Happy Chinese New Year Imessage

By Sarah A. Harvard

If you missed out on fireworks this weekend, here's your chance to see them again — on your iPhone.

On Saturday, Reddit user Funkyfreshh found out that if you text 'Happy New Year!' using the iMessage app, your iPhone screen lights up with colorful fireworks.

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How can you do it? It's simple, really. First, make sure you updated your iPhone to iOS 10, the latest operating system. Then open up iMessage and text 'Happy New Year!' to someone. You should be able to see your iPhone screen fade to black with fireworks bursting in the iMessage app.

This screen effect also works when sending a SMS message. This means that you can still see the fireworks when sending a text to someone who doesn't use an iPhone. Unfortunately, they won't be able to see the cool fireworks effect on their screen. This screen effect also doesn't work when sending or receiving texts through iMessage on a Mac.

  • This is also the case for texting 'Happy Chinese New Year!' The screen turns to a brownish black with the text bubble of 'Happy Chinese New Year' becoming red and its font color yellow.
  • Similarly, the Celebration effect appears when you wish someone a Happy Chinese New Year or Happy Lunar New Year.In some regions, just wishing a Happy New Year will trigger Celebration instead of Fireworks (see the previous section).
  • Happy Chinese New Year: Wishing someone a ‘happy Chinese new year’ will light the message up red and send sparklers in the background, which vibrates with some sensitivity.

The fireworks are a part of iOS 10's five screen effects (confetti, balloon, lasers, shooting stars and fireworks) in their iMessage app.

There are other keywords or greetings that will prompt screen effects. For example, texting 'Congratulations!' will prompt confetti and 'Happy Birthday!' with balloons.

This is also the case for texting 'Happy Chinese New Year!' The screen turns to a brownish black with the text bubble of 'Happy Chinese New Year' becoming red and its font color yellow.

So, if you didn't get to enjoy ringing in the new year with friends or family members either due to work, distance or other circumstances, here is a small gesture that can mean a whole lot to the people you love. This is just one beautiful example of technology, once again, bringing people miles apart together in a colorful and creative way.

A whopping 200,000 iMessages are sent every second. So, it may seem hard to make yours stand out from the fray. Luckily, some secret iMessage effects can spruce up even the simplest of texts. These little tricks can make someone laugh or smile — and they will certainly make your message memorable.

For iMessage Effects, Type the Right Phrase

To trigger an exciting iMessage effect, you have to know which phrases to type. Your iPhone is called a smartphone for a reason. It’s smart enough to recognize when you’re saying something exciting or congratulatory, and it’ll send the screen effects all on its own.

You can probably guess what a few of these might be. But some surprising keywords will trigger a light show – think along the lines of “pew pew.”

1. Happy Birthday

Here’s one of the more obvious ones. If you type and send the words “Happy Birthday,” your iMessage screen will celebrate accordingly.

Once you press send on a “Happy Birthday” text, balloons will fly up from the bottom of the screen all the way to the top. In other words, your iPhone knows that it’s party time.

2. Congratulations

Similarly, your phone knows what to do when congratulations are in order.

If you send the word “Congratulations” or even “Congrats,” your phone will blast some confetti – on screen, of course – when the recipient reads their message.

Happy Chinese New Year Imessage

3. Happy New Year

How To Say Happy Chinese New Year Greetings

Here’s another phrase that makes us all think of celebrating. If you’re iMessaging your loved ones at midnight to say “Happy New Year,” then expect a display on your phone screen.

You can probably guess what the screen effect will be here: these three words trigger a fireworks show in your iMessage.

4. Happy Chinese New Year!

iPhones don’t just celebrate the holidays of the Western world. If you text someone to say “Happy Chinese New Year!,” your phone will give you another light show. But this time, the fireworks show has a red-and-gold motif to match the celebration’s colors. Knives movie.

Just make sure you include the exclamation point, as the complete phrase is what triggers the iMessage effect.

5. Selamat

On that note, your iPhone recognizes an Indonesian word, as well. Selamat is part of the phrase said when people break their Ramadan fast — certainly a cause for celebration.

If you text someone the word “Selamat,” they will get the same confetti shower that comes with the word “Congratulations.”

6. Pew Pew

Not all secret screen effects have to do with holidays, though. You may just want to make someone laugh with an iMessage display.

Well, that’s where this iMessage trick comes in. If you type “pew pew” on your iPhone and press send, your screen will see some colorful lasers darting across it.

This trick’s a great one for impressing your friends – send “pew pew” to the group chat and see who is impressed by your cool iMessage trick.

What to say for happy chinese new year

Pick Your Own iMessage Screen Effects

If none of the above fits what you’re trying to say, you’re in luck. You can still send iMessage with effects, you just have to know where to find them.

You’ll start by typing your message in the text box as you normally would. When you finish, don’t tap the arrow as you normally would. Press it and hold it.

When you do, you’ll be sent to another screen, one full of text effects. At the top, you’ll see two options: bubble and screen.

What To Say For Happy Chinese New Year

Bubble Effects

The first set, the bubble effects, will change the way your text bubble looks it arrives in the recipient’s inbox. Your options are:

  • Slam, which makes your text into a giant bubble that drops dramatically into place and creates a dust cloud before returning to its traditional size
  • Loud, which also makes your text bubble larger and shakes it so that the reader really pays attention to it
  • Gentle, which maintains the same bubble size, but makes your text slightly smaller
  • Invisible ink, which turns your text into a bubble full of floating particles until the recipient taps it to reveal the message inside

You can get great use out of these text effects, but they’re not the only ones you can have up your sleeve.


Screen Effects

You can also swipe over to the Screen Effects tab to find some more options. As you can probably guess, these fill the screen, rather than simply changing up the text bubble itself.

These are your choices under the screen effects tab:

  • Echo, which fills the screen with a flurry of text bubbles to make sure the reader really sees your message
  • Spotlight, which turns the screen black, then places an orb of bright white light over your text
  • Balloons, the same ones that float up when you send the words “Happy Birthday”
  • Confetti, the colorful shower that you see if you text someone and say “Congratulations”
  • Love, during which a giant, red, heart-shaped balloon inflates and floats away from behind your text
  • Lasers, which creates a light show from behind your text bubble, just as the words “pew pew” do
  • Fireworks, which turns the screen black and sets off a virtual fireworks show, just like sending “Happy New Year” does
  • Celebration, another fireworks show, but with golden fireworks — the same you see if you send “Happy Chinese New Year!”

Once you select your effect, all you have to do is press the arrow next to it to send your message.

Send Messages With Flair

Now that you know these iMessage effects — some more secret than others — it’s time to send some messages with flair.

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