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Apr 14, 2018 vim +PluginInstall +qall # or run:PluginInstall within Vim To upgrade bundles to their latest version, use the bang version: vim +PluginInstall! +qall # or run:PluginInstall! Within Vim tmux support (optional) If you will be using VIM with tmux for remote pairing or window management, see the pivotal/tmux-config README. The Vi and VIM Cover for your MacBook Pro Retina or iMac Wireless Keyboard is the ultimate tool to speed up your editing and workflow. Work at Maximum speed and unleash the power of the shortcuts. Also get the added benefit that the cover protects your MacBook Pro Retina against spills, liquids and dust.

I often work on remote servers. There is one server that seems to get 'confused' about the number of available columns (my best guess), but only when working in Vim (not bash). Specifically, when I open a file with long lines, everything looks normal at first. But as I move around, the text get jumbled up. The cursor will appear as though it's over a certain word, but I'm actually on a different line. I can tell because if I search for the word the cursor is covering, a word from another line suddenly appears under my cursor. Also, some of the text appear to be wrapping to the next line (even though I have 'set nowrap'). And it wraps much sooner than the window would require.

If I perform 'ls' on the command line, text extends to the end of the window. So I think it's Vim specific.

What I've checked:
1. I've checked that $TERM matches the $TERM on my local machine (thinking there was some miscommunication there). Both are 'xterm-color'.
2. How citrix receiver works. I've checked that Vim hasn't set some odd number of columns (verbose set columns?). The returned value matches the width of my window.
3. I've done a lot of googling and couldn't find anything related.

  1. In autoload/fakeclip.vim: Search for system('uname -o') and change it to system('uname'). Now it should work. Now it should work. Another tip: For cross-platform clipboard sharing you can use the open-source (GPL) ClipboardMultiSharer with text and image data on any platform that runs Java; in particular, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  2. DinVim is a vim for Mac OS that supports syntax coloring out of the box.

I appreciate any help. Let me know how I can clarify.

My local machine is Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Remote server is Debian (Squeeze). Remote Vim is 7.2.

I don't know if the following are related, but here are a few more symptoms:
1. If I split the screen within Vim, the file info lines between them get jumbled up (must be related, I think)
2. 'set ruler' does not work

I just realized that 'less' is wrapping text too early (way before the end of the window) and at the exact same spot Vim is attempting to. So I'm guessing it actually is related to bash somehow. The only difference with 'less' is that the lines do not get messed up like they do in Vim.

EDIT-3: This is all probably obvious now, and I should have checked other editors earlier, but naturally emacs has the same issues as Vim. Is this a bash issue? A Term issue?

EDIT-4: I just tried accessing the same files remotely using iTerm (instead of and it is working perfectly. I don't know what to make of that. In a sense my problem is solved, but I would love to understand what is going on if anyone can shed some light.

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