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  1. Learn how to make a great README for your programming project, and use the editable template to get started.
  2. This article want to explain how to use Pandoc and obtain an autogenerated bibliography to ReadMe file of Github in a very efficient way.
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Right! Github repos are up and Live! (ignore the current 3 or 4 commits, I made some edits to the Readme files).

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Github readme file

While every project should at least have a README, more involved ones can also benefit from a wiki or a dedicated documentation website. GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab all support maintaining a wiki alongside your project, and here are some tools and services that.

I’ve made it an organisation so I can keep the two parts of the project, the cloud UI and the Raspberry Pi Application, separate. This makes it easier to both view and edit the two sections as they both run on different platforms etc.

Best Github Readme

I’ve also made some changes to the design document from the feedback provided by my supervisor, added all the titles and subtitles to my report and revised my Gantt chart! This means I have a basic overview of how my project is going to run. I’ve given myself around 6 weeks programming time, with other work also being done at the same time, hopefully this won’t overrun. In my previous post you will see that I’m also using MoSCoW prioritisation, this should ensure that I have at least a basic working solution early on and will work on the additional features for as long as I have time.