Pfsense Sophos

Pfsense Sophos

If i want to replace pfsense with Sophos can I follow the same instructions you have provided for pfsense creating vlans on the layer 2 switch as well as on the sophos UTM and connect them as a trunk ports. Can you please advise how to create VLANS on sophos if possible. Thank you very much for your help till date mate. Much appreciate it!!! OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls. I used the Sophos UTM9 product for a few years but outgrew the 50 IP address limitation so moved to pfSense. I really liked UTM and was never really happy with pfSense as I always felt UTM had a much better interface and the FW rules were more logically configured.


pfSense Appliance Guidance

Pfsense Sophos Xg Ipsec

The following outlines the best practices for choosing the appliance best suitable for your environment.


Feature Considerations

Most features do not factor into hardware sizing, although a few will have a significant impact on hardware utilization:

Pfsense Sophos Sg

VPN - Heavy use of any of the VPN services included in the pfSense software will increase CPU requirements. Best small crossover suv 2021. Encrypting and decrypting traffic is CPU intensive. The number of connections is much less of a concern than the throughput required. AES-NI acceleration of IPsec significantly reduces CPU requirements on platforms that support it.

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Captive Portal - While the primary concern is typically throughput, environments with hundreds of simultaneous captive portal users (of which there are many) will require slightly more CPU power than recommended above.

Large State Tables - State table entries require about 1 KB of RAM each. The default state table size is calculated based on 10% of the available RAM in the firewall. For example, a firewall with 1 GB of RAM will default to 100,000 states which when full would use about 100 MB of RAM. For large environments requiring state tables with several hundred thousand connections, or millions of connections, ensure adequate RAM is available.

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Pfsense Sophos

Packages - Some of the packages increase RAM requirements significantly. Snort and ntop are two that should not be installed on a system with less than 1GB RAM.