Mendeola Transmission


MENDEOLA SUSPENSION. Bitwarden autofill edge. T-1 Front Suspension Custom $200.00 $200.00 True Track Silver/Black Standard Brakes w/ 1-1/8th Narrowed width $2,395.00 $2,395.00 True Track Silver/Red for 944 Brakes/Standard Width!!!!! SPECIAL ORDER ONLY!!!!! $2,595.00 $2,595.00 True Track Silver/Red for 944 Brakes w/ 1-1/8th Narrowed width!!!!!

Country Of Origin: U.S.A.
Quantity in Basket: None
Part Number: adapter228-ls-mendeola
Price: $679.00
Sold As: 1 Engine Adapter, 1 Flywheel, Hardware, And Dust Shield
Kennedy Chevy LS series adapter flywheels use a standard 8mm x 1.25 thread 20mm long clutch bolt. Adapter flywheels have a standard 12 volt Volkswagen style ring gear. This engine adapter includes the hardware to mount to the transmission, the hardware to mount the flywheel to the engine, the billet aluminum engine adapter plate, the adapter flywheel, the adapter pilot bearing, and an aluminum dust shield.
This engine adapter kit uses a 228mm / 9 inch diameter single clutch disc assembly.

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Mendeola Transmission S4 Shift Pattern

  1. S4 SEQUENTIAL SHIFT TRANSAXLE, COMPLETE. Sequential 4-speed with a 10' R&P. Originally known as the Mendeola S4, the Weddle S4 transaxle was designed to deliver next level in strength and performance. The use of larger, 85mm shaft center distance translates to stronger gears and larger bearings. The Weddle S4 also features a larger, fully.
  2. No More trans Adapters for Subaru! Introducing the first Subaru bellhousing for Mendeola MD4-2D, MD-4E, S4 and S5 transaxles. Yes, Outfront has designed a bellhousing for Mendeola transaxles that will bolt directly to a Subaru motor. Available from your local Mendeola dealer or Outfront.
*** Prices listed are subject to change without notice ***

Mendeola Transmission Gear

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MD4E $5500
With matching aluminum gear carrier & 2D main shaft bearing $5850
MD2D $6675
MD5 $9150
S-4S $11995
S-5S $14500
TransmissionMendeola Transmission
Mendeola Pro Drag
MD-4E Swing Axle $5250
MD-2D Swing Axle $6400
Options for Pro Drag
Pro Shift 2nd (MD4E) Add $280
Pro Shift or Slick shift 3rd/4th Add $300

Mendeola Transmission Problems

Labor Only Rates
(Rebuilding of customer-owned transmissions)
Mendeola • MD4E, MD-2D $400 plus parts
Mendeola • MD-5 $475 plus parts
Mendeola • S-4-S, S-5-2 *Call for labor, plus parts

R.E.M. Polishing


Although the result of the REM(tm) process is a beautiful finish, it is Important to realize that the system does not polish the part. The process involves two steps. The first, referred to as the refinement process involves a chemical interaction on the surface of the part. A soft, thin (one micron) film is formed on the surface of the part. The part interacts with the ceramic media in a special vibratory tub, this film is physically removed from the 'peaks' of the processed part and the 'valleys' are unaffected. The chemically induced film re-forms only at the peaks that are interacting with the vibratory media, and the process repeats itself. Over time, the peaks are removed, leaving only the valleys, producing the improved micro finish. The second step is referred to as the burnish process. After the required micro finish is achieved, a mild alkaline mixture is introduced. After a relatively short period a polished, chrome-like finish is produced. In addition to the polishing effects, this step effectively removes all traces of the film formation from the refinement process.

The Benefits Are:
  • Reduced Friction, Vibration, & Noise
  • Improved Shifting
  • Longer Life
  • More power to the wheels
  • Reduction in Lubrication Temperature
  • $300 per Transmission