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Apple iWork is a full-featured package that provides the necessary tools to easily and effortlessly create professional looking presentations, spreadsheets and documents. The Apple iWork suite. The unboxing of iWork 2009! IWork is just like Microsoft Office, but for mac only. Go to my website: www.techngeek.co.cc. Follow me on twitter: www. Download Iwork 2009, Ableton Live 10 Suite Download Free, Autocad Architecture 2015 Studentenversion Download, Book Collectors Buyers. Do you want to have a copy of iWork for free?Here is an easy steps for you to get!!!Also work for apple Aperture app(will be discontinue soon for the upcomin.

Dull graphics and bland charts are reasons why slide-show presentations often put an audience to sleep. To address this issue, some professionals try to mix in a more lively tone to compensate or they simply avoid such presentation forms altogether.

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Apple iWork '09 - 1 User - Multimedia - Complete Product - Standard - Retail - Mac. IWork, Apple's productivity suite, is the easiest way to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Writing and page layout are easy using Pages. Numbers gives you simple ways to.

Apple’s slide-show presentation program, Keynote, solves this problem. It has the 'made for people' air about it that most Mac users love and brings a graphically pleasing splash of life to the often opaque world of video presentations.

What stands out most with this program is the sheer simplicity of it. It places at your fingertips graphical features that even advanced users would have difficulty matching in similar programs.

Adding audio or video to a specific slide is as simple as dragging its file into the workspace. Three-dimensional pie charts and statistics can be made just as easily as their 2-D counterparts—with just a simple click on the Charts icon at the top of the page. Also, transition effects are easy to add between slides.

Iwork 2009 Serial

Iwork 2009

When stacked up against PowerPoint—Microsoft’s equivalent—Keynote is easily the better buy. It’s easier to use, allows for a more rapid creation of graphically advanced presentations, and it’s even less expensive. Apple's iWork goes for as little as $60 while Microsoft Office is closer to $200.

Testing Out the Features

Just as with iWork’s Pages and Numbers programs, when you open Keynote you’re brought to the template-chooser screen. Keynote come with 44 premade templates that you can follow as guides to create a variety of presentation types.

Those who are more familiar with the program will quickly discover that they can easily customize these templates and add additional photos, graphics, and text boxes. There is also a blank template option for those who would prefer working from scratch.

The trial version of Keynote comes packed with premade templates that allow even first-time users to create beautiful presentations that rival those of experienced PowerpPoint users. Most professionals should also be satisfied with its more advanced features.

Improving upon last year’s edition of Keynote, the ’09 version adds a few features such as new graphical options, some new templates, and 3-dimensional charts. The new Keynote can also animate bar charts, making them grow slowly to illustrate rising numbers and statistics. There is also a $0.99 application that lets you use an iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control for your Keynote presentation.

To add photographs, music, or audio, simply drag the selected file onto the Keynote page. From there, you can edit and customize them. You can have a song play throughout the entire presentation or contain it in a single slide, and you can also choose a specific segment of the song to play—such as a favorite guitar riff.

My favorite feature of Keynote is the in-program photo editor. It only offers simple color and light manipulation, yet I was able to quickly correct the lighting in my photos in less than a minute. You can also layer pictures and make them transparent, adding a new sea of potential to scene design.

In a Nutshell

Keynote is a great program that allows for the creation of beautiful presentations that are hard to match. The program is beginner-friendly, and Apple has provided free tutorial videos on its Web site to help introduce users to some of its more complicated features.

One of the downsides to this program is its compatibility. It can save in several file formats, yet when saved in PowerPoint and PDF it loses some of its visual effects. This makes it difficult if you are sharing your Keynote files with PC users, as iWork is only available for Mac.

If you are creating your own presentations or ones that will be shared with other Mac users, then this program is well worth the price.

iWork 2009 Trojan

Iwork 2009 Serial Number

Published: 2009-01-23
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It's already pretty widely reported in the media, take for instance here and here.

Iwork 2009 Crack

First reported by Intego, this trojan apparently is distributed by downloading Bittorrented copies of iWork 2009 from the Internet and installing them. The Trojan is installed as part of the software package, by, yup, you guessed it, you giving the software permissions to install by giving it your password.

Apparently this backdoor opens a hole on your computer, reporting back to a central server in order to allow the attacker to connect and issue commands to your system.

So, what can we learn from this?

1) If you Bittorrent software you are supposed to buy, and break the law in doing so.. you have to deal with the ramifications..

2) Hey, you can download the Trial from Apple.com, and then buy it, and they give you a serial number! You don't even have to go to the store to get a boxed copy! You already spent the money and bought a mac, you cheapskate, now if you want iWork, spend the 79 bucks and buy it like you are supposed to.

Update: Removed a phrase, people thought I was advocating Torrenting expensive software (as opposed to inexpensive). Wrong. It's illegal.

-- Joel Esler http://www.joelesler.net

Iwork 2009

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