Ford 10 Speed Transmission


Ford Ranger has a unique transmission, that allows you the option to choose different functionality to help improve its performance.

The electronic 10 speed automatic transmission, can be used like a standard transmission, where you have park, neutral, reverse, drive, etc. It’s as simple as pressing the brake pedal and shifting it to the desired gear.

Ford 10 Speed Transmission

Ford 10 Speed Transmission

Sport Mode

The Transmission Recall This new recall affects 347,425 trucks and truck-based SUVs in North America, including the F-150, Expedition, F-650 and F750, all from the 2018 model year. The F-150s and Expeditions are all equipped with the new 10-speed automatic while the big chassis trucks have a 6-speed automatic, but all of them share the same issue.

There’s also a sport mode feature, that enables and improves shift calibration, that provides extended lower gear operation, and additional engine breaking. Enhancing up-hill climbing performance, in hilly regions.

  1. Have has my Ranger Lariat FX4 for two weeks now. I have just noticed the truck never goes into 2nd gear. From a stop the truck goes 1st to 3rd and revs fairly high before shifting but skips second. On braking truck drops from 3 to 1st. Has anyone else noticed this. This should be aproven.
  2. Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This transmission is part of a joint-venture between Ford Motor Company and General Motors to design and engineer two transmissions, a longitudinal 10-speed transmission and a transverse 9-speed trans-axle.
Ford 10 Speed TransmissionFord 10 Speed Transmission
  1. To engage sport mode, shift into S. Plus, it can be shifted like a manual transmission, using the SelectShift option for a sportier feel.
  2. While in sport mode, pressing either the plus or minus button on the shifter will enable manual mode, then use the plus and minus buttons on the left side of the shifter, to up shift or down shift.
  3. To exit this mode, press and hold the plus button for about two seconds.

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Fluid Change Intervals Chart

Progressive Range Selection

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Review

Ford 10 Speed Transmission

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Noise

There is also a feature that allows you to lock out gears, which can come in handy when driving in slippery conditions on steep slopes. It’s called progressive range selection, or PRS and gives you the ability to lock out gears from the automatic shifting range. Here’s how you use it. Gist markdown table.

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Issues

  1. With the transmission in drive, push the minus button to activate it, available gears will be displayed with the current gear highlighted in the instrument display.
  2. Next, push the minus button again to lock out gears, which begin with the highest first. For example, push the minus button two times to lock out the 10th, and ninth gears.
  3. Only the available gears are displayed, and the transmission will automatically shift between the available gears.
  4. Push the plus button to unlock the gears, allowing the transmission to shift to higher gears. One more thing, progressive range selection will automatically deactivate when the admission is switched off.