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Memory card is the external storage unit used in smartphones for saving extra data in case your internal storage is not sufficient enough. The main reason why memory cards are so famous is because it is very smaller in size and you can carry it wherever you want easily. It can store enormous amount of data that can be read using any smartphone or computer.

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The best method is to spot-clean it with a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Never use products that contain harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, as they will degrade your memory foam. Baking soda is an incredible element to get rid of dirt and stain. And when it’s about cleaning memory foam sandals, it will work amazingly. Let’s check out the steps to be clearer about it. The last way you can clear up storage on your Fire tablet, short of a factory reset, is to go through all installed applications to see which are hogging up space. Open the Settings app, go to. If you mean by Physical Memory the disk space, you cal always right click on the disk C as an example, and choose Disk Cleanup. You'll have the option to delete unused, temp files and free more space.

But if you plan to sell your memory card or give it away to someone else because you are buying a new one then it is better to permanently delete all the files and data from your memory card. Why? For a simply reason – To maintain the privacy and security of your data. Imagine if you have stored personal and confidential data that can be easily misused if they fall on some wrong hands. And that is why you should find a way to permanently delete them.

Shazam internal audio. Permanent deletion meaning erasing all the data from your memory card that can never be recovered using any data recovery software. If you use the simple deletion technique then any computer expert can restore these erased data within seconds using a data recovery tool and which is why we will share some methods in this tutorial which will show you show to erase data from memory card permanently.

Part 1: How to Deleted All Data on Memory Card with Formatting

Memory cards can be easily connected to computer using your smartphone or a memory card reader. Simply insert the SD card to a memory card and connect it with your computer. After the memory card is detected by your computer, simply follow this guide:

Step 1: Open 'My Computer' on your PC and find the memory card driver.

Step 2: Right-click on the memory card driver name and select 'Format'.

Step 3: Keep the settings as it is, and check on 'Quick Format'.

Step 4: Click on 'OK' and wait for few minutes while your computer erases everything from the memory card. Once it is done, you should open the memory card drive and it should be totally empty.


1. Data won't be deleted permanently and can be easily recovered with any data recovery program.

2. Excessive formatting may cause scratches in SD card that may lower the memory space.

3. Not the safest way to erase your personal and private data.

Part 2: How to Clear Memory Card Data with Data Erasing Software

If you find the above method unreliable then it is always recommended to use a commercial third party program to delete all data from your memory card permanently. TunesBro Disk Eraser is a powerful and effective data erasing program that can delete all data from your memory card permanently. That's correct, no data can be ever recovered after erasing them using this software. It can delete selected files and folders, an entire drive or even an entire partition from your computer.

So, please make sure to have a full backup of your data before using this computer because no data recovery program can even retrieve these deleted files again. This program has very attractive and neat design that can be easily operated. Use the following guide to delete data from your memory card.

Step 1Install Disk Erase and Insert Memory Card to PC or Mac

Install Super Eraser on your computer and launch it after finishing the installation setup. Connect your memory card to computer using a memory card reader.

Step 2Select Drive Name and Erasing Method

Click on 'Wipe Hard Drive' from the left sidebar. Please double check it since you don't want to erase data from any other driver.

Step 3Delete All Data from Memory Card Permanently

Finally, click on 'Wipe Now' and wait while the program totally removes everything from the memory card. So simple yet effective way to erase all data from your memory card. You can check your memory card now and it is assured that it will be totally empty.

Part 3: How to Erase All Content with Smartphone

If you have an Android smartphone then you can use its factory reset settings to erase all contents from the memory card. Here's how to do that:

Step 1: Insert the memory card to the Android smartphone.

How To Clean Memory

Step 2: Reboot your Android smartphone by pressing Power + Volume Down + Home button.

Step 3: On the recovery mode, use your volume buttons to browse through the options and select 'Wipe data/Factory Reset' option.


Step 4: Tap on Home button to select it and your smartphone should delete all the data from your memory card.


How To Clean Memory

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

1. Internal memory will be deleted too using this method.

2. Again, the data can be recovered using any data recovery tool.

How To Clean Memory On Phone

3. Risky method since it can change the format type of your memory card.

How To Clean Memory Card



How To Clean Memory

Whether you factory reset or format your memory card but the data will still not be permanently deleted from it. These simple data erasing techniques will only delete the links from the files that can be easily attached with any data recovery tool. But TunesBro Disk Eraser makes sure that these files can never be recovered by continuously overwriting the data on your SD card several times using complex algorithms.

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