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The QBE69G is a heavy-duty in-line, six-speed sequential gearbox. With 90mm shaft centres this compact unit can transmit up to 750bhp. The QBE69G's technical highlights include an integral oil pump and a modular gear cluster, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc, producing a positive, ultra-fast gearshift. QUAIFE SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX GBox now offers a proven alternative to the Porsche 997 sequential gearbox. This new direct replacement for the 997 was developed as a joint effort by Quaife UK and Parr UK. This gearbox is currently running in several racing series in Europe and has very good durability in comparison to its Porsche counterpart.

QKE8J is a 5-speed sequential gearkit for the EP3 and FN2 versions of the Honda Civic Type R as well as the DC5 Intregra. Ideally suited to circuit racing, drag racing and rally use it’s designed as a direct replacement for the standard six-speed H-pattern Honda transmission.

  1. Quaife Engineering has been in the forefront of high performance transmission technology since 1965. Rodney Quaife produced the first 5 speed gear cluster for a Triumph motorcycle. This gear kit went on to compete with considerable success at the famous Daytona events, embodied a philosophy that still central to Quaife-that of affordable excellence.
  2. Quaife 6 speed RWD sequential helical 60GH gearbox - Type 9 replacement QBE60GH (No Tax, Each £6,245.83, Taxed, Each £7,495.00) Qty. A sequential version of the 56G/68G gearboxes. Stock Lead Time Typically 4-5 weeks. Quaife 6 speed RWD sequential straight-cut 60G gearbox - Type 9 replacement QBE60G (No Tax.
  3. Quaife Engineering Ltd is a British manufacturer of automotive drivetrain products, specialising in performance transmissions, gearkits & differentials.

QKE8J features a replacement Quaife outer gearbox case incorporating an additional support bearing between 4th and 5th gear. A compact, drum style sequential gearchange mechanism and an open face dog design ensure an ultra rapid, positive gear sequential shift.

QKE8J re-uses the original EP3/FN2/DC5 bellhousing half of the transmission casing, enabling the retention of the Honda clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounting points. Wide straight cut (spur) close-ratio gears minimise transmission losses and offer a choice of rally, race or drag race gearing.


There is also the choice of a helical set for road and track day applications.


Quaife sequential gearbox b series price

Key technical features of the QKE8J five-speed Acura / Honda K-series EP3/FN2/DC5 sequential gearkit include:

Citrix workspace apps for windows 1911. - Strengthened outer casing and five wider gears

- Ultra fast sequential gearshift with straight cut or helical close-ratio gears

- Retains stock EP3/FN2/DC5 clutch, diff, driveshafts and mounts

- Optional LED digital gear position indicator available

PLEASE NOTE: The Quaife QKE8J package includes the new transmission housing, gear lever and cable

Gear Ratios Available :

1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th

Quaife K20 Sequential

3.100 / 2.067 / 1.421 / 1.048 / 0.870 - Drag Set

3.100 / 2.067 / 1.611 / 1.333 / 1.136 - Rally Set

2.417 / 1.611 / 1.263 / 1.000 / 0.852 - Race Set

2.400 / 1.600 / 1.261 / 1.038 /0.857 - Helical Set

Quaife America

Final Drive Ratios :

Quaife Sequential Gearbox Honda K20

Quaife Sequential GearboxGearbox

Quaife Transmission For Sale

Straight Cut - 3.800 / 4.143 / 4.357 / 4.750 / 5.091

Helical - 4.750

Quaife Sequential Gearbox For Sale

Options (Additional cost) :

Quaife Sequential Gearbox

  • Additional final drive ratio QRE8J (Email us for cost)
  • Optional gear position indicator QMLED $199
  • Optional Flat shift gear knob kit $599
  • Optional LED Display $199