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Citrix Workspace increases employee engagement through a simpler way to work that unlocks innovation and drives better business results. Give employees the technology and tools they need—including optimized workflows via microapps—to do their best work, with a consistent and modern experience independent of legacy systems. The new Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) provides a great user experience — a secure, contextual, and unified workspace — on any device. It gives you instant access to all.

Citrix Receiver is a suite of products that allow client devices to connect to various desktop virtualization services offered by Citrix. This article has instructions to install, configure and use windows receiver.

2011 ford fiesta transmission. Ive tried looking through previous posts but cant find answer so thought I'd post a question.

Ive started ork for a new place - they allow bring your own pc - I have mine - a standard laptop running Windows 10 - I have 2 monitors connected so 3 screens total - all works great.

The work virtual desktop is via workspace app - i tried reciever but got prompted that there is a newer version available and as i found out that is now workspace app since 2018. So I have that and can log into my virtual desktop at work - but can NOT for all the searching around find a way to extend it to the other 2 windows. I can move the virtual desktop to any of the 3 screens but cant get it to consume any more than the one its on.

Any help appreciated.

How To Install Citrix Workspace

How to access files saved locally when using Citrix Workspace.

1. Open Citrix Workspace and log in.

2. Open a program in the workspace. For this example, Maple is used.
3. When the program opens, go system tray in the lower right corner of the screen(the ^). Right click on Citrix Workspace, and click 'Connection Center'.
4. This will bring up your Connection Center settings. Next, click Preferences (highlighted in yellow).
5. When your preferences have opened, navigate to File Access and make sure that 'Read and write' access is selected.

That should allow Citrix to access files that you have saved on your local hard drive.
6. To access/open files, click 'File' on the top left on 'Open.' There you will see your device's files.
You should now see an icon for you computer's Hard drive. It should be listed as something like 'Local Disk (C: on YourComputerName). Drive letter may be different depending on how your computer is set up.
Get citrix workspace

Get Citrix Workspace

Get Citrix WorkspaceCitrix downloads workspace app windows
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