process. Apache http server java example.

What to do if the Dropbox icon is missing in the taskbar or menu bar

The Dropbox icon will only appear in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) if the Dropbox desktop app is downloaded to your computer and running. Occasionally, the Dropbox icon will seem to disappear, but this only means that the desktop app isn’t running.

To resolve this, first try launching the app again. If this doesn’t work, you can download (or re-download) the Dropbox desktop app and sign in to your Dropbox account when prompted. To relaunch the app:

  • Windows: Click the Start menu, then click Programs, then find and run the Dropbox app
  • Mac: Open the Applications folder, then find and run the Dropbox app
  • Linux: Click the Applications menu, then open the Internet folder, then find and run the Dropbox app

Dropbox Folder Disappeared

What to do if the Dropbox sync icons are missing from your files

Dropbox Mac App

If you don't see Dropbox syncing icons on your files, there can be a few possible explanations. But the most likely one is that Dropbox shut down unexpectedly and is no longer running. To check if Dropbox is running, look for the Dropbox icon in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). If it’s not running, see the instructions in the section above to re-launch or re-download.

If you've verified that Dropbox is running, but you’re still having issues with sync icons on your files, here are some other possible explanations:

  • Start Dropbox on system startup is unchecked in your preferences, or Dropbox was forced to quit
  • You’re looking at an inactive Dropbox folder in its previous location
    • This can happen if you've ever changed the location of your Dropbox folder
    • The easiest way to find your Dropbox folder is to click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), and then click Open Dropbox Folder
  • You need to restore the Dropbox operating system defaults by installing Dropbox again
    • Installing and signing-in again will fix most issues with sync icons
  • You may have a corrupted settings file
    • Signing out and then back in to your computer should fix this issue

Dropbox Folder Missing Mac Address

There are a few other explanations for why the sync icons might not work on a specific operating system. Click your operating system below to learn more: