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Apr 29, 2020 Open Messages App from iPhone. Open the message window for the contact that you sent before. Check any text messages that you previously sent. The messages were free if you see a blue background for the texts. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. IMessages appear in blue bubbles on your iPhone while text messages appear in green ones. But that only happens so you can tell the difference between them. There’s more going on beneath the surface. IMessages use the Internet. The main difference between iMessages and text messages is how they send data. The iPhone uses two colors of speech bubbles with text messages in the Messages app to indicate how your text was sent. Blue bubbles represent texts sent using Apple's iMessage service, which is free and uses a Wi-Fi connection, while green bubbles represent texts sent using traditional cellular SMS. IMessages are texts, photos, or videos that you send to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks. These messages are always encrypted and appear in blue text bubbles. To turn iMessage on or off, go to Settings Messages.

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: January 29, 2021

“I was listening to music on my headphones and my phone screen went blue and turned off and it won't turn back on. How can I fix the blue screen of Death in my iPhone?”
~ Jonny Sam

The iPhone Blue Screen of Death will make you feel annoyed. If you encounter this issue while using your iPhone, it will render your device completely unusable. Even a powerful iOS system may encounter this unexpected problem. So next we will introduce you to the reasons for the iPhone blue screen of death and 5 ways to fix the problem of the blue screen of death iPhone.

Part 1: Potential Causes of the Blue Screen Issue in your iPhone

The iPhone Blue Screen of Death can be among the most frustrating issues you can experience on an iOS device, but knowing the possible reasons on why such issues occur can help you to understand more about their causes and the resolutions for them.
Here are the potential causes of the blue screen issue to help you recall what activities you have recently done that might have possibly led to this upsetting issue.

A. Hardware Problem

Getting the Blue Screen of Death on your iPhone device can be caused by a hardware problem that has stemmed out from different scenarios, such as accidentally dropping your phone to the ground or getting it soaked in water or sweat.
You can also expect such issue to happen when your phone is a very old model but you have upgraded it to a much later version, producing compatibility issues might have come out and your device couldn’t keep up with the powerful iOS update.

B. Failed or Interrupted Software Update

Keeping your iPhone device up-to-date by installing upgrades for the current iOS version is beneficial to do to continue using your device with the much-improved user experience. However, it’s inevitable that software update failures and interruptions can happen.
These can occur when you’re trying to download and install the update but your network connection suddenly got cut off, or when you lost battery power during the upgrade. If you have recently performed a software update and it has failed or was interrupted, that could be the most likely reason why you’re now having the blue screen issue.

Part 2: Common Solutions to Fix the Blue Screen Issue in your iPhone

After identifying the possible causes of the blue screen issue you have on your iPhone device, it’s now time for some fixing. Follow through with the common solutions towards resolving this Blue Screen of Death and see after each resolution if you can now bring your phone back to life and make it be usable again.

Iphone Blue Message Delivered

A. Force Restart

Iphone Blue Message

Showing only a blue screen is usually the sign that your iPhone device has become unresponsive and stuck in that state. In this case, you can try forcing your phone to restart. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears again on the screen and the complete reboot takes place.

B. Have a Hardware Checkup

Iphone Blue Messages Vs Green

If forcing your iPhone to restart didn’t work and you’re still seeing the blue screen, it’s best to bring your mobile device to an authorized Apple service center or to a professional mobile hardware specialist and have it checked. By doing this, you can get a piece of expert advice on what should be done to your phone, and for you to know how it can be fixed.

C. Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings

Iphone blue messages vs green

This should be your last option, as restoring your iPhone back to its factory settings might help resolve the problem as this procedure will get all your phone data to be erased. But you can gain confidence in doing this one by performing a backup of all your phone data first, so after the factory settings restoration, you can sync your phone data back to the device. If you’re now sure in doing this, do the following steps:
1. Connect your iPhone device to your desktop computer or laptop with iTunes already installed in it (if you don’t have a computer to use, you can visit an authorized Apple store or service center and ask for their assistance).
2. Launch the iTunes and check if it has detected your iPhone. If yes, there should be an iPhone icon appearing on the menu row of iTunes located on the upper left corner.
3. Click this iPhone icon to view the settings and details of your iPhone device.
4. Locate the “Restore iPhone…” button from the Summary panel.
5. A confirmation message will appear. Click the “Restore” button after ensuring that it’s now safe to restore your phone back to its default factory settings.
6. Wait for the iTunes to finish the restoration to factory settings.
7. Once done, your phone will automatically restart.

D. Update to the latest software

In the event that the blue screen issue happens intermittently, you must update the iOS version of your iPhone to the latest, so you can get a fresh and must better iOS version that might have the fix for the issue. To do this, go to Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now. When doing this, make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Knives out popcorn time.

Part 3: The best way to Fix the iPhone Blue Screen Issue using FoneDog toolkit – iOS System Recovery

If the common solutions to fix the blue screen issue didn’t work, it’s now time to switch to our reliable tool for fixing the issue you have on your iPhone device. We introduce to you our FoneDog toolkit – iOS System Recovery. This is a professional tool that provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions on how to resolve numerous issues in iOS devices such as the blue screen problem you’re now experiencing.
Fixing your iPhone device using FoneDog toolkit will prevent your phone data from getting lost or erased. To begin, follow the steps below:

Iphone blue message but not delivered

Step 1: Install and Launch FoneDog Toolkit.

Using your desktop computer or laptop, download the FoneDog toolkit application from this link and install it, and while waiting for the download to get completed, connect your iPhone device to the computer. After the installation of FoneDog toolkit, launch the program and verify if it has detected your phone.

Step 2: Proceed to System Recovery.

From the main window of FoneDog toolkit, locate the menu that says “iOS System Recovery”. This will bring you to another window that will be the start of the recovery process.

Step 3: Review Reminders before The Recovery Process.

On the next page, there are some important reminders for you to take note before commencing the recovery process. These include a note that all your current phone files and data won’t be lost or erased during the recovery process, and warnings that your phone will be locked again if it’s in unlocked status and will be back to non-jailbreak status if you have managed to successfully jailbreak it. Once done, click “Start” button to continue.

Iphone Blue Message

Step 4: Download the Firmware.

On the next page of the System Recovery module of FoneDog toolkit, you’ll see some drop-down fields with preselected values. These are the specifications of your iPhone device, and FoneDog will use them to find the correct firmware to use for your phone. Through that firmware, the program can able to recover your iOS settings and bring a new life to your iPhone after a successful recovery process.

Step 5: Downloading and Repairing.

After downloading the firmware that corresponds to your device, FoneDog toolkit will immediately start the repair. It will take a few minutes for the program to finish repairing your iPhone.


Step 6: Repair Complete.

After FoneDog toolkit has repaired your phone’s iOS, it will automatically restart. Wait for your phone to turn on and see if the blue screen will still persist.

Video Guide: How to Fix a Blue Screen of Death on iPhone

Use FoneDog - iOS System Recovery to fix the video steps of iPhone Blue Screen of Death. what are you waiting for? Come and download for free.

Similarly with the other blank screen issues in iOS devices, suffering from a Blue Screen of Death is definitely a showstopper towards using your iPhone to the fullest, especially when you have just upgraded your phone to iOS 14, or you have a goal to do it soon.

If the issue is caused by a software issue such as a failed software update or an incomplete software package was installed, restoring factory settings or using FoneDog toolkit might be your best solutions.

But if these didn’t work, it might now be due to a hardware problem that will need to be addressed with a help of a professional mobile technician. Don’t hesitate to bring your iPhone to your local Apple store or service center and have it checked.

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