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  • Instant Meshes Remesh, as you might guess is an addon to remesh your mesh. For example when you sculpt with. Most important news this week. This way it’s a piece of cake to support the Blender-addons website, Camera Featured Functionality Nodes Paid Render Textures UV. Quixel Helper Addon. January 28, 2021.

Orbit the viewport to view Suzanne’s chin, then Shift + right-click on the bottom of her chin to place Blender’s 3D cursor there. Press Shift + A ➔ Mesh ➔ Cylinder to add a cylinder to the 3D cursor position. Enter Edit Mode and manipulate the cylinder vertices as you wish, moving vertices, adding edge loops, and extruding faces. Dec 31, 2011 The dual-contouring remesh modifier is now in trunk. This modifier is based of code contributed to Blender by Tao Ju back in March. It implements the algorithm described in his paper “Dual Contouring of Hermite Data”.

One of the techniques that I try to avoid during modeling is the use of a Boolean modifier to create geometry. If you ever used a Boolean modifier on a project, you probably noticed that this modifier adds a lot of triangular faces to the polygon structure. This is really to make changes to the model on the future, because we wont have anymore the regular edge loops of the model. But, in the near future this might not be a problem anymore with the new Remesh modifier, which is still in development. The video below is a quick demo of the modifier that was produced by Nicolas Bishop.

Second dual contouring remesh modifier screencast from Nicholas Bishop on Vimeo.

Now, we will be able to use the Boolean modifier for architectural modeling with no concerns about getting a messy topology.

The Remesh modifier is a tool for generating new mesh topology.The output follows the surface curvature of the input, but its topology contains only quads.



There are three basic modes available in the Remesh Modifier: Blocks, Smooth and Sharp.

This example shows a cone with each of the different remesh modes.From left to right: original cone, Blocks, Smooth, and Sharp.

The output topology is almost identical between the three modes;what changes is the smoothing.

There is no smoothing at all.
Output a smooth surface.
Similar to Smooth, but preserves sharp edges and corners.In the above image, the circular bottom of the cone and the toppoint of the cone are more accurately reproduced in Sharp mode.
Octree Depth

The movie knives out on netflix. The Octree Depth sets the resolution of the output. Low values will generate larger faces relative to the input,higher values will generate a denser output.

Input mesh, and the low to high resolution output meshes.

The result can be tweaked further by setting the Scale;lower values effectively decrease the output resolution.
Shown when using the Sharp Mode – Higher values produce edges more similar to the input,while lower values filter out noise.
Smooth Shading
Output faces with smooth shading rather than flat shading.The smooth/flat shading of the input faces is not preserved.
Remove Disconnected Pieces

Filter out small disconnected pieces of the output.

Use this to control how small a disconnected component must be to be removed.

The input mesh (left) is fairly noisy,so the initial output of the Remesh Modifier (center) contains small disconnected pieces.Enabling Remove Disconnected Pieces (right) deletes those faces.



Best Way To Remesh Blender 2.8

In the Modifier panel, add a Remesh Modifier.The input mesh should have some thickness to it; if the input is completely flat,add a Solidify Modifier above the Remesh Modifier.


Blender Remesh Sculpt

Remesh Modifier applied to text to improve topology.