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How To Use Handwritten Messages On iOS 10 – If you are an iOS user and using the latest version of iOS that is iOS 10, then you must be familiar with many of the new feature which came in new iOS versions. The new features included the new 3D touch, iMessages, and many money. But today we will talk about iMessage, unfortunately, we won’t be talking about iMessages in deep, but surely we gonna talk about some problems that do occurs while using message and we will give you a way to fix the solution also.

Recently, apple launched iOS 10 and in which they launched a new feature as iMessages. In iMessages users do get an all new experience of sending and receiving messages. You will be able to include emoji, animated backgrounds, handwriting and many more features. These all features will give users more interactive and interesting way of sending and receiving messages.

With the advancement of technology, apple provided many useful features which actually can make a big difference between normal messaging application and iMessage. But some users have reported problems while using iMessagesin their iOS 10. So today we will tell you how to fix the problems occurring while using iMessages on your latest iOS version and some basic problems that usually occurs while using iMessages on your iOS device.

How to Send Handwritten Message on iOS 13/12/11. Except sending the hidden message with invisible ink, you also can send handwriting messages on iOS 13/12/11. About how to do it, you can follow the steps below: Step 1 Tap on Message App on the homepage to run it. Step 2 Scroll up by swiping from bottom to top to rotate iPhone to. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and then follow these steps to handwrite a text. 1) With Messages open and your text on the screen, turn your iPhone sideways. Note: You don’t have to turn your device if using an iPad. 2) When you put your cursor is in the message field, the keyboard will then display a scribble key, so tap it. The new Messages app of iOS 10 brings a range of new features to the iMessage service, which includes the ability for users to send handwritten messages.This particular feature makes it possible for users to send important messages to their friends in the most personalized way possible. Integration with Third-party Apps: The new iMessage will allow you to use various third-party apps from within the iMessage app, so you will not have to leave iMessage. IOS 13 Handwritten Messages: The new update to iMessage lets you write your message with your own hands. The Tap to Replace Feature: You do not have to scroll down for emojis. Rather, you simply need to tap the words and you. The handwritten message feature is the first of its kind. This feature works better if you have a stylus to assist you while writing a text. Alternatives to iMessage for PC. Facebook Messenger is a very good alternative to iMessage as it is platform-independent. All you need to do is download it from either the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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Steps To Fix Problems In iMessage That Usually Occurs

  • If you are unable to use, then you might not apply sufficient pressure on the send message button and with the new iOS 10, you can use the 3D touch feature and then your issue might be solved.
  • You can also restart the message application by simply double tapping the home button and then force quit the application after successfully force shutting down the application, you can relaunch the message application.
  • You can also disable and enable the message feature in order to fix the issue.
  • Sometimes by turning on airplane mode and then turning back it off may help you.

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How To Use Handwritten Messages On iOS 10


Sometimes due to some issues users are not able to see the keyboard that is used for Handwritten Messages.

  • If the keyboard doesn’t appear then you can do rotate your screen from portrait to landscape mode.
  • And there you will able to see a hand drawn loop, on which you have to tap. It will mostly look like ‘E’ and after tapping on it you might able to get Handwritten Messages options.
  • But if the problem isn’t solved yet then you can do one more thing that is you can to the iMessage setting and there you can enable the option of the handwritten message which can help you to see the Handwritten keyboard.

Some users were not able to use even after Following the steps which were mentioned above. If the problem still persists then you can restart your deviceor factory reset your devices.

Handwritten Imessage Not Working

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Handwritten Imessage

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