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An all-in-on WordPress Markdown Plugin provides a variety of features such as Markdown editor, live-preivew, Terry Lin 5,000+ active installations Tested with 5.6.3 Updated 2 months ago WP Markdown Editor (Formerly Dark Mode). Markdown represents itself to provide shortcuts while the posts are being drafted, then further transforming the desired content into a framed HTML mark-up at the time of publication. Through the use of the use of free Wordpress plugins, inserting Markdown towards WordPress is a quick, useful, and consistent process. Markdown can be enabled for posts and pages in your dashboard, under Settings → Writing, and for comments, under Settings → Discussion. Once enabled, it will be available to all users on your blog. Free and Best WordPress MarkDown Plugins. Now you know how you can use MarkDown and why it is better than HTML and default visual Text Editor. Lets see some best free Markdown plugins for WordPress. There are many free markdown plug-ins available for WordPress.

When you decide you may want to use Markdown in WordPress, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Not everybody understands what Markdown is and not everybody needs it.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is simply the use of markup language to take plain text and convert it into HTML. It’s like using a simple text editor. This language will take the text you insert and will convert it to HTML code without you needing to put in the code.


If you were using markdown, you could type **make this bold** and the ** would be converted into the HTML code to make this phrase bold.

Use Markdown In Wordpress

Using Markdown in WordPress allows you to easily create rich text documents without needing to understand HTML code.

Adding Markdown to WordPress

The easiest and best way to add Markdown to WordPress is with the WP-Markdown plugin. Tis plugin will allow you to use Markdown with your blog posts and it’s very user friendly.

Wordpress Markdown Block

Simply download, install and active the plugin. Once the plugin is activated, you will find the menu to add Markdown in the Settings>>Writing section of your WordPress dashboard.

From this section, you will be able to enable WP-Markdown and decide which sections of your website will use Markdown. You can select any of the boxes displayed to use markdown in posts, pages and other sections of your website.

You will be able to use the menu bar the plugin provides in the edit area to easily add Markdown syntax to your blog posts, pages and other areas of your site. This will even help you learn how to use Markdown faster.

How to Use Markdown in WordPress

After you’ve installed the plugin and you have selected the options for using Markdown, it’s important to understand how to use this code. You will notice the text and visual editors have both been replaced with a Markdown editor.

Within the editor screen, you will get to see a live preview of your post as you create it. This makes it easy to understand how the Markdown language works and you will learn the language much faster.

A Quick Cheat Sheet for Markdown Language in WordPress

Here’s a quick look at some very common uses of Markdown Language

#Header 1#
##Header 2##
###Header 3###
[ITX Design](

These are just a few of the many things you can use Markdown in WordPress for. These show how to use italics, bold, headers and how to link a phrase with this type of language.

Using Markdown for Videos

You can even use Markdown language to insert videos within your posts. This is easily done by adding the following code:

Is there an Advantage to using Markdown Language in WordPress?

Using Markdown in WordPress provides some advantages, but it’s not for everybody. Since this is a language of it’s own, you will still need to learn all the ins and outs of using it. However, if you already know the basics, you will be well on your way.

Those without any knowledge of Markdown language may be better off learning some of the basic HTML codes used for the same things. They are not that much different, as far as how long they will take you to put in, and you can use the “text editor” within WordPress to learn some of the languages.

If you just want to be able to use bold, headings, links and other basic things within your posts, Markdown language isn’t necessary. However, if you already know how to type in this type of language you may want to add the plugin and start using Markdown within WordPress.

It all comes down to what you’re most comfortable with. HTML is a more widely used code than Markdown, but you can always use Markdown if you struggle with learning HTML. However, both languages are similar in some ways and different in others. There is no significant advantage to using Markdown language in WordPress or choosing to learn HTML code instead.

Now you should know how to add Markdown to WordPress and you should be able to make a decision on whether or not you prefer this over HTML or the visual editor.

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Since 2004, Markdown has achieved huge growth in the area of web publishing. Being syntax, Markdown makes the concept of writing HTML very easy, and once you’re used to it, you will see that you can write the posts with little effort, while also not being anxious about the formatting factor. Markdown represents itself to provide shortcuts while the posts are being drafted, then further transforming the desired content into a framed HTML mark-up at the time of publication. Through the use of the use of free Wordpress plugins, inserting Markdown towards WordPress is a quick, useful, and consistent process

We’ve listed the 10 best Markdown plugins for WordPress website below.

