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Homebrew should work with any CPython and defaults to the macOS system Python. Homebrew provides formulae to brew Python 3.x. Homebrew provided a [email protected] formula until the end of 2019, at which point it was removed due to the Python 2. Nov 11, 2020 brew info python # To see what you have previously installed brew switch python 3.x.xx # Ex. 3.6.51 Long Answer. Premium crossover. There are two formulas for installing Python with Homebrew: email protected and python. The first is for Python 2 and the second for Python 3. The primary purpose of Homebrew’s Python formula is to enable other Python-dependent Homebrew packages to work. If installing Homebrew’s Python allows you to run the occasional Python script or access the REPL 4, that’s a nice side benefit, but anything beyond that — including developing software with Python — is squarely out-of-scope.


Connect Hytera IPSC repeater to MMDVM system such as HBlink, DMRGateway

Project description

21.12.2020: We've entered alpha testing phase, see instructions below, on how to install and test

Homebrew install python3

This software will interconnect your Hytera repeater (tested RD625 and RD985) with MMDVM server (HBlink, DMRGateway, ..)

Homebrew Python3.8

Homebrew python 3.7

It does not require running under root/admin user, if you bind to ports over 1024

Simple install:

Install on Windows

To get software running on Windows, you need to install appropriate Python 3.7+ package (depending on your Windows version),and you need to install dependencies (MSVC++ 14) required to build bitarray dependency

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools v14.0
    • Use visualcppbuildtools_full.exe and install with default configuration

Then you should be able to use Simple install

Developer install:

Run the software without installing to Python packages, so you can edit code and run the edits


  • Q: Difference between SNMP family/community 'public' and 'hytera'?
    • A: Some repeaters have non-changeable SNMP setting, and it appears it is usually either 'public' or 'hytera', if SNMP does not work for you, try changing the value to the other one
  • Q: RDAC identification restarts unexpectedly or does not work at all, what can I try to fix it?
    • A: Check the programming in CPS, there might be multiple incorrect settings
      1. Open Conventional > Channel > Digital Channel (or analog) > Digital IP Multi-Site Connect (4th from top in channel detail) must be set to 'Slot 1 & Slot 2'
      2. Open Conventional > General Settings > Access Manager and in the section 'Multisite Access Management' either disable the management or set correct list
  • Q: SNMP does not work correctly, what can I try to fix it?
    • A: Check if SNMP port is set to 161 in Conventional > General Settings > Network section SNMP at the bottom

Project is licensed under AGPLv3 and uses parts of other software, mentioned in NOTICE

This project is intended for educational/scientific purposes, and for HAM community to use non-commercialy.
Use at your own risk, and expect no warranties.

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Homebrew Python 3.9


Homebrew Python 3.9

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