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by Shirly Chen, updated on 2018-06-20 to Erase Data

'Hi, I am planning to sell an old HP computer. I have been used this computer for 3 years. There are thousands of files stored into this computer. I have formatted the hard drive on the HP computer. But, after running a data recovery scan, the files still can be found. I can’t accept this. Is there any way to permanently wipe all data on my hard drive, no chance for data recovery?' – Marie

How to permanently wipe all data from HP computer before you sell it? Don’t worry. There are some data erasure programs can help you permanently wipe data from HP computer. In this article, we will show you how to permanently and quickly wipe all data from HP computer before you sell it.

HP computer data erasure software

Clear memory cache on a regular basis. Clearing out the memory cache of your laptop is a good way to keep idle processes from taking up all the precious memory space on your computer. By doing so, you’ll always have enough memory to keep your actively running programs running smoothly and efficiently. There are two major reasons to erase the contents of your computer's memory — you are getting rid of the computer (either because it is broken or because you are handing it down to someone) or a software issue requires the complete reformatting of your hard drive. Either way, the data on your computer is more detailed than you may think. Right click the Windows task bar and select Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab. Sort the processes by Memory and look for programs at the top of the list that you don’t recognize. If you spot any problem applications, go into the Control Panel, click on Programs and Features, and uninstall those problem applications. To update the version of Windows installed on your notebook, you need 10 GB of free hard drive space.If 10 GB of hard drive space is not available, delete or save to external storage any personal files and user-installed software or apps. The picture is an example of what the results of this memory scanner may show. The example computer has 8 GB of memory with 2 GB memory cards in each of the available slots. If you wanted to upgrade this to a total of 16 GB of memory, you would remove all 2 GB memory sticks and replace them with 4 GB memory modules.

In this article, we would like to recommend you to try reliable HP computer data erasure software – DoYourData Super Eraser to erase your data before you sell the HP computer. It offers certified data erasure standards, including: HMG Infosec, U.S. Army, DoD 5220, Peter Gutmann's algorithm, etc. So, it is 100% data eraser to help you wipe all your data.

HP computer data erasure software will securely erase your data without causing any damage. Before you sell/donate your HP computer, it can quickly wipe all your data. It also can help you wipe data from USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, etc.

Three ways to permanently wipe all data before selling HP computer

You maybe only want to permanently erase some files, or want to wipe hard drive to erase all data. Don’t worry, HP computer data erasure software offers flexible solutions to help you permanently erase data depending on your needs.

Mode 1: Permanently erase files/folders from HP computer.

If you only want to shred some files/folders from HP computer, this mode can help you erase targeted files/folders. Just add and select the files/folders, then click on 'Erase Now' button to destroy the selected files/folders.

Mode 2: Wipe hard drive on HP computer.

This mode can help you erase entire HP hard drive to permanently erase all data information on this hard drive.

Mode 3: Permanently erase already deleted/formatted data.

The deleted/lost data is still on the hard drive – stored on the free disk space of the hard drive. This mode can help you wipe free disk space of hard drive to permanently erase already deleted/lost data on HP computer.

This is how to use HP computer data erasure software to permanently wipe all data before selling HP computer. Once the data is erased by HP computer data erasure software, the data is gone forever, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software. So, please back up your important data to another computer/disk before you use it to wipe your HP computer.

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How To Get More Memory On Laptop

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How To Clear Memory On Hp Laptop

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How To Clear Memory On Hp Laptop Hard Drive

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How To Remove Memory From Hp Laptop

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