The PowerShift V1 GUI is an executable file that is run on a Windows PC and connects to the PowerShift shelf via a custom RS485 interface cable. Contact customer technical support to obtain the software file and the document PowerShift Graphical User Interface Manual for additional details. The Political 'PowerShift to Freedom Political Guide' is the only legal solution worldwide to end tyranny. It offers the tools needed for we, the collective people, citizens to legally achieve power in final decision making authority over our governments. Powershifting is the act of switching out and quickly or instantly (only a puff of smoke visible) back into Cat Form or Bear Form as a Druid with the Furor Talent to gain an instant boost of Rage or Energy. This was an advanced technique used by many skilled or knowledgeable feral dps players in The Burning Crusade while chain-drinking Mana Potions (!) in order to squeeze out as much energy.

What is the Power Shift Network?

The tractor power shift transmission is an ideal choice for several applications. With a full power shift transmission you can shift through all gears without clutching. A semi-power shift is a transmission that can be shifted two or more speeds without clutching, although it must still be clutched to shift ranges. PowerShift is designed to optimize the transmission of electrical power by regulating voltage at the RRU or remote, eliminating the need for a tower-top converter. PowerShift also increases the amount of time your battery backup runs, allowing your RRUs to stay active.


We’re a network of young people, organizations run by young people, and campaigns that support youth organizing.

Young people today face a world in crisis: a broken political system, deepening inequality, entrenched and emboldened racism, and a catastrophically changing climate. But we’re committed to action, mutual support, and solidarity -- we’re building a strong, intersectional, bottom-up movement to take on the climate crisis, shift the power, and change the system.

Another ransomware trend is “secondary extortion,” where alongside the data encryption the attackers steal and threaten to publish sensitive or confidential information, if their demands are not met. In 2020, Sophos reported on Maze, RagnarLocker, Netwalker, REvil, and others using this approach. Sophos commissioned specialist research house Vanson Bourne to survey 5,000 IT managers on their experiences of ransomware. Sophos had no role in the selection of respondents and all responses were provided anonymously. The survey was conducted during January and February 2020. Respondents came from 26 countries across six continents. Sophos maze ransomware. How Ransomware Attacks What defenders should know about the most prevalent and persistent malware families Ransomware’s behavior is its Achilles' heel, which is why Sophos spends so much time studying it. In this report, we've assembled some of the behavioral patterns of the ten most common, damaging, and persistent ransomware families.

Powershift network

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Network members are working to combat climate and environmental injustice, stop dirty energy projects, divest from fossil fuels, fix democracy, and build the just, clean-energy powered future young people need. We understand that these issues are deeply interlinked, and we believe that we can better tackle them as a coordinated network.