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G56 MANUAL TRANSMISSION WOES by Joe Donnelly Mr. Editor, thank you for bringing to my attention a recent thread on the TDR website forum concerning the G56 six-speed manual transmission used in ’05 and newer trucks. Dodge G56 Manual Transmission Parts When looking for standard transmission repair parts online, you'll do no better than to trust Allstate Gear for all your parts needs. We stock a complete selection of G56 transmission and associated parts, including Dodge G56 bearings, G56 shifter parts, G56 input shafts and a total G56 transmission rebuild kit. Dodge Ram 2500 3500 6 Speed G56 Transmission Shifter Boot, G56-86. 4.7 out of 5 stars 16. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Transmission Pto Fast Cooler Manual Trans Aluminum, Compatible with GM Dodge NV4500 NV5600 G56 Ford ZF5 ZF6. 5.0 out of 5 stars 5.

The G56 is a great transmission, and it is lighter than its predecessor the NV5600. The G56 is manufactured in Brazil, and has great reputation there. Here at High Gear we see all kinds of problems with different transmissions. The NV5600 gets hot and burns up, but the G56 breaks. These are made for work trucks, they work hard and they should, that is what they are made for, but if you have a strong engine and a heavy load, that energy has to go somewhere. If the clutch doesn’t slip and the rear wheels don’t spin, then the transmission will break, and that is what we see. It will not burn up or wear out, it will simply break. We have remanufactured numerous G56 units in the past few years and in every situation either the case or gears have broken. We have even seen the cases break from too much torque, so the motor is actually twisting the transmission. We’ve even seen rear mounts that were twisted up from the cross member, but at High Gear we have solutions!

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G56 Transmissions

The dual mass flywheel that Ram uses with the G56 transmission is a bad piece of automotive technology. Not only is the damper system too weak for the vehicle (it's barely capable of managing the stock torque of the Cummins), but it quickly fails as soon as power is added. The G56 manual transmission was the last manual transmission available in a full-size pickup truck. It is also the only manual transmission being optioned in Class-4 and Class-5 trucks. The transmission uses Mopar ATF+4 transmission fluid.

The manufacturer recommends ATF-4 (4quarts) oil, but here at High Gear we are running Delvac Mobil 50 and are experiencing great results. High Gear recommends to fill until you spill (until it spills out the fill hole, about 4 quarts) and then pour an additional 2 quarts in the shift hole (where the shifter stick is). We have been running Delvac Mobil 50 weight oil from the Florida Keys all the way up to Toronto with great results. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, 901-278-0090.

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