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Wondering how to get Sky Go working on a Chromebook? Here’s how to – no HDMI cable required!

SKY GO opens up new ways to watch TV and is loaded with easy to use features. Matched to your SKY subscription, you can catch up on On Demand titles or download content to watch when you’re offline. Here’s one idea you can try to cast Sky Go to Chromecast or TV: Ensure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer. On Chrome browser window, click the three dots in the right-hand corner, which should show a dropdown and select “cast”. You should see a tab with the available casting devices list.

A Chromebook is a great alternative to a regular laptop and they often come at much more reasonable prices. Light, compact and easy to transport, the Chromebook is a great device for anyone on the move.

Sky Go is a fantastic app which provides Sky TV customers the ability to watch all their favourite shows on the move. Multiple devices can also be in use under the same roof – that way everyone’s happy.

So, here’s a look at whether it’s possible to get Sky Go working on a Chromebook.

Does Sky Go work with HDMI cables?

Unfortunately, Sky Go subscribers can’t plug an HDMI cable into a laptop or mobile device and hook it up to a bigger screen.

This is similar to the fact that when watching Sky Go, viewers are unable to take screenshots of a show. Overall, it seems that unless the Sky Go app is installed on the device screen you’re watching, you can’t view the content.

Sky Go Chromebook HDMI

Thankfully, for anyone with Sky Go and a Chromebook, things are quite straightforward.

The Chromebook is compatible with apps from the Google Play Store. So, head to the Google Play Store to download the Sky Go app. Once installed, log into your Sky Go account and you should be able to watch Sky Go content without a hitch.

The only downside is that an HDMI cable cannot be plugged into the Chromebook to watch on a bigger screen.

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What about Sky Go and a Google Chromecast?

Based on the fact that Sky Go is incompatible with HDMI cables and doesn’t allow screenshotting, many would assume that the app wouldn’t work with casting devices, either. But, there is a workaround for Chromecast users.

  1. Firstly, open the Sky Go app on your computer.
  2. Ensure that Google Chrome is installed on your computer and that the Sky Go launcher is up to date.
  3. To cast to a Chromecast, pick something to watch on your Sky Go via the app.
  4. Open Google Chrome and select the ‘Google Cast’ option (this is in the top right-hand corner of the browser page) which should show a drop-down of the available devices in your home.
  5. Select the option under ‘sources’ to cast the ‘entire desktop’ which is the option to go for rather than just casting your current tab.

Which other devices can I watch Sky Go on?

Sky Go is a great app which comes along with any Sky TV subscription package. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Bigger devices such as an Android TV support the Sky Go app as well as laptops, PCs and Chromebooks.

The main issue that Sky Go customers have had is getting the content onto a bigger screen. Without HDMI capabilities, for now, viewers will have to watch on smaller screens.

Alternatively, see our guide on getting Sky Go up and running on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. With a Firestick, Sky subscribers can enjoy content on the big screen.

BBC Sport

The BBC Sport mobile apps are fully Chromecast-compatible, so you can cast live feeds and on-demand video clips to your TV, if for whatever reason you can’t get the TV channels, red button’s not working or BBC iPlayer doesn’t have it yet.

Speaking of which, it’s worth pointing out that BBC iPlayer for iOS and Android works with Chromecast too. So whenever there’s some Wimbledon, World Cup, Olympic or Commonwealth Games action on the BBC’s main channels, open up iPlayer, hit the Google Cast icon and you’re good to go.

Google Chromecast With Google Tv Sky Blue

BBC Sport:iTunes, Google Play

Now TV + Sky Sports Pass

Don’t forget to check out our Chromecast Mirroring Tips & Tricks and Best Chromecast Apps featuresNow TV is a live and on-demand streaming service run by Sky for folks who can’t get (or don’t want) a dish installed at home or for whatever reason plain don’t want regular Sky TV.

This means you can get the premium Sky TV channels, like Sky Movies, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic – and Sky Sports – for less.

Right now, a Now TV Sky Sports pass will currently set you back either £6.99/day or £10.99/week.

The daily pass might not seem like a great deal, but if you just want to watch a couple of key Premier League or SPFL games a month or tune in for the British Grand Prix, it’s not a bad idea.

A Sky Sports Pass on Now TV will give you access to Sky Sports 1-5 and Sky Sports F1, in other words, the meat of the Sky Sports subscription service.

Note that if you want access to all of the English Premier League games, then you’ll need to look elsewhere too, because Sky doesn’t have them all…

Now TV:iTunes, Google Play

BT Sport

If you get your broadband from BT or you’re a Sky TV customer and you’ve got BT Sport, you can access the BT Sport apps and cast live football, MotoGP, Supercars, UFC and more.

Between them, Sky and BT have all of the English Premier League games for the next three seasons.

Unlike Now TV, you can’t pay for BT Sport as and when you want it – it’s either included free with a BT Broadband subscription, or, if you’ve got Sky TV, you can pay from £12/month for the TV channels. Logging in to the mobile app with your BT ID will see you able to access live streams on the go.

Virgin Media customers with the BT Sport channels can watch content through the TV Anywhere iOS and Android apps, but currently there’s no way to cast this to TV screens.

Google Chromecast Sky Go 2020

BT Sport:iTunes, Google Play

Red Bull TV

Watch sky go on tv via iphone. The Red Bull TV apps don’t give you wings, but they will give you access to some of the most extreme of extreme sports out there.

BMXing, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, free running plus signature events like Red Bull’s Air Races and X-Fighters can all be found here.

Red Bull TV:iTunes, Google Play

Pluto TV channels 300-399

Pluto.TV is kind of like Chromecast’s very own Freeview – it’s a mini EPG that you can access from your phone and cast to your TV.

While there’s hundreds of channels, including one entirely devoted to cat videos, there’s also currently ten sports feeds.

Like Red Bull TV, these are mainly focussed on extreme sports, skating, surfing and snowboarding, but if you like watching people beat the crap out of each other, there’s also some UFC action on Fight (channel 306), kickboxing on the, er, Kickboxing channel (308) plus the self-explanatory Hockey Fights (channel 308).

Or just watch the cat videos. They’re on channel 406.

Pluto TV:iTunes, Google Play

Reuters Sports Reel


While this doesn’t give you access to live feeds, the Reuters Sports Pass app lets you browse through the news agency’s photo reels on your phone or tablet – or cast them to your TV if you wish.

Shots from Formula 1, Tour de France, Formula 1, US Open tennis plus English Premier League football sit side by side with NFL football, baseball and others.
The app is free and doesn’t require a subscription to use.

Google Chromecast Sky Go

Google Chromecast Blue

Reuters Sports Reel: iTunes, Google Play

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