Ford Fmx Transmission


Ford FMX FX MX automatic transmissions. Detail information and identification of Ford and Mustang FMX FX and MX automatic transmission. FORD and Mustang FMX MX & FX Automatic Transmissions. 65 352 Ford (w/Short extention housing) 66 352 Ford.

  1. Ford Fmx Transmission
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Ford Fmx Transmission

  1. I have (or can get) 100's of additional parts for these transmissions that I don't yet have listed. E-mail me with a list of other parts you may need for these. If have them (or can get them) I will list them for you.
  2. Was used 1968-81 in many Ford products. This is an hydraulically controlled rear wheel drive transmission. It has a cast iron case and an aluminum bell housing and extension housing. It is similar in appearance to the.
  3. This copyrighted video is a short clip taken mid way through the disassembly of the full length film on rebuilding the Ford FMX transmission. This project is.

Use what you have till it goes bad, then take the plunge for a C-6.Ford fmx transmission pdfFord Fmx Transmission

I have a 69 Mustang Fastback with a 383-W stroker, solid roller, Dart srs.
I have a C-6 in it that I wouldn't trade for anything short of a Lenco.
This transmission has taken all the abuse I can give it. The car is 90%
strip and will run low 11's in the 1/4 on the motor only. It was installed
over 4 1/2 years ago and still works fine. The fluid looked fine from the
junk yard, but I had it built with a TCI kit. The kit included good
clutches, band, valve body kit, seals, etc. To install it I had a
driveshaft made up from a 80's Ford van core and had to buy a C-6
crossmember. The only problem I had was header clearance on the cable
bracket for my Qtr Stick shifter. It would not have been a problem with the
stock shifter and metal rod to the trans.
The small block C-6 is not that hard to find if you know where to look.
Mine came from an 87 F-150 with a 300-I6. I think that most of the 81-87
F-Series trucks with this engine and an auto trans got the C-6. The V-8
F-series also had the C-6, but it has a much longer tail shaft. The total
length on my C-6 is only 2.5 inched longer than a C-4.
As for power/weight: I haven't weighed them myself, but have been told that
a C-6 is 80 lbs heavier than a C-4. On the dragstrip this trans slows my
car down by .17-.18. Going by this, the extra weight should account for
.08, so the trans itself slows my times by about .10. I am more than
willing to give this time up for the trans to be almost bulletproof.
Cost to install (in Alabama 4.5 yrs ago)
junkyard C-6 $150 ( was supposed to be good, but rebuilt anyway)
TCI rebuild kit $160
bench rebuild by local ford guru $150
83 ford van driveshaft $75
shorten driveshaft by local 4X4 shop $35
C-6 crossmember from Mustang only junkyard $45

Total $615 and worth every penny

Ford Fmx Transmission Pan

David Cole

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Ford Fmx Transmission

>I wanna know too, but for different reasons. I have a strongish 351W
>in front of an FMX, and I wish to know how long it will last
>especially after the W gets a bit more curry. I have heard the FMX is
>strong, but very hard on gears and such. The ultimate is of course the
>C6, but as mentioned is hard to find. What are the possibilities, and
>perhaps a basic comparison of the stock and modified C4,C6,C10 and FMX
>might help me in my quest, aswell as Jim's.