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For more details see the documentation on R Markdown metadata. R Markdown documents also support citations. You can find more information on the markdown syntax for citations in the Bibliographies and Citations article in the online documentation. Many aspects of the LaTeX template used to create PDF documents can be customized using metadata.

R-markdown code chunks

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  • What is a good way to convert R Markdown files to PDF documents? A good solution would preserve as much as possible of the content (e.g., images, equations, html tables, etc.). The solution needs to be able to be run from the command-line. A good solution would also be cross-platform, and ideally minimise dependencies to make it easier to share.

R-markdown is a markdown file with embedded blocks of R code called chunks. There are two types of R code chunks: inline and block.

Inline chunks are added using the following syntax:

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They are evaluated and inserted their output answer in place.

Block chunks have a different syntax:

And they come with several possible options. Here are the main ones (but there are many others):

  • echo (boolean) controls wether the code inside chunk will be included in the document
  • include (boolean) controls wether the output should be included in the document
  • fig.width (numeric) sets the width of the output figures
  • fig.height (numeric) sets the height of the output figures
  • fig.cap (character) sets the figure captions

They are written in a simple tag=value format like in the example above.

R-markdown document example

Below is a basic example of R-markdown file illustrating the way R code chunks are embedded inside r-markdown.

Converting R-markdown to other formats

The R knitr package can be used to evaluate R chunks inside R-markdown file and turn it into a regular markdown file.

The following steps are needed in order to turn R-markdown file into pdf/html: Allison automatic transmission.

  1. Convert R-markdown file to markdown file using knitr.
  2. Convert the obtained markdown file to pdf/html using specialized tools like pandoc.

In addition to the above knitr package has wrapper functions knit2html() and knit2pdf() that can be used to produce the final document without the intermediate step of manually converting it to the markdown format:

If the above example file was saved as income.Rmd it can be converted to a pdf file using the following R commands:

R Markdown To Pdf

The final document will be similar to the one below.

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