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In addition, perform the operation to clear RAM on iPhone 11 Pro Max or older models first before you go ahead and put your device in recovery mode. The latter is a hassle and time-consuming. Go to Settings (general) Security Device Admin apps and uncheck the box next to the app. You can now uninstall the app. Some Android UIs allow a general overview of the RAM usage on the device. For example, on a Samsung phone, you can go to SettingsDevice maintenanceMemory to see all the processes that are using RAM, and how much. Jul 07, 2020 Clear Android Phone's Memory (RAM) From the home screen of your device, press and hold the Home button. Wait for a few seconds, and then tap the pie chart icon that appears. Next, select the RAM tab, followed by Clear Memory. Although, it doesn’t matter if your phone has a 16GB RAM or more. Making sure that your RAM is clean will help prevent future problems from happening to your device. Disclaimer though, all of the ways that I have listed above will still depend on the RAM of your device. If your Android phone is running on a 1GB RAM, the tips will still work. If you wish to delete all of the contacts in your Uconnect phonebook, press the Uconnect phone button, and when prompted, say “Phonebook erase all.” Then follow the prompts to confirm this action. You can only edit or delete contacts that have been manually entered into your Uconnect phonebook.

Clearing RAM on iPhone X isn’t as simple due to the absence of Home Button. So, in this article, we will show you detailed steps about how to clear iPhone X RAM.

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iPhone X has a decent 3GB of RAM, which should be sufficient for apps and services to work flawlessly and there should be no problems occurring like the earlier models, which have a maximum of 1GB of RAM. But if you ever feel like your iPhone X is getting sluggish, then you should clear iPhone X RAM to force close the background apps that may be eating up the RAM needlessly, and release it for other apps and services. In this post, we will tell you how to clear RAM on iPhone X.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone X
The Best Way to Fix iPhone X Getting into Trouble
How to Recover Deleted App Data from iPhone X

How to Clear RAM on iPhone X

The easiest way to clear iPhone X RAM is by force restarting the device. But that will close all apps that you may be working with. Moreover, you will need the device to restart and this will waste so much of your time. So, if you want an alternative on how to clear iPhone X RAM, here, you will get the best solution to the problem.

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > and slide the toggle to ON position. It will display a gray and white circle on your iPhone X screen.

How To Clear My Phone Ram

Step 2. Now, go to Settings again > Tap General > Drag down and tap on the Shutdown button. It will display the “Slide to power off” interface.

Step 3. Tap on the AssistiveTouch button > Press and hold the Home button from the options displayed for a few seconds until the screen turns black and then white. You will be returned to the Settings and the RAM on iPhone X will be cleared up.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone X – Step 3

When you clear iPhone X RAM, all apps in the App Switcher will also be refreshed. You will be redirected to their initial homepage when you go to those apps.

The Best Way to Fix iPhone X Getting into Trouble

Even Apple had expanded the RAM space for iPhone X, it would also get sluggish years later. It’s not an issue but quite annoying. The method we mentioned above is useful for most iPhone X users. Somehow, many users have reported their iPhone X got stuck in the Apple white logo after this. This is unexpected. But iPhone getting into the problem is also very common. Therefore, in the following part, we’ll recommend a professional iPhone issue troubleshooter, AnyFix, Which supports various fixes to solve iTunes/iOS system issues. like iPhone sticking on a black screen, iTunes error 14, and so on.

The following steps will give a clear and quick tutorial to fix the iPhone X issue.

Step 1. Download AnyFix and start it on your computer > Connect your iPhone X to the computer > Choose the iOS System Repair.

How To Clear My Phone Ram

Clear Your Ram

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

How to Fix iPhone X Issue with AnyFix


Step 2. Following the guide, choose the 50+ iPhone Problems > Click on the Start Now to continue.

Step 3. In this step, you can choose one repair mode to repair the iPhone. Generally, we recommend you to choose the Standard Repair which won’t risk any data loss.

Choose Standard Mode to Repair iPhone Issue via AnyFix

Step 4. Put your iPhone X into recovery mode > It will lead you to download a firmware file on your computer > After the download finished, click on Fix Now.

Step 5. Wait a moment, once it finished the repair, you can get your iPhone back to normal.

Successfully Repair iPhone Issue via AnyFix

Well, now you can use your iPhone as usual. AnyFix can solve over 130 system issues for Apple’s equipment and over 200 iTunes errors. If your device gets into any problems, you can give AnyFix a try. It won’t let you down.

How to Recover Deleted App Data from iPhone X

If you mistakenly deleted some important app data on your iPhone X, then here’s the way to get them back effortlessly. When you delete an app on the device, the app data doesn’t get deleted until being overwritten by newly generated data. Also, these deleted app data will be marked as deletion and become invisible to you. To recover the app data, you just need to find these hidden files.

However, it is almost impossible to find these marks, unless getting help from some professional iOS data recovery software. PhoneRescue for iOS is just the exact one, which has helped millions of iOS users recover deleted or lost app data successfully.


How To Clear My Ram Memory

It supports recovering deleted app documents, app photos, app audios, app videos, etc. Also, you can preview and selectively recover the data you wanted most. Besides app data, it also supports recovering deleted photos, messages, contacts, videos, ringtones, notes, etc. Now, let’s check its detailed steps on iPhone X app data recovery.

Step 1. Free Download PhoneRescue for iOS on your Mac/PC firstly > Connect your iPhone X to the computer via USB cable.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Choose Recover from iOS DeviceSky go app apple tv 4. mode > Click on Right Arrow to continue.

How to Recover Deleted App Data from iPhone X – Step 2

Step 3. Scroll the screen down and check the app data you want to recover > Click OK button to scan those app data. If you want to recover other data like photos, messages, etc. at the same time, just check the file categories.

How to Recover Deleted App Data from iPhone X – Step 3

Step 4. Preview and select the app data you prefer > Click on To Computer or To Device button to get them back now.

How to Recover Deleted App Data from iPhone X – Step 4

How To Clear My Ram On Mac

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The Bottom Line

Since iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button, you need another way to clear iPhone X RAM. In the article above, we have shown you how to clear RAM on iPhone X even without the physical Home button. If you have any other trouble when clearing iPhone X RAM, feel free to leave your comments below and we will reply to you soon.

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