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Using VScode with Azure Devops and Terraform. The final step in this process is to start working with Azure DevOps and other repo. But before doing that, Please google about Azure Project and pat token creation that we will need now during clone. Create a Test-Project in Azure DevOps and clone this in VS Code. Collaborating in a Azure DevOps Git repository with a lot of people could become a chaos regarding branch folders.

This extension provides build and release tasks for packaging and publishing Azure Devops Extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. There are also tasks to share and install your extension to your Azure Devops organisation or Team Foundation Server.

How to use

After installing the extension, you can add one (or more) of the tasks to your pipeline. You can find an example YAML pipeline in the form of the pipeline which publishes this extension.

If you plan to publish to the Marketplace, you will need to create a personal access token.

Available tasks


Azure DevOps

  • Package: package a VSTS extension into an extension package (.VSIX) file
  • Publish: (optionally) package and publish an extension (either privately or publicly) to the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Unpublish: unpublish an extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Share: share an extension with an Azure DevOps organisation
  • Install: install an extension to an Azure DevOps organisation or Team Foundation Server
  • Query version: query an extension's version (to make it easy to increment on your next package or publish)
  • Wait for validation: waits for the Marketplace validation to come through.

Visual Studio

Markdown In Azure Devops

  • Publish: Publish a Visual Studio extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace

Azure Devops Work Item Markdown

Required scopes

When creating a personal access token for use by your pipeline, make sure the token has at least the following scopes for the task(s) you are using:

  • Publish: All accessible organisations, Marketplace (publish)
  • Unpublish: All accessible organisations, Marketplace (manage)
  • Share: All accessible organisations, Marketplace (publish)
  • Install: All accessible organisations or a specific Organisation, Extensions (read and manage), Marketplace (acquire)
  • Query Version: All accessible organisations, Marketplace (read)
  • Is Valid: All accessible organisations, Marketplace (read)

Get the source


The source for this extension is on GitHub. Take, fork, and extend.


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This extension was created by Microsoft with help from the community. We'd like to thank Wouter de Kort, Utkarsh Shigihalli, Jesse Houwing for their contributions.

Feedback and issues

Markdown slide. If you have feedback or issues, please send an email or file an issue on GitHub

Mermaid Markdown Azure Devops

When documenting your software project, have you ever resorted to putting flowcharts, sequence diagrams, or Gantt Charts into external documents, like a Word document? This creates a challenge when you need to link a Work Item or even to a WIKI page to those diagrams in that external documentation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just create, edit, and manage the diagrams and charts directly in the WIKI page itself?

Well, now you can! Azure DevOps Service Sprint 158 now supports the creation, editing, and management of mermaid diagrams in WIKI pages. In this very short video, I will demonstrate how you can easily create mermaid diagrams from markup text in WIKI pages in the newest release of Azure DevOps Service.

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