Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Mac

  1. Can I Have 2 Dropbox Accounts On My Mac
  2. Sync Multiple Dropbox Accounts

Apple carplay sky go. If you want to transfer all of your photos, videos and files to a new Dropbox account or combine two Dropbox accounts which have different content, then you can use simple manual merging method. Let's assume that account A is the account from where you want to copy the content and account B would be the second account where you want to place all the merged content.
If you do not know how to Unlink Computer from Dropbox Desktop Application, then you can follow the link provided here.

Here are the steps to Merge Your Two Dropbox Accounts:

Can I Have 2 Dropbox Accounts On My Mac

Multiple Dropbox accounts on Mac OS X Many people have asked if there was a way to have both their private Dropbox account and their company Dropbox account co-existing under the same Mac OS X login. I have put together the steps involved along with an automator process which you can download below. You can have both a personal Dropbox and a work Dropbox on your computer, devices, and the web. We support having a personal and a work Dropbox on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Learn how to connect your two Dropboxes. Only Dropbox Business users will be able have multiple Dropbox accounts synced to a single device.

How to run multiple dropbox accounts on macMultiple Dropbox Accounts On Mac
  1. Download and install 'Dropbox Desktop Application' on your computer. It creates a folder on your systems hard disk. The folder is named 'Dropbox'.
  2. Go to & sign in to your account.
  3. Make sure to verify that 'Selective Sync' is not enabled.
  4. Sync all of your account A's content to a computer.
  5. Once your account A is done syncing, you can unlink it.
  6. Login with your Dropbox account B and choose 'Install' option.
  7. If you are merging two personal accounts, then rename the Dropbox folder of account A as 'Dropbox (Old)' and account B will now be using the new 'Dropbox' folder.
  8. Browse 'Dropbox' folder for account A located in your computer and open it.
  9. Browse 'Dropbox' folder for account B & open it.
  10. Copy or move the files from 'Dropbox (Old)' folder (account A) to the new 'Dropbox' folder (account B).
  11. If you get a message that 'There is already a file named '.Dropbox' in your new Dropbox folder', then choose 'Don't copy' option.
  12. Once you have finished copying or moving all the content to Dropbox folder of account B, then the merge will be completed.

Sync Multiple Dropbox Accounts

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