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Convert to ebooks for Kindle, Apple Books, iBooks, iPhone, iPad, Kobo, Nook. Import from Word/ODT and export to Kindle, Epub, ODT/PDF and more, for Windows, Mac and Linux. Now with planning and creativity tools. Undoubtedly, the best way is to remove DRM-protection on epub file for playable on Kindle first of all, and convert them to the Kindle compatible format. And then when you get the DRM free files, you can easily transfer epub file to Kindle. DRM would be the best solution to do with the epub.

Gone are the days when people had to keep typing or jotting down the whole content in some days. With the invention of online eBooks converter, it has become very easy to convert the eBooks to a desired readable format.


Now you can convert your eBooks to any format you want online as the converter supports a huge variety of input formats like PDF, Mobi, HTML, ePub, AZW, AZW3, LIT, PRC, LRF and more.

EBook online convert

This is a multi-tasking converter that converts eBooks to various formats online for 100% free. The application aids to convert eBook to ePub, AZW3, FB2 and LIT format etc. This eBook converter to text also enables to convert documents such as PDF, text and other several eBooks to the Sony LRF, mobi and TCR etc.

eBook converter

This converter application allows for high quality conversion to different formats with no content loss. The resultant eBooks automatically adjusts to reader’s screen sizes that are chosen in the previous step. The tool is five times faster and has the capability to convert heaps of eBooks within minutes


This eBook converter to PDF can convert eBooks to PDF and variety of other eBook formats. Users are simply required to choose the desired conversion format, upload maximum up to 20 documents of input compatible formats and then download files either using ZIP archive or thumbnails.

eBook Converter

It is one of the easiest and best tools to convert EPUB to MOBI books. The application also aids in converting dozens of documents and eBooks from EPUB to Kindle MOBI. It allows to effectively reading on Kindle and Kindle-friendly devices and more.

Epub To Kindle Converter For Mac

Online converter

The software helps in converting Adobe PDF books that are compatible with various e-reader devices like Kindle Fire, Sony Reader, Kindle, Android tablet and Kindle DX etc. The converter tool is compatible with many versions like EPUB 1.0, EPUB 2.0 and various other versions of main EPUB files.

eBook converter kindle to Text

It enables users to convert Kindle to TXT file format at an ease. TXT files are generally located by Mac OS X Text Editor or Windows notepad that do not obtain any special effects, pictures, graphics or samples in a standard text format.

ePUBee Converter

This is a fully free application that aids in Batch Conversion with no ads, malware or spam. It offers high speed conversion and supports almost all popular eBook reader devices like Nook, nexus 7, iPad, Sony eReader, Kindle, Kobo etc. The converter software deals with unprotected eBooks.

What is eBook converter online?

The eBook converter tools that are available online allows to you to produce professional eBooks efficiently by converting the digitalized text into an editable and readable format. The converter tool is an application to convert eBooks from Scanned Pages, PDF formats, images, HTML files, Microsoft Word. The eBook converter online apk tool offers to read the converted eBooks on different devices like iPad, Mac, iPod, PC, Kindle, Sony Reader Kobo, Android, Nook, etc. without restriction. The application is also used for creating eBooks using eBook creator software. Using the converter software, users can also have access to add author details, the content table, symbols, Cover photos and much more. The online converter application is not a much to do the task as you can either manually or directly drag and drop eBooks on your system into this wonderful program, then select your desired output formats, click on the conversion button to obtain converted eBooks.

How to install eBook converter online

Installation of eBook converter is not required for online access. Users can simply add their eBook to convert and get the desired result online itself and can then save to their PC or any other system. However, if you wish to install the converter on your computer system or Smartphone then you just need to click on the official download link of the particular application, follow the instructions, install and run the program. For Smartphone, visit the play store or Apple store for free download and install the application.

Benefits of using eBook converter online

The application does not come with few advantages but hold in the handful of benefits for people willing to convert eBooks to desired formats at ease. Using the free download for eBook converter, you can easily and instantly convert your eBooks to the amazing formats like AZW 3 format for Kindle users, a LIT format for Microsoft readers, ePub, FictionBook FB2, Palm PDB eBook, PDF, text, DOCX, Mobi eBook reader, TCR format, and others. The application is best use for publishers, writers, typists to convert the eBooks for reaching the target eBook reader. The program offers better accuracy, specifies the target readers and thus optimizes the output accordingly. This free tool enhances the quality of the content by accurate formatting and makes you get the best conversion results. Target readers no more have to wait for the physical edition of an eBook to be released as they can download the converted files on their system and device easily.