1. Jetpack

Markdown is considered as a significant feature of Jetpack as it is a complete toolset mainly for the WordPress users. This plugin includes interesting features which bears carousels, social media publishing, unlimited scrolling, improved comments, etc. With the help of this plugin, you can easily activate or deactivate distinct modules, and one of those modules is Markdown support system in Jetpack which stands as one big flagship for WordPress. Jetpack also used Markdown Extra that offers features such as inline HTML, tables, code blocks, etc. Jetpack is surely the best plugin to begin with.

2. WP Markdown

Besides the general Markdown, the WP Markdown offers some of the additional features. If you intend to utilize Markdown for pages, posts, comments or custom post types, you can simply activate or deactivate this plugin in the settings > writing. All the posts are required to be written with the use of Markdown syntax. The help bar is one of the extra features of WP Markdown that is mainly used by the post editor and comments to add images, links, block quotes, and several formatting elements.

3. Typewriter


Eliminating the Visual Editor feature in WP, the Typewriter restores it with a Markdown editor straightly. In a technical way, Typewriter gets rid of TinyMCE editor and makes a default to the Markdown precise Text editor. Typewriter is absolutely fine while executing with the code a lot, and managing the markdown purely.

4. WP Githuber MD

WP Githuber MD is free and open source. After you install this WP Githuber MD, you will see the editor split to two panes, the left pane is the edit section and the preview area on the right. It displays in real-time whatever changes you make to the document. The Editor has at the top a toolbar with options toinsert code snippets, format your text, bulleted or numbered lists, quotations, create web links, insert tables, horizontal lines. You also create math formulas and UML with text, copy and paste image into your document. The HTML to Markdown tool beside the Editor is also useful.

Wordpress Markdown Support

5. Gust

Gust offers a trial version to get a fresh and pleasant admin panel of Ghost back towards the WordPress platform. Its latest features include autosave support; PHP 5.2 compatibility; custom fields [post-meta] support; featured image [post-thumbnail] support; add new category dialog; new custom post types support; tighter addition with WP including Edit links, Admin Bar links, etc.; media upload integration; posts/pages Markdown editor; post category support; post tags support; and post scheduling support.

6. Parsedown for WordPress

With the use of Parsedown library, the Parsedown for WP plugin can easily develop your posts and comments. It is an effectual, recent PHP execution of Markdown syntax. This plugin is quicker, more reliable and very actively built and expanded.

7. Smart Syntax

This plugin inserts Google attractive syntax in an automatic way, thus reflecting towards the fenced code blocks in contents as well as comments. Created with Jetpack markdown set in mind, Smart Syntax approaches the command of markdown additional to the WP, and offers you to utilize markdown syntax easily for the enclosed code blocks.

8. Advanced Custom Fields – Markdown Field


This plugin inserts a markdown field that is only a text portion with few extra features and tools which turns the writing markdown even more interesting. In this plugin the preview mode, themes for editor, and syntax highlighting is added, and further constituted in the field-group settings. The Advanced Custom Fields is well-suited with *ACF5*ACF4.

9. MarkPress

MarkPress occupies your WP install on activation mode. It allows your users to swiftly write the Markdown journal with the use of WordPress. You can type the Markdown on left side, and view the live update on right side. Only when any user is logged in, the Markdown can execute. It saves automatically and also inserts new notes swiftly. The plugin even executes on the mobile, and is truly superb.

10. Shownotes

This plugin makes the Show Notes simpler, writes them on OSF, and acquires them in the form of HTML. It alters the Shownotes present in Open Shownotes Format [OSF] to the mp4 Chapters, HTML, as well as Audacity label tracks. This plugin can also bring in the show notes rightly from the shownotes, and will also offer many distinct metadata features.

11. PrettyPress

Show Markdown In Wordpress

Sulfur atomic number. After you install the PrettyPress plugin, you’ll see a new button emerge in the sidebar of post editor Launch PrettyPress, and when that button will be pressed, a new editor window will be initiated. The normal WYSIWYG post editor is positioned on the left side, whereas a live preview of the real post on the right side can be viewed in the activated theme. Besides, you can have your visual editor to do the drafting of the posts.