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Full-featured office software solution that provides the necessary tools to effortlessly create professional grade documents, presentations, and spreadsheets


Apple iWork is a productivity software suite for computers and mobile devices running Mac OS X and iOS operating systems ( OSes ). SEE: Boost your Mac productivity with these 10 techniques (free PDF) (TechRepublic) iWork Numbers files to PDF conversion. New macOS users should be happy to hear that saving iWork Numbers files. Suite for iWork is the ultimate tool for users of iWork providing you over 700 templates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers.You can choose between 595 unique d. IWork Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. With everybody’s best thinking. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are the best ways to create amazing work.

Apple iWork is a full-featured package that provides the necessary tools to easily and effortlessly create professional looking presentations, spreadsheets and documents.

The Apple iWork suite includes the following applications: Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Apple used to distribute all the aforementioned components in one package but now you can buy them separately from the App Store.

Iwork productivity suite

The full package is still available for download on our webpage and you can use all three applications for 30 days before buying them.

To install the entire suite you need about 600 MB of free hard disk space and 20 minutes of your time.

All three applications feature an intuitive, well designed and sleek interface from which you can easily access all the tools you need. Numbers is the spreadsheet program, Pages is a word processing and desktop publishing application while Keynote is for creating captivating presentations.

In total you have access to over 250 customizable templates designed to help you prepare your presentations and documents.

All the programs come with a wide variety of tools that you can use to format text, check your spelling, insert formulas, add tables, charts, graphs and more.

By using Numbers you will be able to use over 250 functions that will help you handle and organize data with just a few mouse clicks. You can also create great-looking tables and charts in order to better visualize all collected data.

Pages help you create professional looking reports, documents, newsletters and more. You have access to over 180 Apple-designed templates that include school reports, flyers, invitations, resumes and more.

Iwork is the productivity suite from quizlet

Thanks to Keynote you will be able to create unique, easy-to-follow and captivating presentations by using one of the 44 well-designed themes. The available animations and effects together with the powerful graphics tools help you animate your presentation the way you want.


All in all, Apple iWork is a handy and powerful package that provides all the tools you need to make your work look better and well-organized.

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Iwork Is The Productivity Suite From Quizlet

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  • 30 days trial
  • A Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (500MHz or faster) processor.
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
  • 32MB of video memory.
  • 1.2GB of available disk space.

What Is Iwork

New in Apple iWork '09:
  • iWork ’09 includes Keynote ’09, Pages ’09, and Numbers ’09.
  • Keynote ’09 - Stunning presentations in minutes:
  • More than 40 Apple–designed themes with coordinated text, tables, and charts (8 New)

Iwork Suite For Mac

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Apple iWork '09

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Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later (PPC & Intel)
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473 MB
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With the iPhone launch behind us and the Leopard release still ahead of us and the Summer of UpdatedLaptops continuing apace, it’s time to consider the next product Apple has tucked up its ever mysterious sleeve. Barring the unveiling of some-as-of-yet covert offering—Buttonless iPods! iCar! A set-top box that not only plays your Mac-based media on a TV but deletes movies, TV shows and music that it finds banal and beneath you!—I think the next item on Apple’s agenda should be a pair of software suites that haven’t seen an update since the halcyon days of early 2006. iLife and iWork both could use a little freshening up.

Nothing against the suites, which still do what they do rather well. But it has been 19 months since Apple trotted out new versions of its lifestyle and productivity apps at the 2006 Macworld Expo. Apple slapped an “’06” on the label, which is so… well… 2006. Better to get a new version out there, now that we’re closer in the calendar to 2008 than we are to 2006.

Besides, both iLife and iWork figure prominently into Apple’s plans for selling its hardware. iLife is often touted as an advantage over a more garden-variety PC in those Get a Mac ads, so it’s not as if this is a suite Apple is going to let fall off the radar for too long. iWork doesn’t garner as much attention as its iPhoto-iMovie-iDVD-iWeb-GarageBand-packed counterpart, but now is as good a time as any for an update, especially with Microsoft taking its own sweet time to overhaul its nearly four-year-old productivity suite.

If we can veer off into the Realm of Speculation for just a second (just a little ways away from Dead Wrong in Public Boulevard), I’d be willing to wager that we haven’t seen new versions of iLife and iWork yet this year because we haven’t seen a new version of OS X. When Apple delayed OS X 10.5’s planned spring arrival, ostensibly to hustle the iPhone out the door, it probably also pushed back the release of iLife 2007 or iWork Leopard or iLife: This Should Tide You Over for Another 18 Months, or whatever the heck they were going to call it. And if that is truly the case, then it’s not exactly a leap in logic to conclude that iLife and iWork are missing-in-action because they depend somewhat on features slated to arrive in Leopard.

The question is, which ones? Scanning the array of pre-announced Leopard features, I’d have to guess that Quick Look is a leading contender. That feature lets you view the contents of a file without having to open it, and it seems like a natural for quickly browsing movies, images, Keynote presentations, and Pages documents from within an iLife or iWork app. I can also see the suites being reworked to take advantage of the Stacks feature in Leopard’s revised Desktop, maybe with a few default stack folders already waiting your assorted projects for each of the iLife and iWork apps.

Iwork Productivity Suite Pro

So does that mean in the crazy fantasy world I’ve created for myself, that iLife ’Year-to-Be-Determined and iWork ’Whenever will only run on OS X 10.5, leaving Tiger users high and dry. That seems unlikely. I’m sure the updated suites will run on both Leopard and Tiger (though probably not Panther), though i could see Apple promoting a few OS X 10.5-only features as part of an effort to spur OS upgrades.

Since we’re throwing caution to the wind here, allow me to inch out a little further on the limb and predict that if iLife were to add a sixth app, it would be some sort of multimedia manager, along the lines of Front Row (which is going to be part of OS X 10.5 anyhow, so why not give it a home here?). Adding apps to iWork seems like it would be much more of a priority, though; after all, this suite has only contained Keynote and Pages since its 2005 debut. If Apple truly sees iWork as a big-time productivity suite—and if it wants to have the added bonus of making Redmond sweat a little—a spreadsheet application seems like a natural addition. All the other Office components have some sort of Apple-made equivalent (Word = Pages, PowerPoint = Keynote, Entourage = Mail); why shouldn’t Excel have to face some Cupertino-created competition.

Lexmark Productivity Suite

That’s my iLife and iWork speculation on an idle summer’s day, at any rate. I’d love to hear about what apps you think might get added, what features you think need improving, and whether you agree that the ship date of these suites is tied into Leopard’s forthcoming debut.