Great Free Windows eBook converter online-Epubor Ultimate Ebook Converter


It is a well known and the best eBook Converter for Windows that offers efficient eBook conversion plus DRM Removal. It is a user-friendly application that enables to edit eBooks metadata like title, cover, author name, etc.

Free Mac online – eBook Converter Bundle Mac

This application decodes and converts eBooks with 1-click. This eBook converter free MAC automatically imports eBook library download in Kindle for Mac, Noble, Nook, Sony books and adobe digital editions. The tool removes DRM protection and is fully safe with no malware, adware or viruses.

Awesome Free Android eBook converter online- ePUBator

An all-in-1 eBook converter Android allows converting eBook to different and popular formats like ePub/ PDF/Kindle/, Word/Text etc. The DRM-free or DRM eBooks are fully supported by the program. These DRM eBook includes DRM ADEPT Adobe Digital, NOOK eBooks, Kindle DRM and Barnes etc.


More Free Window, Android, and Mac eBook Converter online

There is numerous easy to use and free online eBooks converter that require no downloading or account creation. It includes Hamster eBook Converter, Zamzar, Convert Files, Free EBook Converter, and Kindle Auto EBook Converter to Epub, Ipubsoft, Epubsoft EBook Converter, and EBook. Online-Converter.

Most Popular eBook converter online for 2016 is Calibre

A free multi-platform free and best eBook converter online 2016 that comes coated with cutting-edge features that to aid users in creating their customized personal eBook at an ease. The amazing Calibre allows converting from a wide variety of file formats to an equally extensive range of output formats.

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It's no doubt that Amazon's Kindle eReader is the most popular reading devices among this industry, especially after Amazon introduced their new device, Kindle Voyage. It's said that this reader is as slim as a piece of paper, and features a new adaptive front light sensor. Though prices at $199, higher than any generations of kindle, there are still a large number of people pre-order it, me too (so funny, why not?).

But there is a fatal problem we can't avoid. Kindle doesn't support the the ePub! This means, if we want to read epub files on Kindle, we should convert epub to kindle format. About how to, I have written a guide convert drm protected epub to kindle format mobi (nearly all of the epub are with drm). For those mac users, it may be a little difficult to convert epub files if the computer operation system is Mac, so today I decide to write this content how to convert drm epub to kindle mac easily.


Epub To Kindle Converter Mac

First of all, make sure you can open epub on Mac

To convert epub to kindle mac successfully, we should make sure that we can open these epub files on mac.

EPUB books we purchased from Google Books, Rakuten Kobo, Nook book store, or other online collections, often they are with Adobe DRM. And the Adobe Digital Editions is the only one specified application that could open adobe books, so please install ADE on Mac.

Then authorize your Adobe ID with your computer, open epub with ADE. If you can open them, the next step will be ok. After epub opened, they are saved to your mac in folder 'Digital Editions'.

Then, remove drm from epub mac

Before start, I recommend you a useful tool which will be used later. Epubor Ultimate, helps you remove drm and convert epub to kindle format. It is the best epub to kindle converter mac.

Run the software on your mac. From left side you will see some tabs. Below 'ADE” you can see the books downloaded via Adobe digital editions. Drag them to the right column, the DRM will be soon stripped. All the epub books are decrypted, no quality loss.

How Do I Convert Epub To Kindle

Next, convert epub to kindle format

After drm removing, you can convert these drm free epub books to kinde supported format, such as mobi or AZW3.


If you found some spelling mistakes, or don't like the given cover of your epub books, you can also click on 'edit' button to edit epub metadata. But must be before selecting output format, after books adding.

Click on 'Convert' button please. Soon completed, from 'Output Folder' you can find where they are.

Finally, copy converted epub file from Mac to Kindle

To this step your converted epub files have become kindle supported files. Connect your Kindle to Mac with USB. Then click the 'Finder', you will see device name 'Kindle'.

Back to the tool's main interface, click the 'Open Folder', drag the converted epub books from output location to your Kindle folder please.

Kindle Converter To Epub Download

Then disconnect your kindle and mac. From home page you will see them clearly. Tap the cover, open them to get a happy reading.

Or you can try to send the converted epub files to Kindle without USB connection.

Download the tool for free:
Epub to kindle converter mac


Most of epub books are protected with Adobe drm, so this article is aimed at converting adobe drm epub to kindle. But there are still some nook books are with nook drm, so about removing nook drm, please read The Easiest Way to Convert Nook to Kindle.

Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.