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In this use case the user can write some MD and convert it to html clicking a button in the form.

Vue.js Dynamic Components (opens new window) # Templating # Interpolation. Each Markdown file is first compiled into HTML and then passed on as a Vue component to vue-loader. This means you can use Vue-style interpolation in text: Input. Guide Style Guide Cookbook Examples Contribute Migration from Vue 2 API Reference Ecosystem. Community Team Partners Join Themes Official Projects Vue Router (opens new window) Vuex (opens new window) Vue CLI. # Markdown Editor. A simple Markdown editor.

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  1. Build a Markdown Editor with Vuejs. Adubiagbe Mustapha @engrejo December 17, 2017 0 Comments Views Code In this tutorial we are going to be building a simple.
  2. Lists Unordered list. Start list with characters., + or - Number of spaces before that character = nesting level. First nesting level. Second nesting level. Third nesting level. Tenth nesting level. Again third nesting level.
  3. An online markdown editor built with vueJs. MkDown is an online markdown editor built with vueJs. Markdown A Vue 3 markdown-it wrapper plugin.

Import ShowDown in your project using npm npm install showdown

Add the library to your component:

Declare a variable that contains the markdown text:

Add a method that convert the markdown in html:


Add a button to call the conversion from Markdown to HTML:

<button @click='convert'>Convert to HTML</button>


Vuejs Markdown Parser

Write the html in your page:

Vuejs Markdown Component

<span v-html='htmlData'></span>

v-html tells Vue.js that the content is safe html and can be interpreted.