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See our review from 7 of the best Markdown Editors available as plugins for Javascript. To use local Markdown content with Next.js, you can transform your source files (/posts/my-post.md) to HTML using remark and remark-html. These Node libraries can be used inside getStaticProps / getStaticPaths / getServerSideProps. Dillinger is an online cloud based HTML5 filled Markdown Editor. Sync with Dropbox, Github, Google Drive or OneDrive. Convert HTML to Markdown. 100% Open Source! 마크다운(MarkDown)에 대해서 알고 계신가요? 이용하여, package.json을 생성하세요.$ npm init -y 그리고 webpack을 설치하세요.$ npm i -D webpack webpack.config.js 파일을 생성한 후 아래와 같이 작성합니다. Table to Markdown Copier JS - Convert html table to markdown format. Lastest Doc Redirector (python, django, ruby) JS - Redirect the version you googled.

Important: Follow the rules outlined here to ensure that Markdown displays consistently and accurately on this site, GitHub, and npmjs.com (where applicable).


Github uses Redcarpet to parse READMEs and other markdown files. It is, generally speaking, more permissive/forgiving than Kramdown, the markdown parser Jekyll uses.

Each has some features that the other does not. This document outlines rules to avoid syntax that works on GitHub, but breaks when READMEs are pulled into this site (loopback.io) or npmjs.com.


  • Indent nested lists by four spaces (refer to the original markdown blog post for guidelines on lists.)
  • Fenced code blocks in list items:
    1. Align code blocks in list item with the first character of text in the first line of that list item
    2. Leave one blank line before code blocks in list items and none afterward.

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  • Always put spaces after the hash(es).
  • Only put one<h1> header in a readme (The Jekyll layout we use (_layouts/readme.html) removes all<h1>s and replaces it with the value of the title page property.
  • Precede headers with a blank line.



Use absolute URLs in READMEs

When authoring READMEs in external repositories for use in the LoopBack documentation (see Including READMEs from other repositories),always use absolute URLs, not relative URLs. Markdown slack.

For example:


Results in (broken link):

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…create a script named automigrate.js.


Results in a working link:

…create a script named automigrate.js.

Bare URL links

You can use a “bare” URL for a link instead of using the [text](url) syntax,however, with Jekyll you must wrap the URL in angle brackets for it to be madeinto a link (GitHub automatically detects URL strings and does it automatically)

For example:

Results in the following:

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Fenced code blocks

Always precede a code block with an empty line.

