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Mac performs quite well even in the long run. It doesn’t lag or hangs in between, and so we don’t care to pay attention to optimization. Mainly because it is handled internally by the macOS. But over the years, the Mac piles up lots of unnecessary files that clog up the RAM and CPU, and you may notice a slight depreciation in the performance.

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FonePaw MacMaster is designed for MAC memory optimization and disk cleanup. It can scan out system files that are safe to delete in your Mac and allows you to select and delete unwanted files. Then you can just click to get rid of the junk files and old files.

Honestly, this is mostly the user-side error and has hardly anything to do with the macOS. We keep installing apps, games, movies, music, and whatnot. All these apps have their cache files and they aren’t as optimized as Mac itself. This is when you need a master tool that helps you find all such garbage and allow you to clean it with just a few clicks.

We tested MacMaster by FonePaw on three of our Macs. The results were up to our expectations, and so we decided to share our experience with our readers. So if you are looking for a tool to clean up your Mac, read this first-hand experience and make your choice.

FonePaw MacMaster Review

Those files occupy some space but MacMaster can remove them completely. How to Remove Application from Mac in A Fast Way? Launch MacMaster and move to Uninstaller feature. Scan the apps and select unneeded applications. Delete applications and trace files from your Mac. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. FonePaw MacMaster is capable to detect your Mac performance in many aspects. FonePaw MacMaster, a great tool to clean up your iMac/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro, does well in scanning your unnecessary data on Mac computer and then allows you to select certain items to delete so that your Mac will be accelerated. What's more, it is also a monitor to check your system status, including the battery, CPU, memory usage.

Design and Navigation

The installation process is similar to any other Mac app and so there’s isn’t anything to talk about. After launching the app, everything was right there on the first screen itself. All the features right on the home screen is something very convenient for a new user. On top of that, the design is simple and perfectly organized. At no point, it feels like there’s a lot of options on your screen and you are confused where to click.

The home screen of the app shows you the System Status, which includes CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, and Battery. Also, it shows their status in real-time. You can have a clear idea of how much CPU and RAM are currently being used. If you were to ask me, I’d rate the UI and UX a 9.5 out of 10.

System Junk

It’s a one-button click to find all the System Junk files that are eating up the storage. These junk files not only occupies the storage but also sometimes work in background and consume RAM and CPU. This is what usually causes your system to lag or work a little slower than you expect.

When I tried this feature, I realized that my Mac has almost 3 GB of cache and junk files that are pure garbage. After the scan is completed, you need to click the Clean button, and everything is gone in a blink, making you Mac system clean. Next on the list was to find Photo cache files.

Photo Cache

Photo cache is different from actual photos. The cache is generally the preview or thumbnail image of the photo. Now you may have deleted a lot of pictures from your Mac to free up the storage, but sometimes their cache files remain on the system.

MacMaster efficiently finds all those Photo Cache files and allows you to view them and then decide whether to keep them or clean it. Again, cleaning all junk that takes a simple mouse click.

Mail Trash

I tried using the Mail app and let it sync years of emails I had. MacMaster finds all the attachments and Trash mail from the Mail app and shows me as a list. It was now my job to figure out which of them are actually useful and what should I delete.

You can obviously do this from the Mail app itself, but that would need may an hour or two, depending on the number of emails you have. All this was available to me with just one click. After that, all that was needed was to select Trash mails and Attachment and click a button.

iTunes Junk

iTunes is a one-stop app for all your Apple syncing needs. Apart from that, it also offers music, videos, and podcast. With all these features, iTunes obviously has a lot of cached data for quicker access whenever you need. If you have been using iTunes for years, this cache may have piled up and occupied a lot of storage.


With MacMaster, you can instantly find and clean iTunes Junk with a couple of clicks. Personally, I find this feature to be the most useful one because if you have Mac, you’ll be using iTunes the most.

Duplicate Finder

This is one of my favorite features. It finds all duplicate images, videos, and all other file types. Let’s admit, we all copy paste a lot of thing from one folder to another and often forget to delete the duplicate. I am not sure about you, but I have done that a lot, and still doing it, especially with photos.

Duplicate Finder makes it extremely convenient to find them all and delete them with just a click. This cleans up the storage and also makes your folder structure a lot more organized.

Similar Image Finder

Besides Duplicate Finder, there’s one more option to find Similar Images. This one a lot similar to Duplicate Finder, but “Similar Image Finder” feature is exclusively for images.

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Ever caught yourself in a position where you have a lot of pictures clicked in the same pose? This is where Similar Image Finder helps. It shows you all the images from the photo library that are similar. Don’t mistake this feature with Duplicate finder. Similar Image Finder accurately finds related photos and help you clean them up and organize your Photo library.


Ideally, this feature should have been first on the list while reviewing the app. But we started the review in the sequence the options are available on the home screen. As the name itself suggests, this feature uninstalls the app. Now it may not sound like a big deal, but this is one of the best features of this app.

You may have downloaded a lot of apps over time and finding them individually and then uninstalling them is a tedious task. I often get bored searching such apps and then give up doing the cleaning job itself. MacMaster scans all the installed applications and presents you with the list.

You just click the checkbox beside apps that you wish to uninstall. Once you are done with the selection, click the Clean button and all those apps are gone. Not just that, MacMaster also removes their cache and any other residual, further making your Mac a lot cleaner.

Other Features

  • Privacy: This option allows you to clean your browsing history quickly, cached content in browsers, stored passwords, cookies, and HTML storage
  • Eraser: As the name says it all, delete folders and files right from one place, safely and securely
  • Extensions: It allows you to manage Startup apps that auto-start when you power on your Mac. Using this feature the right way can boost up the boot-up speed a lot

Closing Note

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As you may have guessed it already, the software isn’t free, and it shouldn’t be as well. But there’s a trial version available for free that you should download and try before you decide to invest your money. There are three different pricing options are available:

  • One Mac – One Year at $19.95 with all features included
  • One Mac – Lifetime at $29.95 with all features included
  • 2-5 Mac – Lifetime at $59.95 with all features included

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Did you try the free trial of MacMaster? Do you like it?