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# Welcome to [email protected](Sample notebook)[Marxico Manual Markdown]**Marxico** is a delicate Markdown editor for Evernote. With reliable storage and sync powered by Evernote, **Marxico** offers greate writing experience. - **Versatile** - supporting code highlight, *LaTeX* & flow charts, inserting images & attachments by all means.- **Exquisite** - neat but powerful editor, featuring offline docs, live preview, and offering the [desktop client][1] and offline [Chrome App][2].- **Sophisticated** - deeply integrated with Evernote, supporting notebook & tags, two-way bind editing. ----------[TOC]## Introducing Markdown> Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax designed to be converted to HTML. Markdown is popularly used as format for readme files, .. or in text editors for the quick creation of rich text documents. - [Wikipedia](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown)As showed in this manual, it uses hash(#) to identify headings, emphasizes some text to be **bold** or *italic*. You can insert a [link](http://www.example.com) , or a footnote[^demo]. Serveral advanced syntax are listed below, please press `Ctrl + /` to view Markdown cheatsheet.### Code block``` [email protected]_authorizationdef somefunc(param1=', param2=0): ''A docstring'' if param1 > param2: # interesting print 'Greater' return (param2 - param1 + 1) or Noneclass SomeClass: pass>>> message = ''interpreter.. prompt''```### LaTeX expression$$ x = dfrac{-b pm sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a} $$### Table Item Value Qty :-------- --------: :--: Computer 1600 USD 5 Phone 12 USD 12 Pipe 1 USD 234 ### Diagrams#### Flow charts```flowst=>start: Starte=>endop=>operation: My Operationcond=>condition: Yes or No?st->op->condcond(yes)->econd(no)->op```#### Sequence diagrams ```sequenceAlice->Bob: Hello Bob, how are you?Note right of Bob: Bob thinksBob-->Alice: I am good thanks!```> **Note:** You can find more information:> - about **Sequence diagrams** syntax [here][3],> - about **Flow charts** syntax [here][4].### CheckboxYou can use `- [ ]` and `- [x]` to create checkboxes, for example:- [x] Item1- [ ] Item2- [ ] Item3> **Note:** Currently it is only partially supported. You can't toggle checkboxes in Evernote. You can only modify the Markdown in Marxico to do that. Next version will fix this. ### Dancing with Evernote#### Notebook & Tags**Marxico** add `@(Notebook)[tag1 tag2 tag3]` syntax to select notebook and set tags for the note. After typing `@(`, the notebook list would appear, please select one from it. #### Title**Marxico** would adopt the first heading encountered as the note title. For example, in this manual the first line `Welcome to Marxico` is the title.#### Quick EditingNote saved by **Marxico** in Evernote would have a red ribbon button on the top-right corner. Click it and it would bring you back to **Marxico** to edit the note. > **Note:** Currently **Marxico** is unable to detect and merge any modifications in Evernote by user. Please go back to **Marxico** to edit.#### Data SynchronizationWhile saving rich HTML content in Evernote, **Marxico** puts the Markdown text in a hidden area of the note, which makes it possible to get the original text in **Marxico** and edit it again. This is a really brilliant design because:- it is beyond just one-way exporting HTML which other services do;- and it avoids privacy and security problems caused by storing content in a intermediate server. > **Privacy Statement: All of your notes data are saved in Evernote. Marxico doesn't save any of them.** #### Offline Storage**Marxico** stores your unsynchronized content locally in browser storage, so no worries about network and broswer crash. It also keeps the recent file list you've edited in `Document Management(Ctrl + O)`.> **Note:** Although browser storage is reliable in the most time, Evernote is born to do that. So please sync the document regularly while writing.## ShortcutsHelp `Ctrl + /`Sync Doc `Ctrl + S`Create Doc `Ctrl + Alt + N`Maximize Editor `Ctrl + Enter`Preview Doc `Ctrl + Alt + Enter`Doc Management `Ctrl + O`Menu `Ctrl + M`Bold `Ctrl + B`Insert Image `Ctrl + G`Insert Link `Ctrl + L`Convert Heading `Ctrl + H`## About Pro**Marixo** offers a free trial of 10 days. After that, you need to [purchase](http://marxi.co/purchase.html) the Pro service. Otherwise, you would not be able to sync new notes. Previous notes can be edited and synced all the time.## Credits**Marxico** was first built upon [Dillinger][5], and the newest version is almost based on the awesome [StackEdit][6]. Acknowledgments to them and other incredible open source projects!## Feedback & Bug Report- Twitter: [@gock2][7]- Email: <[email protected]>----------Thank you for reading this manual. Now please press `Ctrl + M` and click `Link with Evernote`. Enjoy your **Marxico** journey![^demo]: This is a demo footnote. Read the [MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide](https://github.com/fletcher/MultiMarkdown/wiki/MultiMarkdown-Syntax-Guide#footnotes) to learn more. Note that Evernote disables ID attributes in its notes , so `footnote` and `TOC` are not actually working. [1]: http://marxi.co/client_en [2]: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kidnkfckhbdkfgbicccmdggmpgogehop [3]: http://bramp.github.io/js-sequence-diagrams/ [4]: http://adrai.github.io/flowchart.js/ [5]: http://dillinger.io [6]: http://stackedit.io [7]: https://twitter.com/gock2